Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England


Notes: The boundaries in 1851 can be seen on this map. There were a number of changes between 1837 and 1974, when significant changes occurred; the coverage and all the changes are detailed here. The district was abolished in 1998, when it became part of Canterbury with Swale registration district.

Registration District : Latitude: 51.280233, Longitude: 1.0789088999999876


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLWRIGHT, Sarah Jane  Mar Q 1839Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I12500 Teresa's tree 
2 BLACKMAN, Charles  Mar Q 1858Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I25604 Teresa's tree 
3 BLACKMAN, Hannah  Dec Q 1855Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I25605 Teresa's tree 
4 BLACKMAN, John  Sep Q 1853Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I25603 Teresa's tree 
5 CHARROSIN, Fanny  Mar Q 1862Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I8677 Teresa's tree 
6 CHARROSIN, Joseph  Dec Q 1858Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I27334 Teresa's tree 
7 CHARROSIN, Louisa Catherine  Sep Q 1856Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I27333 Teresa's tree 
8 FULLER, Emma  Sep Q 1842Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I7898 Teresa's tree 
9 NYE, Louisa  Sep Q 1857Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I25608 Teresa's tree 
10 PALMER, James William Thomas  1 Apr 1909Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I27243 Teresa's tree 
11 PENFOLD, Lavinia  9 Oct 1897Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I3833 Teresa's tree 
12 WALKER, Derek  Jun Q 1940Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I6398 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 AYLETT, Audrey  Jan 1999Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I15307 Teresa's tree 
2 BALDOCK, Norman Charles  23 Feb 2003Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I27761 Teresa's tree 
3 BARHAM, Marjorie Helen  Mar 2000Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I25808 Teresa's tree 
4 BEACON, Richard  Mar Q 1958Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I13370 Teresa's tree 
5 BROADWAY, Jessie Winifred Kathleen  Jun 1932Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I13634 Teresa's tree 
6 CASTLE, George Miles  Mar Q 1894Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I25776 Teresa's tree 
7 CHARROSIN, Henry Frederick  Dec Q 1899Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I8547 Teresa's tree 
8 CORK, Susan  Jun Q 1896Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I5593 Teresa's tree 
9 DANCE, Alan John  Jan 2003Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I9021 Teresa's tree 
10 EDWARDS, Kathleen  Sep Q 1957Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I28766 Teresa's tree 
11 FENN, Daisy Emma  Jun Q 1958Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I6698 Teresa's tree 
12 FENTIMAN, John Robert  Jul 1992Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I4984 Teresa's tree 
13 FENTIMAN, Madeline Nellie Emily  Sep Q 1983Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I18965 Teresa's tree 
14 FOLLETT, Kenneth Laurence  27 Oct 1995Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I3865 Teresa's tree 
15 FOLLETT, Ronald Henry  17 Jan 1987Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I3864 Teresa's tree 
16 GATES, Doreen Alice  Jun Q 1980Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I23176 Teresa's tree 
17 GATES, Robert John J.  Dec Q 1969Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I4930 Teresa's tree 
18 GILLINGHAM, William Charles  Mar Q 1904Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I479 Teresa's tree 
19 GOATHAM, Ada Sibylla  Jun Q 1925Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I1450 Teresa's tree 
20 GOATHAM, Beatrice Ruth  Mar Q 1976Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I1886 Teresa's tree 
21 GOATHAM, Benjamin Richard  Jan 1984Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I5863 Teresa's tree 
22 GOATHAM, David Leonard  23 Feb 1988Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I4973 Teresa's tree 
23 GOATHAM, Dorothy Edna  Feb 1994Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I4405 Teresa's tree 
24 GOATHAM, Evelyn Doris  12 Jun 1957Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I4998 Teresa's tree 
25 GOATHAM, George Albert  7 Aug 1998Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I3822 Teresa's tree 
26 GOATHAM, Gertrude Rose Hilda  Apr 1988Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I2240 Teresa's tree 
27 GOATHAM, Gladys Elsie  Sep Q 1980Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I3824 Teresa's tree 
28 GOATHAM, Herbert James  1 Dec 1978Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I6208 Teresa's tree 
29 GOATHAM, Hilda May  Mar Q 1981Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I3802 Teresa's tree 
30 GOATHAM, Lily Maud  28 Apr 1984Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I3591 Teresa's tree 
31 GOATHAM, Phyllis May  Jan 2001Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I3841 Teresa's tree 
32 GODDEN, John Frederick David  19 Jun 1996Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I23120 Teresa's tree 
33 GOODSELL, Cynthia Betty  Nov 1999Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I24507 Teresa's tree 
34 GOODSELL, Doreen Frances  Jul 2001Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I24500 Teresa's tree 
35 GOODSELL, Thora Rose  Nov 1995Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I19371 Teresa's tree 
36 GREGORY, Grace Elizabeth  Dec 1995Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I27244 Teresa's tree 
37 HALLIDAY, Elizabeth Jane  Mar Q 1972Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I23173 Teresa's tree 
38 HAMON, Dora Helen  Mar 2003Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I23089 Teresa's tree 
39 HARRIS, Augustus Frederick  May 1993Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I22681 Teresa's tree 
40 HARRISON, Edward John Woodley  Jun Q 1940Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I27679 Teresa's tree 
41 HART, Harold Bertram  8 Jun 1999Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I4968 Teresa's tree 
42 HOBDAY, Violet Louisa  1996Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I24238 Teresa's tree 
43 HUGHES, Edith Mabel Annie  16 Jul 1975Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I17672 Teresa's tree 
44 INGE, Bertie Henry  Mar Q 1951Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I28811 Teresa's tree 
45 JENKINS, Fanny Elizabeth  Sep Q 1974Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I8788 Teresa's tree 
46 JORDAN, Arthur Lawrence  Oct 2000Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I4985 Teresa's tree 
47 JORDAN, George Hall  Sep Q 1897Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I9320 Teresa's tree 
48 JORDAN, Julia Elizabeth  Mar Q 1941Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I28809 Teresa's tree 
49 MILLSTED, Allan Walter  Sep Q 1988Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I25617 Teresa's tree 
50 NEWING, John William Robert  Mar Q 1955Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I363 Teresa's tree 
51 PARSONS, Stephen  Dec Q 1916Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I25597 Teresa's tree 
52 PLAYER, Frances Ann  Sep Q 1840Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I5737 Gothams 
53 QUESTED, Thomas Edward  Mar Q 1966Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I28765 Teresa's tree 
54 ROBINSON, Mary Ellen  Mar Q 1901Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I9328 Teresa's tree 
55 ROGERS, Roy Lionel  4 Nov 1993Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I3892 Teresa's tree 
56 RUCK, Ronald Charles  27 Feb 1980Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I6178 Teresa's tree 
57 RUSHTON, Matthew James  Mar Q 1954Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I3072 Gothams 
58 SNELLING, Fanny  Sep Q 1967Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I2632 Teresa's tree 
59 TAYLOR, Florence Maria Winifred  Mar Q 1983Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I13379 Teresa's tree 
60 TILYARD, Doreen Georgina E.  Oct 1997Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I22290 Teresa's tree 
61 TONKS, Harry  Jul 1985Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I18951 Teresa's tree 
62 TRENT, Thomas Edward  Jan 1999Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I23178 Teresa's tree 
63 TYLER, Rose Alice  23 Feb 1982Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I23124 Teresa's tree 
64 VENABLES, Vera Ella Lily  Dec Q 1947Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I22680 Teresa's tree 
65 WARNER, Edward Thomas  Dec Q 1897Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I9673 Teresa's tree 
66 WELLARD, Alfred Browning  8 May 1968Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England I3593 Teresa's tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BARNABY / BIGG  Dec Q 1861Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England F10142 Teresa's tree 
2 CHARROSIN / HODGES  Dec Q 1854Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England F6167 Teresa's tree 
3 CHARROSIN / VILE  Sep Q 1884Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England F6168 Teresa's tree 
4 FALVEY / ASHDOWN  Jun Q 1965Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England F10764 Teresa's tree 
5 HUNT / COLE  Jun Q 1898Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England F673 Teresa's tree 
6 LANE / AKHURST  Jun Q 1905Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England F5790 Teresa's tree 
7 MOSS / SOUTHFIELD  Sep Q 1936Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England F10638 Teresa's tree 
8 PALMER / JOHNCOCK  Dec Q 1907Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England F10546 Teresa's tree 
9 PARSONS / CHARROSIN  Jun Q 1853Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England F9963 Teresa's tree 
10 PRICE / CHARROSIN  Sep Q 1871Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England F9967 Teresa's tree 
11 TOMLIN / HILLS  Mar Q 1904Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England F8964 Teresa's tree 
12 WEBB / ROBINSON  Jun Q 1901Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, England F4587 Teresa's tree