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Cornwood, Devon, England



Small location : Latitude: 50.419106404307676, Longitude: -3.9641332626342773


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Elizabeth  Abt 1821Cornwood, Devon, England I15503
2 Ellen  Abt 1828Cornwood, Devon, England I18224
3 CORBER, Albert Norman  Abt 1899Cornwood, Devon, England I18177
4 CORBER, Dorothy  Abt 1906Cornwood, Devon, England I18178
5 CORBER, Grace  Abt 1818Cornwood, Devon, England I15001
6 CORBER, Ruby Frances  Abt 1897Cornwood, Devon, England I18176
7 CRISPIN, Ann  Abt 1807Cornwood, Devon, England I18243
8 HORTON, Alexander  13 Dec 1810Cornwood, Devon, England I12168
9 HORTON, Alice Maude  Abt 1885Cornwood, Devon, England I18247
10 HORTON, Ann Maria  Jun Q 1849Cornwood, Devon, England I27402
11 HORTON, Anne  Abt 1822Cornwood, Devon, England I22939
12 HORTON, Arthur  Abt 1881Cornwood, Devon, England I18223
13 HORTON, Arthur Trobridge  Dec Q 1850Cornwood, Devon, England I27403
14 HORTON, Arthur Trobridge  Jun Q 1859Cornwood, Devon, England I27406
15 HORTON, Arthur Trowbridge  Abt 1878Cornwood, Devon, England I18245
16 HORTON, Edith Fanny  1881Cornwood, Devon, England I18227
17 HORTON, Elizabeth  Dec Q 1843Cornwood, Devon, England I27400
18 HORTON, Ellen J. C.  Abt 1854Cornwood, Devon, England I15023
19 HORTON, Ellen Mary  Abt 1881Cornwood, Devon, England I18246
20 HORTON, Ellen Walke  Abt 1857Cornwood, Devon, England I15505
21 HORTON, Emma J. C.  Abt 1851Cornwood, Devon, England I15021
22 HORTON, Emma Tamzin  Mar Q 1857Cornwood, Devon, England I27405
23 HORTON, Ernest G.  Abt 1879Cornwood, Devon, England I18249
24 HORTON, Fanny  Abt 1856Cornwood, Devon, England I15024
25 HORTON, Frances  Dec Q 1844Cornwood, Devon, England I27401
26 HORTON, Harriett C.  1860Cornwood, Devon, England I15026
27 HORTON, James Doddridge  Mar Q 1840Cornwood, Devon, England I27404
28 HORTON, Jane  Abt 1820Cornwood, Devon, England I15066
29 HORTON, Jane  Dec Q 1841Cornwood, Devon, England I27399
30 HORTON, John  Abt 1871Cornwood, Devon, England I18221
31 HORTON, John Northmore  1850Cornwood, Devon, England I15020
32 HORTON, Joshua  Sep Q 1854Cornwood, Devon, England I27397
33 HORTON, Joshua  Abt 1875Cornwood, Devon, England I18222
34 HORTON, Joshua Northmore  Abt 1848Cornwood, Devon, England I15003
35 HORTON, Lydia A.  Abt 1858Cornwood, Devon, England I15025
36 HORTON, Maria Hooke  Abt 1826Cornwood, Devon, England I12161
37 HORTON, Mary  Abt 1779Cornwood, Devon, England I12217
38 HORTON, Mary Ann  Abt 1846Cornwood, Devon, England I15504
39 HORTON, Mary Sercombe  Jun Q 1847Cornwood, Devon, England I27398
40 HORTON, Peggy  Abt 1784Cornwood, Devon, England I11251
41 HORTON, Philip  Abt 1801Cornwood, Devon, England I18229
42 HORTON, Philip M.  Abt 1869Cornwood, Devon, England I18220
43 HORTON, Trobridge  Abt 1815Cornwood, Devon, England I12162
44 HORTON, William Francis  Abt 1889Cornwood, Devon, England I18244
45 HORTON, William H.  Abt 1852Cornwood, Devon, England I15022
46 NORTHMORE, Caroline Jane  Jun Q 1849Cornwood, Devon, England I19158
47 NORTHMORE, Ellen  Dec Q 1878Cornwood, Devon, England I18182
48 NORTHMORE, Fanny  Abt 1851Cornwood, Devon, England I18213
49 NORTHMORE, Florence  Mar Q 1883Cornwood, Devon, England I18219
50 NORTHMORE, Frances Tinckham  Mar Q 1874Cornwood, Devon, England I18174
51 NORTHMORE, John  Mar Q 1843Cornwood, Devon, England I15067
52 NORTHMORE, John Veale  Abt 1805Cornwood, Devon, England I12166
53 NORTHMORE, Joshua Fortescue  Abt 1854Cornwood, Devon, England I15489
54 NORTHMORE, Julia Ann  Abt Dec 1850Cornwood, Devon, England I19159
55 NORTHMORE, Margaret  Abt 1848Cornwood, Devon, England I15499
56 NORTHMORE, Maria Hook  Mar Q 1877Cornwood, Devon, England I18181
57 NORTHMORE, Mary  Abt 1848Cornwood, Devon, England I15488
58 NORTHMORE, Mary  Jun Q 1875Cornwood, Devon, England I18180
59 NORTHMORE, Mary Ann  Abt 1849Cornwood, Devon, England I18207
60 NORTHMORE, Mary Ann  Abt 1853Cornwood, Devon, England I18214
61 NORTHMORE, William John  Abt 1869Cornwood, Devon, England I18169
62 SANDOVER, James  Abt 1820Cornwood, Devon, England I22938
63 SERCOMBE, Thomas  Abt 1826Cornwood, Devon, England I18218
64 SHEPHERD, Richard  Abt 1830Cornwood, Devon, England I18248
65 STEEVENS, Elizabeth Ann  Abt 1858Cornwood, Devon, England I15502
66 STEEVENS, Jane Mary  Abt 1855Cornwood, Devon, England I15500
67 STEEVENS, John  Abt 1813Cornwood, Devon, England I15498
68 STEEVENS, Sarah Jane  Abt 1856Cornwood, Devon, England I15501
69 WALK, Thomas  Abt 1783Cornwood, Devon, England I18200
70 WATTS, Catharine  Abt 1768Cornwood, Devon, England I18308


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptised    Person ID 
1 HORTON, John Northmore  9 Jun 1850Cornwood, Devon, England I15020
2 NORTHMORE, Elizabeth Ann  9 Feb 1846Cornwood, Devon, England I19162
3 PHILLIPPS, Jane  27 Mar 1811Cornwood, Devon, England I15007


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 HORTON, Edward Northmore  1851Cornwood, Devon, England I14994
2 HORTON, Ellen J. C.  1861Cornwood, Devon, England I15023
3 HORTON, Emma J. C.  1861Cornwood, Devon, England I15021
4 HORTON, Fanny  1861Cornwood, Devon, England I15024
5 HORTON, Frances Northmore  1851Cornwood, Devon, England I14996
6 HORTON, Joshua Northmore  1861Cornwood, Devon, England I15003
7 HORTON, Lydia A.  1861Cornwood, Devon, England I15025
8 HORTON, Mary  1851Cornwood, Devon, England I14998
9 HORTON, William H.  1861Cornwood, Devon, England I15022
10 NORTHMORE, Joshua Fortescue  1861Cornwood, Devon, England I15489
11 NORTHMORE, Maria Hook  1861Cornwood, Devon, England I12169


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Moved    Person ID 
1 NORTHMORE, Joseph  Abt 1791Cornwood, Devon, England I11269


Matches 1 to 13 of 13

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 AXWORTHY, Thomas  1838Cornwood, Devon, England I12158
2 HORTON, Elizabeth Hillson  1849Cornwood, Devon, England I12869
3 HORTON, Elizabeth Hillson  1891Cornwood, Devon, England I12869
4 HORTON, Philip  Cornwood, Devon, England I15037
5 HORTON, Trobridge  Cornwood, Devon, England I12181
6 HORTON, William Francis  1911Cornwood, Devon, England I18244
7 NORTHMORE, James  1849Cornwood, Devon, England I12868
8 NORTHMORE, John  1841Cornwood, Devon, England I12862
9 NORTHMORE, Joseph  From 1795 to 1812Cornwood, Devon, England I11269
10 NORTHMORE, William John  From 1901 to 1911Cornwood, Devon, England I18169
11 SHEPHEARD, Richard  Cornwood, Devon, England I18349
12 SHEPHERD, Mary  1891Cornwood, Devon, England I18198
13 STEEVENS, John  1861Cornwood, Devon, England I15498


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 HELE, Hugh  Cornwood, Devon, England I20401
2 SHEPHERD, Mary  1891Cornwood, Devon, England I18198
3 SHEPHERD, Mary  1901Cornwood, Devon, England I18198
4 YONGE, George  1769Cornwood, Devon, England I13845


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 SMERDON / HORTON  20 Jul 1840Cornwood, Devon, England F6310

Banns of marriage

Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Banns of marriage    Family ID 
1 HORTON / NORTHMORE  From 1 Aug 1830 to 15 Aug 1830Cornwood, Devon, England F5417
2 NORTHMORE / SANDOVER  14 Apr 1771 to 28 Apr 1771Cornwood, Devon, England F5166