Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England


Notes: The boundaries in 1851 can be seen on this map. There were a few changes between 1837 and the abolition of the district in 1980, when it became Gravesend registration district. The coverage and changes are detailed here.

Registration District : Latitude: 51.416166812992536, Longitude: 0.2679634094238281


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ADDY, Albert Edward  4 Feb 1901Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I22739 Teresa's tree 
2 AVIS, Leslie John  21 Feb 1923Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I6254 Teresa's tree 
3 AVIS, Thomas William  18 Aug 1899Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I23156 Teresa's tree 
4 AVIS, Vera Kathleen  Sep Q 1927Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I23160 Teresa's tree 
5 BRISLEY, Maria  Sep Q 1852Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I28030 Teresa's tree 
6 HURST, Doris Ada  28 Aug 1925Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I25866 Teresa's tree 
7 HYLAND, Reginald Dennis  9 Feb 1926Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I19392 Teresa's tree 
8 JARVIS, Maud Victoria Jubilee  2 Apr 1887Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I4970 Teresa's tree 
9 ROWLSTONE, Ethel  15 Jun 1883Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I23690 Teresa's tree 
10 ROWLSTONE, Jeffery  9 Jul 1898Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I25344 Teresa's tree 
11 TAYLOR, Rosina  8 May 1900Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I23157 Teresa's tree 
12 WELLS, Harry William Penfold  Sep Q 1931Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I6389 Teresa's tree 
13 WELLS, William Penfold  3 Feb 1893Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I3854 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ADDY, Albert Edward  Jun Q 1968Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I22739 Teresa's tree 
2 ALDRED, Dorothy Edith  10 Dec 1972Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I4956 Teresa's tree 
3 AVIS, Leslie John  Dec Q 1978Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I6254 Teresa's tree 
4 AVIS, Vera Kathleen  Dec Q 1927Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I23160 Teresa's tree 
5 BIGG, Arthur Sydney  14 Feb 1969Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I22491 Teresa's tree 
6 BRISLEY, Stephen  Jun Q 1852Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I23299 Teresa's tree 
7 BRISLEY, Stephen  Dec Q 1853Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I9169 Teresa's tree 
8 CHARLWOOD, Eva S.  Jun Q 1967Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I9077 Teresa's tree 
9 GOATHAM, Alfred George  29 Apr 1974Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I1881 Teresa's tree 
10 GOATHAM, Bertram John  Sep Q 1960Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I3850 Teresa's tree 
11 GOATHAM, Horace  Dec Q 1959Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I508 Teresa's tree 
12 GOATHAM, Lily Mabel  Mar Q 1957Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I1880 Teresa's tree 
13 GOATHAM, William George  9 Oct 1972Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I3705 Teresa's tree 
14 HARVEY, Catherine  Dec Q 1958Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I22711 Teresa's tree 
15 HEWITT, Alice Edith  31 Mar 1970Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I3851 Teresa's tree 
16 HURST, William John  Jun Q 1950Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I25818 Teresa's tree 
17 HYDE, Emily  Jun Q 1917Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I423 Teresa's tree 
18 JUPP, Alice Elsie  Dec Q 1937Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I25345 Teresa's tree 
19 PALMER, James Thomas  Dec Q 1952Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I22710 Teresa's tree 
20 PARSONS, Albert Osborn  Jun Q 1961Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I25000 Teresa's tree 
21 TWYMAN, William Edward  Mar Q 1938Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I1983 Teresa's tree 
22 VALLINS, Mary Ann  Mar Q 1901Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I23297 Teresa's tree 
23 WELLS, William Penfold  Mar Q 1963Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I3854 Teresa's tree 
24 WRIGHT, Winifred Rose  Mar Q 1971Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England I25338 Teresa's tree 


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 AVIS / TAYLOR  Jun Q 1922Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England F9075 Teresa's tree 
2 BULLOCK / WELLS  Mar Q 1882Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England F8942 Teresa's tree 
3 GILLINGHAM / ROWLSTONE  Sep Q 1909Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England F9259 Teresa's tree 
4 GOATHAM / PALMER  Dec Q 1954Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England F3618 Teresa's tree 
5 HUGHES / BULLOCK  Jun Q 1909Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England F8941 Teresa's tree 
6 PLUMMER / GOATHAM  Mar Q 1965Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England F8893 Teresa's tree 
7 TOULSON / HURST  Sep Q 1946Dartford Reg Dist, Kent, England F10082 Teresa's tree