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Nicholas GLANVILLE, Gent.

Nicholas GLANVILLE, Gent.

Male Est 1536 - 1598  (~ 62 years)    Has 4 ancestors and 21 descendants in this family tree.

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  • Name Nicholas GLANVILLE 
    Suffix [ONS gp] Gent. 
    Relationshipwith Teresa Ann GOATHAM
    Born Est 1536 
    Gender Male 
    Residence to 1598  Tavistock, Devon, England See the place on a map and other information about it - if available (many more will be in time); also all individuals with events at this location 
    • Described as 'of Tavistock' in his will
    Will 30 Aug 1598 
    • Clearly the will of Nicholas brother of the John shown here as he refers to his brother John as Justice of the Court of Common Pleas.
      (Shown by Vivian as dated 30 August 1562, the year is shown as the regnal year and it clearly says Fortith, Vivian must have mis-read it as the fourth)
    Died Between 30 Aug 1598 and 31 Oct 1598 
    • Between writing his will and it being proved
    Probate 31 Oct 1598  Prerogative Court of Canterbury, London, Middlesex, England See the place on a map and other information about it - if available (many more will be in time); also all individuals with events at this location 
    • Shown by Vivian as son and heir.
      His descendants shown by Vivian (Devon) as the Glanvilles of Bath, but his son John of Tavistock in 1599/1600.
      In fact, his descendants are shown in Cornwall Visitations by Vivian (online here), p.177
    Person ID I20603  All
    Last Modified 7 Oct 2016 

    Father John GLANVILLE,   b. Est 1510,   d. 1580  (Age ~ 70 years) 
    Mother Alice [POS] WREY,   d. Bef 1572 
    • A reference to John in the Tavistock Parish Record book (in 1565) refers to John's wife as Alice. In this reference John is repeatedly referred to as 'John Glanfyld, merchant' as though this was sufficient to distinguish him from other John Glanfyld's, such as 'John Glanfelde at wyll' also mentioned in the same and other documents. With this John being a merchant it seems safe, therefore, to think he was married to an Alice before he remarried to Thomasine.

      Alice is likely to have been the mother of at least some of his children, though given the number of women who died young at this time, especially in childbirth, John could easily have had more than one wife before Thomasine.

      The Wrey pedigree (Vivian's Cornwall Visitations, p.564, citing the 1573 Visitation of Cornwall, Harl. MS. 1079, fo. 141) shows an Alice Wrey married John Glanville. The Wreys lived a few miles north of Tavistock in North Russell in Sourton parish, close enough to make it possible that the John Glanville involved was this one, and although no date is given the few events on the pedigree that do have dates make it also about right date-wise. With John and Alice both common Christian names, though, it is hard to be sure.

      A Chancery Court case of 1596 (TNA catalogue entry), ref. C 2/Eliz/W11/11, a dispute about land sold by a John Glanville to John Wrey also in Sourton parish, with the defendant one Henry Glanvile, does not add evidence one way or the other, other than to show the two families both involved with property in the parish. (The John Glanville involved in the dispute is clearly not this John nor his son; the John in the dispute could have been married to an Alice Wrey - there is nothing to indicate he was or to show he could not have been).
    Children 10 children 
    Family ID F7818    |  Family Chart

    Family Elizabeth POYNTER,   b. Est 1539,   bur. 1 Jan 1613/14, St. Eustachius’ Church, Tavistock, Devon, England See the place on a map and other information about it - if available (many more will be in time); also all individuals with events at this location  (Age ~ 75 years) 
    Married Est 1562 
    • Wife's Christian name from his will, whole name and her father's name from Harl. MS.
      Order of sons and order of daughters in Vivian (Cornwall), how the daughters were dispersed amongst the sons not shown.
      It is not clear if they had 2 sons called John and 2 called Tobias or if this is a mistake by Vivian. One John is shown by Vivian as dying without issue, the other with, but the 'ob. s. p.' is shown as added by Vivian, not (as some others are) as being in the 1620 visitation. Six sons are numbered, the only 2 for whom a spouse and children are shown are a Tobias and a John for whom no birth order number is given, hence me thinking Vivian may have added the same 2 twice. I am only adding one with each name for the moment.
    Children 8 children 
    Last Modified 7 Oct 2016 
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