Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England


Notes: Only created in 1941 (out of Hollingbourn, Medway and Strood & Hoo).
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Registration District : Latitude: 51.39684943927602, Longitude: 0.5050277709960938


Matches 1 to 6 of 6

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 COOK, Adrian Nevice  8 Nov 1942Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I6275 Teresa's tree 
2 GOATHAM, Douglas Roy  10 Feb 1960Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I6273 Teresa's tree 
3 GOATHAM, Kevin Eric  4 Jun 1955Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I6262 Teresa's tree 
4 GOATHAM, Roger  Dec Q 1941Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I4967 Teresa's tree 
5 JOLLEY, Sarah Elizabeth  Mar Q 1864Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I28312 Teresa's tree 
6 SIMMONS, Henry James  Abt 1858Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I28313 Teresa's tree 


Matches 1 to 85 of 85

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Charlotte Elizabeth  Dec Q 1941Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I22434 Teresa's tree 
2 AYLETT, Evelyn Dorothy  Feb 1998Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I15296 Teresa's tree 
3 AYLETT, Jack  Sep Q 1981Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I15308 Teresa's tree 
4 AYLETT, Myra France  Dec Q 1957Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I15290 Teresa's tree 
5 BANKS, Hilda  Nov 1986Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I28484 Teresa's tree 
6 BARTON, Laurence Roy  Sep 1994Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I2923 Teresa's tree 
7 BEACON, Frank Lewis  Dec Q 1983Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I16817 Teresa's tree 
8 BELL, William Richard  Dec Q 1942Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I17904 Teresa's tree 
9 BULLOCK, Ralph Richard  Mar Q 1943Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I22721 Teresa's tree 
10 BURTON, Elsie Agnes  Mar Q 1975Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I20895 Teresa's tree 
11 BUSBRIDGE, Henry John Lewis  Mar Q 1959Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I3542 Teresa's tree 
12 CLIFFORD, Sylvia Jannette  Dec 1996Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I6376 Teresa's tree 
13 COOK, Alfred William H.  Apr 1990Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I24271 Teresa's tree 
14 CROUCHER, Clara  Sep Q 1959Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I27677 Teresa's tree 
15 DANCE, Ewart Charles  Sep Q 1943Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I24275 Teresa's tree 
16 DUTNALL, James Robert  Mar Q 1952Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I27853 Teresa's tree 
17 FARQUHAR, Albert Ernest  Dec Q 1970Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I4897 Teresa's tree 
18 FENN, Blanche Lilian  Jun Q 1971Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I6701 Teresa's tree 
19 FOWELL, Ada  18 May 1971Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I1618 Teresa's tree 
20 FOX, Gladys H. C.  Mar Q 1961Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I23841 Teresa's tree 
21 GOATHAM, Albert Amos  31 May 1976Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I1136 Teresa's tree 
22 GOATHAM, Annie Maria  Sep Q 1946Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I1878 Teresa's tree 
23 GOATHAM, Charles  17 Mar 1943Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I1922 Teresa's tree 
24 GOATHAM, Dorothy May  Oct 1990Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I3804 Teresa's tree 
25 GOATHAM, Douglas Roy  7 Oct 1979Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I6273 Teresa's tree 
26 GOATHAM, Edward Arthur  23 Apr 1970Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I1888 Teresa's tree 
27 GOATHAM, Emmie Sibil  23 May 1970Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I526 Teresa's tree 
28 GOATHAM, Ethel Louisa  Feb 1991Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I3799 Teresa's tree 
29 GOATHAM, Henry  Jun Q 1979Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I4530 Teresa's tree 
30 GOATHAM, Hilda Mary  Sep Q 1965Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I4406 Teresa's tree 
31 GOATHAM, Irene Lillian ("Rene")  Nov 1986Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I3821 Teresa's tree 
32 GOATHAM, Margaret Mary  Jan 1995Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I3807 Teresa's tree 
33 GOATHAM, Mary Elizabeth  Feb 1990Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I932 Teresa's tree 
34 GOATHAM, Maud Mary  Sep Q 1968Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I17684 Teresa's tree 
35 GOATHAM, Percy Hubert  Jun Q 1972Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I3710 Teresa's tree 
36 GOATHAM, Rose Winifred  Dec Q 1969Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I3797 Teresa's tree 
37 GOATHAM, Victoria May  27 Jun 1968Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I4971 Teresa's tree 
38 GOODSELL, Dennis O.  Sep Q 1966Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I24508 Teresa's tree 
39 GOODWIN, Lillie Louisa  May 1984Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I28946 Teresa's tree 
40 GROWNS, James Henry Frank  10 Aug 1967Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I19876 Teresa's tree 
41 HARRIS, Frederick John  Mar Q 1962Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I5829 Teresa's tree 
42 HOLNESS, Bertie  Jun Q 1974Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I17688 Teresa's tree 
43 HOWE, William James  8 Jan 1970Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I19851 Teresa's tree 
44 JORDAN, Henry Thomas  20 Oct 1976Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I27856 Teresa's tree 
45 JORDAN, Lawrence  Jun Q 1981Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I3545 Teresa's tree 
46 KEMSLEY, Gladys May  25 Aug 1980Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I3820 Teresa's tree 
47 KENNETT, Robert  Dec Q 1973Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I22835 Teresa's tree 
48 LOMBARDY, Jessie Evelyn  Apr 1993Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I5865 Teresa's tree 
49 MANN, Arthur George  Dec Q 1961Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I3832 Teresa's tree 
50 MEPHAM, Frank  9 Apr 1977Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I9071 Teresa's tree 
51 MEPHAM, Sybil Rose  Mar Q 1985Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I4990 Teresa's tree 
52 MITCHELL, Alice  Dec Q 1946Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I22736 Teresa's tree 
53 MOORE, James Frank  Sep 1987Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I24259 Teresa's tree 
54 NAYLOR, Norah Lily Hilda  Sep Q 1941Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I22492 Teresa's tree 
55 NEALE, Eileen Gladys  Sep 1989Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I9060 Teresa's tree 
56 PAWLEY, Louisa Florence  2 Jul 1962Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I27896 Teresa's tree 
57 PEARCE, John Joseph  Apr 1995Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I9079 Teresa's tree 
58 PETTS, Clara Ada  Mar Q 1976Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I19850 Teresa's tree 
59 POINTER, Rose Edith  Dec Q 1962Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I3198 Teresa's tree 
60 POULTON, Norman  Mar 1987Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I28952 Teresa's tree 
61 POYNTER, Phyllis Sylvia Valentine  29 Jan 1988Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I6177 Teresa's tree 
62 PRETTY, Ella  Jun Q 1969Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I25879 Teresa's tree 
63 RELF, Albert Ronald  Feb 1994Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I15318 Teresa's tree 
64 RIDOUT, Ronald Ernest  Sep Q 1968Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I8210 Teresa's tree 
65 ROBERTS, Olive May  11 Nov 1976Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I6158 Teresa's tree 
66 ROLFE, Donald Rodney  Mar 1988Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I6176 Teresa's tree 
67 ROSKELL, William  Aug 1991Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I22855 Teresa's tree 
68 ROWLSTONE, Jeffery  16 Aug 1976Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I25344 Teresa's tree 
69 SELLEN, Lancelot Frank  Jun Q 1961Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I644 Teresa's tree 
70 SHRUBB, Elizabeth Norah  Jul 1988Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I4751 Teresa's tree 
71 STAMMERS, Mary Josephine  Aug 1992Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I9051 Teresa's tree 
72 STAMMERS, Victoria Catherine  Dec Q 1946Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I5835 Teresa's tree 
73 STANLEY, Walter J.  Sep Q 1964Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I3199 Teresa's tree 
74 STUBBERFIELD, Kitchener Ashley Mons  Feb 1998Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I4934 Teresa's tree 
75 SWIFT, Albert Charles  Dec Q 1976Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I9166 Teresa's tree 
76 TRANT, Emily Maud Myra  Jun Q 1953Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I20834 Teresa's tree 
77 TRANT, William Frederick Huxham  Mar Q 1956Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I17978 Teresa's tree 
78 WALKER, Albert E. R.  Sep Q 1962Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I4964 Teresa's tree 
79 WELLBY, Sidney George  Oct 1989Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I6174 Teresa's tree 
80 WEST, John Richard  21 Jul 1978Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I19734 Teresa's tree 
81 WHEELER, Edna Iris  Jun Q 1989Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I3614 Teresa's tree 
82 WHITEHEAD, Mollie  Dec 1994Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I28948 Teresa's tree 
83 WILES, Thomas Edward  Sep 1995Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I25814 Teresa's tree 
84 WILLIAMS, William  Jun Q 1968Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I5837 Teresa's tree 
85 WOOD, Christopher Goatham [G-K]  Feb 1988Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England I24907 Teresa's tree 


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 BODKIN / HARRIS  Jun Q 1945Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England F10119 Teresa's tree 
2 GOATHAM / BIGG  Sep Q 1950Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England F3590 Teresa's tree 
3 GOATHAM / EMERY  Mar Q 1955Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England F4926 Teresa's tree 
4 GOATHAM / HUGHES  Dec Q 1941Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England F7072 Teresa's tree 
5 GOATHAM / WARNER  Sep Q 1942Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England F3594 Teresa's tree 
6 HOWARD / WATSON  Jun Q 1945Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England F10117 Teresa's tree 
7 HOWE / PETTS  Mar Q 1943Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England F7780 Teresa's tree 
8 MANWARING / WATSON  Sep Q 1970Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England F10120 Teresa's tree 
9 PEARCE / MEPHAM  Sep Q 1947Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England F4511 Teresa's tree 
10 POULTON / WHITEHEAD  Sep Q 1951Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England F11157 Teresa's tree 
11 TRANT / THOMPSON  Jun Q 1947Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England F8263 Teresa's tree 
12 WEST / KEMSLEY  Dec Q 1966Chatham Reg Dist, Kent, England F7755 Teresa's tree