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Brighton, Sussex, England



Town / City : Latitude: 50.82253000000001, Longitude: -0.13716299999998682


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 CREAMER, Sidney Louis  27 Apr 1922Brighton, Sussex, England I16658
2 ELLIOTT, Elsie Mary  18 Sep 1916Brighton, Sussex, England I7377
3 EVANS, Annie Florence  Abt 1882Brighton, Sussex, England I11332
4 HAMBLING, Maud Edith  2 Jun 1875Brighton, Sussex, England I2871
5 HAMBLING, Thomas William ("William")  Jun Q 1873Brighton, Sussex, England I2870
6 JONES, Joseph Edward  1870Brighton, Sussex, England I7287
7 TUCKER, Harriet  Abt 1840Brighton, Sussex, England I14619
8 WELLS, Edward  Abt 1875Brighton, Sussex, England I22982
9 WILLIAMS, Grace  Abt 1864Brighton, Sussex, England I12983


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 DEANE, Hannah  Brighton, Sussex, England I10327


Matches 1 to 24 of 24

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Administration    Person ID 
1 BONARD, Arthur Walter  15 Aug 1974Brighton, Sussex, England I2193
2 DRAPER, Geoffrey Hugh  12 Feb 1973Brighton, Sussex, England I6228
3 ELLIS, Gladys Louise  4 Dec 1996Brighton, Sussex, England I29362
4 EVERETT, Edward William  6 Dec 1982Brighton, Sussex, England I25912
5 FAGG, Hazel Mary  11 Feb 2008Brighton, Sussex, England I28805
6 FARQUHAR, Albert Ernest  26 Mar 1971Brighton, Sussex, England I4897
7 GARNER, Harold  31 Mar 1976Brighton, Sussex, England I28483
8 GATES, Robert John James  17 Feb 1970Brighton, Sussex, England I4930
9 GOATHAM, Gladys Mabel  8 Feb 1971Brighton, Sussex, England I1868
10 GOATHAM, Henry William ("Harry")  5 Nov 1971Brighton, Sussex, England I2238
11 GOATHAM, Rose Winifred  13 Jan 1970Brighton, Sussex, England I3797
12 GREGORY, Grace Elizabeth  15 Jan 1996Brighton, Sussex, England I27244
13 HANMAN, Walter Thomas Joseph  22 Sep 2004Brighton, Sussex, England I25918
14 HILL, Charles Horace Frederick  17 Oct 1977Brighton, Sussex, England I19801
15 HOWE, William James  4 Feb 1970Brighton, Sussex, England I19851
16 JACKSON, William George Henry  25 Feb 1981Brighton, Sussex, England I23072
17 JACOBS, Henry George  16 May 1979Brighton, Sussex, England I14547
18 NEALE, Eileen Gladys  19 Dec 1989Brighton, Sussex, England I9060
19 PETTS, Clara Ada  18 Feb 1976Brighton, Sussex, England I19850
20 RICH, Percy Frank  27 May 2014Brighton, Sussex, England I24304
21 TOMLIN, Phyllis May  17 Jan 1990Brighton, Sussex, England I6162
22 WATSON, Emma Isabel  13 Jul 1987Brighton, Sussex, England I25946
23 WICKINS, Florence Emily  5 Jan 1972Brighton, Sussex, England I8945
24 WOOD, Violet Hilda  22 Jul 1996Brighton, Sussex, England I11921

Administration with Will

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Administration with Will    Person ID 
1 GOATHAM, Joseph William  4 Sep 1974Brighton, Sussex, England I3636
2 GROWNS, Frances Jane  19 Feb 1988Brighton, Sussex, England I6252
3 HOLNESS, Bertie  19 Jun 1974Brighton, Sussex, England I17688
4 HUXTED, Albert Edward  14 Dec 1970Brighton, Sussex, England I4949
5 ROGERS, Roy Lionel  14 Dec 1993Brighton, Sussex, England I3892
6 WELLARD, Alfred Browning  31 Jul 1984Brighton, Sussex, England I3593

Grant of Administration

Matches 1 to 14 of 14

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Grant of Administration    Person ID 
1 ALDRED, Dorothy Edith  3 Apr 1973Brighton, Sussex, England I4956
2 AVIS, Leslie John  11 Dec 1978Brighton, Sussex, England I6254
3 EMMS, Joyce Mary  22 Feb 1985Brighton, Sussex, England I6168
4 FOLLETT, Ronald Henry  14 Jul 1989Brighton, Sussex, England I3864
5 FOWLER, Rosina  8 Jun 1973Brighton, Sussex, England I3540
6 GOATHAM, Alfred George  4 Jul 1974Brighton, Sussex, England I1881
7 GOATHAM, Clara May  22 Jul 1977Brighton, Sussex, England I3852
8 GOATHAM, George  7 Jan 1991Brighton, Sussex, England I4946
9 GOATHAM, Rex  26 Mar 1981Brighton, Sussex, England I2381
10 GOATHAM, Ronald George  5 Mar 1982Brighton, Sussex, England I6255
11 GOATHAM, Thomas  20 Jun 2019Brighton, Sussex, England I4951
12 GOATHAM, William George  18 May 1973Brighton, Sussex, England I3705
13 GOATHAM, William Mills  13 Aug 1973Brighton, Sussex, England I3634
14 WHITE, Lilian May  21 Jun 2006Brighton, Sussex, England I4936


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miscellaneous    Person ID 
1 HAMBLING, Reuben  1859Brighton, Sussex, England I253


Matches 1 to 105 of 105

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID 
1 ADAMS, Amy Bertha  20 Apr 1978Brighton, Sussex, England I5000
2 AGER, Rose  25 Apr 2016Brighton, Sussex, England I5987
3 APPLEN, Elsie  11 Aug 1989Brighton, Sussex, England I6160
4 ARNOLD, Lilian Margaret  21 Oct 1992Brighton, Sussex, England I30917
5 AVIS, Philip Victor  1 Apr 2004Brighton, Sussex, England I30946
6 BALDOCK, Norman Charles  24 Mar 2003Brighton, Sussex, England I27761
7 BARTON, Frank Ernest  23 Jun 1987Brighton, Sussex, England I2922
8 BEER, Lily Marion  3 Dec 1974Brighton, Sussex, England I23122
9 BODE, Doris Ivy  9 Aug 2010Brighton, Sussex, England I25928
10 BODKIN, Charles Thomas  7 Jul 1975Brighton, Sussex, England I25947
11 BOURNE, Clarisse Nora  4 Aug 1972Brighton, Sussex, England I3794
12 BURCHETT, Doris Alice  12 Oct 1983Brighton, Sussex, England I29368
13 BUTLER, Kenneth Raynard  27 Apr 2011Brighton, Sussex, England I22971
14 CARTER, Gladys  17 Mar 1999Brighton, Sussex, England I22819
15 COLLISON, Eric Leopold Watson  24 Sep 1979Brighton, Sussex, England I30595
16 COZENS, Albert Frank  15 Jun 2005Brighton, Sussex, England I24241
17 DOWN, Mabel  12 Feb 1987Brighton, Sussex, England I23250
18 ELLIS, Eirene Joyce  2 Feb 2010Brighton, Sussex, England I29363
19 ELLIS, Hector Ronald  31 May 1989Brighton, Sussex, England I29360
20 EMERY, Cyril Norman  7 Aug 1979Brighton, Sussex, England I19370
21 FINCH, Ernest George  5 Nov 1979Brighton, Sussex, England I25880
22 FOLLETT, Eric Stanley  27 Jan 1992Brighton, Sussex, England I4979
23 FOLLETT, Kenneth Laurence  1 Dec 1995Brighton, Sussex, England I3865
24 FOORD, Patricia June Morron  9 Oct 2014Brighton, Sussex, England I28804
25 GARNER, Vera  20 May 2016Brighton, Sussex, England I4926
26 GILL, Ethel May  22 Jan 1982Brighton, Sussex, England I29043
27 GOATHAM, Albert Amos  23 Aug 1976Brighton, Sussex, England I1136
28 GOATHAM, Alice Edith ("Young Alice")  17 Aug 2000Brighton, Sussex, England I344
29 GOATHAM, Alice Irene  12 Sep 1990Brighton, Sussex, England I3592
30 GOATHAM, Annie  2 Aug 1971Brighton, Sussex, England I19782
31 GOATHAM, Arthur Conference  23 Jun 2009Brighton, Sussex, England I4972
32 GOATHAM, Bertram Roy  8 Aug 2016Brighton, Sussex, England I4948
33 GOATHAM, Charles Henry ("Charlie")  28 Nov 1985Brighton, Sussex, England I4531
34 GOATHAM, David Leonard  18 Apr 1988Brighton, Sussex, England I4973
35 GOATHAM, Edward Arthur  3 Aug 1970Brighton, Sussex, England I1888
36 GOATHAM, Edwin Frederick Henry (“Eddy”)  1 Jun 1970Brighton, Sussex, England I3006
37 GOATHAM, Eric  19 Feb 1997Brighton, Sussex, England I4955
38 GOATHAM, Florence Beatrice  24 Aug 1970Brighton, Sussex, England I2241
39 GOATHAM, Frank Nelson  25 Jan 1972Brighton, Sussex, England I1866
40 GOATHAM, Frederick Arthur (“Fred”)  26 Jan 1984Brighton, Sussex, England I3838
41 GOATHAM, George Albert  30 Nov 1998Brighton, Sussex, England I3822
42 GOATHAM, Gladys Ila  31 Jul 2015Brighton, Sussex, England I4975
43 GOATHAM, Harry Edward  15 Sep 2010Brighton, Sussex, England I3803
44 GOATHAM, Irene Edith  22 Mar 1999Brighton, Sussex, England I3789
45 GOATHAM, Irene Lillian ("Rene")  5 Mar 1987Brighton, Sussex, England I3821
46 GOATHAM, John Charles  12 Jul 2016Brighton, Sussex, England I6213
47 GOATHAM, Joyce Edith  29 Mar 2004Brighton, Sussex, England I3829
48 GOATHAM, Lilian Mary (“Lily”)  20 Mar 2008Brighton, Sussex, England I2380
49 GOATHAM, Margaret Mary  27 Jan 1995Brighton, Sussex, England I3807
50 GOATHAM, Olive Mary  27 Jul 1992Brighton, Sussex, England I3706
51 GOATHAM, Roy  31 Dec 2001Brighton, Sussex, England I3836
52 GOATHAM, William George  14 Mar 1986Brighton, Sussex, England I17517
53 GODDEN, John Frederick David  16 Aug 1996Brighton, Sussex, England I23120
54 GODFREY, Sidney James  23 Feb 2000Brighton, Sussex, England I4978
55 GOODHEW, Frances Maud  16 Apr 1980Brighton, Sussex, England I15269
56 GOODSELL, Cynthia Betty  6 Dec 1999Brighton, Sussex, England I24507
57 GOODSELL, Thora Rose  15 Jan 1996Brighton, Sussex, England I19371
58 GRIGGS, William Thomas  6 Feb 1991Brighton, Sussex, England I6171
59 HALLIDAY, Elizabeth Jane  17 Mar 1972Brighton, Sussex, England I23173
60 HAMPSHIRE, Harry William  11 Jun 1973Brighton, Sussex, England I27249
61 HART, Harold Bertram  23 Jul 1999Brighton, Sussex, England I4968
62 HEATHFIELD, Grace Lilian  15 Jun 2001Brighton, Sussex, England I301925
63 HELLENBURGH, Dorothy Violet  16 Jun 1994Brighton, Sussex, England I3153
64 HEWITT, Alice Edith  7 May 1970Brighton, Sussex, England I3851
65 HOGBEN, Alice Ann  14 Jul 1980Brighton, Sussex, England I28567
66 HOLLAND, Stella Grace  11 Aug 2014Brighton, Sussex, England I6210
67 HONEYBONE, Aileen Margaret  21 Jun 2018Brighton, Sussex, England I14554
68 HYLAND, Reginald Dennis  26 Feb 2004Brighton, Sussex, England I19392
69 JONES, Irene Miriam ("Rene")  4 Jan 1995Brighton, Sussex, England I337
70 JORDAN, Arthur Lawrence  22 Nov 2000Brighton, Sussex, England I4985
71 KEMSLEY, Gladys May  9 Oct 1980Brighton, Sussex, England I3820
72 KENNARD, Hubert James  7 May 1993Brighton, Sussex, England I22387
73 KENNETT, Iris Freda  9 Feb 2015Brighton, Sussex, England I6180
74 LEE, Colonel Conrad Issell  20 May 1988Brighton, Sussex, England I2717
75 LONGHURST, Doris Maud  14 Aug 1978Brighton, Sussex, England I29440
76 LUKEHURST, Ruth  11 Nov 1985Brighton, Sussex, England I29361
77 MANKTELOW, Reginald  9 Oct 2003Brighton, Sussex, England I18418
78 MARTIN, Edna Rosina  6 May 2004Brighton, Sussex, England I301319
79 MEEHAN, Gloria Florence  4 Apr 2013Brighton, Sussex, England I6227
80 MENDAY, Frederick John  15 Aug 2000Brighton, Sussex, England I6169
81 MILLER, Fanny Louisa  2 Jul 1975Brighton, Sussex, England I569
82 MOSES, Harry  18 Jan 1974Brighton, Sussex, England I300507
83 MOSS, Gilbert George  7 Feb 1983Brighton, Sussex, England I15277
84 OSBORN, Herbert Alfred  3 May 1990Brighton, Sussex, England I335
85 OTTAWAY, Monica Jean  22 Jun 1993Brighton, Sussex, England I9058
86 PALMER, Kathleen Mary  23 Mar 2005Brighton, Sussex, England I6256
87 PARKER, Eda Vera Frances  6 Nov 1997Brighton, Sussex, England I18946
88 PLUMMER, Leslie Ivan  1 Jul 1991Brighton, Sussex, England I22579
89 POYNTER, Phyllis Sylvia Valentine  11 Dec 1989Brighton, Sussex, England I6177
90 ROBERTS, Olive May  4 Jan 1977Brighton, Sussex, England I6158
91 RUDGARD, Doris May Evelyn  29 Dec 2000Brighton, Sussex, England I30775
92 SALT, Reginald  2 Jan 1974Brighton, Sussex, England I301657
93 SHELTON, Albert George  20 Nov 1978Brighton, Sussex, England I22828
94 SNAPE, Phyllis Irene  7 Jan 1992Brighton, Sussex, England I301697
95 SNOAD, Maud Irene  23 Jul 1984Brighton, Sussex, England I30592
96 SPENCER, Marie Violet  24 Sep 1985Brighton, Sussex, England I3005
97 TAYLOR, Ronald Frank  5 Aug 1996Brighton, Sussex, England I30436
98 TURNER, Ivy Elsie Mary  13 Oct 1992Brighton, Sussex, England I4265
99 TURNER, Violet Mabel Victoria  17 Feb 1986Brighton, Sussex, England I4266
100 TYLER, Rose Alice  27 Jul 1982Brighton, Sussex, England I23124
101 VAUGHAN, Ivor Jack  18 Sep 2008Brighton, Sussex, England I301317
102 WALLER, John Henry  19 Feb 1981Brighton, Sussex, England I6294
103 WALTER, Violet Annie May  19 Jan 1998Brighton, Sussex, England I30782
104 WARNER, Edith Dorothy  3 Nov 2003Brighton, Sussex, England I6216
105 WATTS, Bridget Mary  3 May 1988Brighton, Sussex, England I30933


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 HAMBLING / WISE  Dec Q 1858Brighton, Sussex, England F172