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Devonport, Devon, England



Town / City : Latitude: 50.377009, Longitude: -4.176211899999998


Matches 1 to 136 of 136

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Rebecca  Abt 1818Devonport, Devon, England I3658
2 Sarah  Abt 1843Devonport, Devon, England I5221
3 BAKER, Annie Elizabeth  Abt 1879Devonport, Devon, England I19116
4 BELLETT, Amelia Elizabeth  Sep Q 1875Devonport, Devon, England I2792
5 BELLETT, Florence Augusta Mary  Dec Q 1872Devonport, Devon, England I2791
6 BLAKE, Elizabeth Ann Cousins  Jun Q 1841Devonport, Devon, England I12467
7 BYERLEE, Emma Amelia Birkhead  6 Oct 1868Devonport, Devon, England I11023
8 BYERLEE, Paul Birkhead  1 Jul 1836Devonport, Devon, England I11001
9 BYERLEE, Richard Albert Henry Birkhead  11 May 1866Devonport, Devon, England I11022
10 BYERLEE, William  Sep Q 1864Devonport, Devon, England I11021
11 CUNDY, Elizabeth Maria  Dec Q 1851Devonport, Devon, England I3217
12 CUNDY, Emily Eleanor  Sep Q 1857Devonport, Devon, England I3218
13 CUNDY, Laura Ann  5 Apr 1860Devonport, Devon, England I2279
14 CUNDY, Richard Broad  Sep Q 1855Devonport, Devon, England I3219
15 EASTEL, Mary Eliza  Dec Q 1863Devonport, Devon, England I31699
16 ELLIOTT, Ellen Pitts  Sep Q 1850Devonport, Devon, England I9986
17 EVANS, John Luther Hodge  Abt 1844Devonport, Devon, England I9698
18 EVANS, Rose K.  Abt 1883Devonport, Devon, England I9703
19 EVANS, Stanley L.  1880Devonport, Devon, England I9701
20 FINCH, Charles Thomas  Abt 1843Devonport, Devon, England I31716
21 FOGWELL, Henriette Caroline  12 May 1846Devonport, Devon, England I17865
22 FOGWELL, Indiana Norrish  19 Sep 1843Devonport, Devon, England I17866
23 FOWELL, Arthur Fullerton  Sep Q 1882Devonport, Devon, England I19744
24 FOWELL, Arthur John  2 Oct 1854Devonport, Devon, England I19739
25 FOWELL, Bessie  Sep Q 1883Devonport, Devon, England I19745
26 FOWELL, Florence  Sep Q 1881Devonport, Devon, England I19743
27 FOWELL, William Frederick  10 Sep 1884Devonport, Devon, England I19746
28 HAMBLING, Alexander Cundy  Sep Q 1889Devonport, Devon, England I2282
29 HAMBLING, Emily Alice  Dec Q 1895Devonport, Devon, England I2285
30 HAMBLING, Henry Richard  31 Oct 1887Devonport, Devon, England I2281
31 HAMBLING, James Lewis  14 Oct 1897Devonport, Devon, England I2286
32 HAMBLING, Laura Elsie  Jun Q 1893Devonport, Devon, England I2283
33 HAMBLING, Lily Elizabeth  Dec Q 1895Devonport, Devon, England I2284
34 HAMBLING, Stewart Henry  18 Jul 1882Devonport, Devon, England I2280
35 HARRIS, Gladys  Abt 1904Devonport, Devon, England I13668
36 HASLETT, Sally Wadland  Abt 1812Devonport, Devon, England I9987
37 HENNINGS, Albert John  Dec Q 1864Devonport, Devon, England I300073
38 HENNINGS, Edward Preston  26 Jul 1853Devonport, Devon, England I305232
39 HENNINGS, Thomas  Abt 1814Devonport, Devon, England I304385
40 HENNINGS, Thomas  16 Jul 1851Devonport, Devon, England I305229
41 HONEY, Caroline Sophia  Abt 1840Devonport, Devon, England I19170
42 ISSELL, Violet Kate  24 Mar 1888Devonport, Devon, England I2668
43 JENNINGS, William James  1850Devonport, Devon, England I3675
44 JURY, Victor Alfred Richard  Dec Q 1897Devonport, Devon, England I802
45 JURY, William  Abt 1836Devonport, Devon, England I1381
46 JUSTHAM, Bessie Jane  16 Apr 1867Devonport, Devon, England I3368
47 JUSTHAM, Ellen Margaret  15 Jan 1865Devonport, Devon, England I3367
48 JUSTHAM, Florence Rose  24 Mar 1874Devonport, Devon, England I9457
49 JUSTHAM, Maud Mary  15 Jul 1869Devonport, Devon, England I1534
50 JUSTHAM, Susannah Pearce  Mar Q 1864Devonport, Devon, England I3366
51 LAMB, Ada R.  Abt 1869Devonport, Devon, England I13217
52 LAMB, Alice M.  Abt May 1880Devonport, Devon, England I13224
53 LAMB, Arthur John  Abt 1873Devonport, Devon, England I13220
54 LAMB, Esther L.  Abt 1874Devonport, Devon, England I13221
55 LAMB, Myra  Abt 1877Devonport, Devon, England I13223
56 LAMB, Percy E.  Abt 1876Devonport, Devon, England I13222
57 LAMB, Robert O.  Abt 1872Devonport, Devon, England I13219
58 LAMB, William H.  Abt 1871Devonport, Devon, England I13218
59 LAPTHORNE, Albert William  29 Oct 1896Devonport, Devon, England I16646
60 LAPTHORNE, Charles Edward  Abt 1894Devonport, Devon, England I16645
61 MAY, John Charles Lionel  19 Jan 1937Devonport, Devon, England I9687
62 MAY, Lionel Francis John  1 Aug 1906Devonport, Devon, England I5712
63 MCMILLAN, George Edward  Abt 1881Devonport, Devon, England I18474
64 MCMILLAN, Hetty Elizabeth  Dec Q 1907Devonport, Devon, England I18475
65 MITCHELL, Faulkener Justham  Mar Q 1892Devonport, Devon, England I9458
66 MUTTEN, Ellen Susannah  Abt 1865Devonport, Devon, England I18062
67 NORTHMORE, Annie  Jun Q 1903Devonport, Devon, England I19117
68 NORTHMORE, Cyril John  Abt Aug 1910Devonport, Devon, England I19119
69 NORTHMORE, Jane  11 May 1792Devonport, Devon, England I14429
70 NORTHMORE, Mary  13 May 1787Devonport, Devon, England I14428
71 NORTHMORE, Solomon Henry  Abt 1904Devonport, Devon, England I19118
72 NUTCHER, Priscilla Emma  Abt 1847Devonport, Devon, England I12456
73 PALMER, John Nicholas Doidge  29 May 1802Devonport, Devon, England I29174
74 PENFOUND, Elizabeth Maria  Devonport, Devon, England I3216
75 PERCEY, Mary Jane  Between 1818 and 1820Devonport, Devon, England I11545
76 PRATTENT, Henry John  29 Apr 1886Devonport, Devon, England I31381
77 ROBINS, Catherine Ann  Abt 1849Devonport, Devon, England I9700
78 SMALL, Ann Elizabeth  Abt 1845Devonport, Devon, England I2788
79 SMITH, Archibald George  Mar Q 1896Devonport, Devon, England I12796
80 SMITH, Dorothy Clare  Dec Q 1897Devonport, Devon, England I12797
81 SMITH, Elfrida (“Freda”) Maud  Sep Q 1894Devonport, Devon, England I12795
82 SMITH, Frederick Edwin  Sep Q 1900Devonport, Devon, England I12798
83 SMITH, Leslie Spurrell  9 Dec 1902Devonport, Devon, England I12564
84 SMITH, Muriel Florence  Jun Q 1907Devonport, Devon, England I12799
85 SPURRELL, Alfred John M.  Mar Q 1887Devonport, Devon, England I12544
86 SPURRELL, Edith Jane  Mar Q 1883Devonport, Devon, England I12528
87 SPURRELL, Eleanor  Abt 1889Devonport, Devon, England I12545
88 SPURRELL, Eliza  Abt 1896Devonport, Devon, England I12549
89 SPURRELL, Elizabeth  Abt 1891Devonport, Devon, England I12546
90 SPURRELL, Elsie  Abt 1895Devonport, Devon, England I12548
91 SPURRELL, Emily  Abt 1880Devonport, Devon, England I12552
92 SPURRELL, Ernest Theodore  Mar Q 1897Devonport, Devon, England I12534
93 SPURRELL, Ethel  Abt 1888Devonport, Devon, England I12555
94 SPURRELL, Fanny  Abt 1845Devonport, Devon, England I11538
95 SPURRELL, George  Between 1820 and 1825Devonport, Devon, England I12459
96 SPURRELL, Georgina  Abt 1898Devonport, Devon, England I10998
97 SPURRELL, Helen  Abt 1878Devonport, Devon, England I12551
98 SPURRELL, Henry  12 Apr 1828Devonport, Devon, England I11525
99 SPURRELL, Henry  Abt 1882Devonport, Devon, England I12553
100 SPURRELL, Hetty Violet  Mar Q 1893Devonport, Devon, England I12532
101 SPURRELL, Joseph Wilkinson  Abt 1818Devonport, Devon, England I11523
102 SPURRELL, Kate Florence  Mar Q 1886Devonport, Devon, England I12554
103 SPURRELL, Mabel Maud  Mar Q 1892Devonport, Devon, England I12531
104 SPURRELL, Mary A.  Abt 1844Devonport, Devon, England I11543
105 SPURRELL, Matthew Richard  Abt 1836Devonport, Devon, England I11542
106 SPURRELL, Nathaniel  Abt 1884Devonport, Devon, England I12543
107 SPURRELL, Percy Peter  Mar Q 1895Devonport, Devon, England I12533
108 SPURRELL, Phyllis  Abt 1904Devonport, Devon, England I10999
109 SPURRELL, Richard  20 Jun 1836Devonport, Devon, England I11529
110 SPURRELL, Robert  Abt 1893Devonport, Devon, England I12547
111 SPURRELL, Samuel Benjamin  9 Oct 1807Devonport, Devon, England I10806
112 SPURRELL, William Charles  17 Oct 1850Devonport, Devon, England I12566
113 SPURRELL, William H.  Abt 1850Devonport, Devon, England I11544
114 STERLING, Eliza  Abt 1791Devonport, Devon, England I10964
115 THOMAS, Eliza Jane  Between 1822 and 1829Devonport, Devon, England I24266
116 TRANT, Gladys Irene  15 May 1894Devonport, Devon, England I18072
117 TRANT, Gladys Nellie  Dec Q 1889Devonport, Devon, England I18066
118 TRANT, Hetty  Dec Q 1882Devonport, Devon, England I18473
119 TRANT, William Henry  Dec Q 1864Devonport, Devon, England I18061
120 TREGIDGO, Eliza Jane  Jun Q 1858Devonport, Devon, England I305620
121 VOGWELL, Alice Ann ("Annie")  Mar Q 1867Devonport, Devon, England I13034
122 VOGWELL, Florence Ellen ("Flora")  Mar Q 1870Devonport, Devon, England I13035
123 VOGWELL, Frederick James ("Fred")  Mar Q 1864Devonport, Devon, England I13031
124 VOGWELL, George ("Georgie")  Abt 1904Devonport, Devon, England I13651
125 VOGWELL, James Albert  Sep Q 1865Devonport, Devon, England I13032
126 VOGWELL, John Heals  Abt 1817Devonport, Devon, England I13028
127 VOGWELL, John Williams  21 Dec 1899Devonport, Devon, England I13649
128 VOGWELL, Mary Ann  Abt 1851Devonport, Devon, England I14032
129 VOGWELL, Percy  Abt 1902Devonport, Devon, England I13650
130 VOGWELL, Selina  Jun Q 1852Devonport, Devon, England I13033
131 VOGWELL, William  Jun Q 1856Devonport, Devon, England I13030
132 WAYCOTT, Emily Eliza  Abt 1857Devonport, Devon, England I19137
133 WHITELL, Amy Elsie Victoria  Sep Q 1863Devonport, Devon, England I13185
134 WHITELL, William Frank  Sep Q 1840Devonport, Devon, England I13184
135 WHITELL, William George  Mar Q 1867Devonport, Devon, England I13187
136 YEO, Bessie  29 May 1857Devonport, Devon, England I19740


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 HAMBLING, Emily Alice  Mar 1917Devonport, Devon, England I2285


Matches 1 to 12 of 12

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 BAILEY, Brenda Evelyn  From 1936 to 1941Devonport, Devon, England I2
2 ELLIOTT, Charles Robert  1851Devonport, Devon, England I9985
3 FOGWELL, Henriette Caroline  1861Devonport, Devon, England I17865
4 SPURRELL, Emily  1891Devonport, Devon, England I12552
5 SPURRELL, Ethel  1891Devonport, Devon, England I12555
6 SPURRELL, Helen  1891Devonport, Devon, England I12551
7 SPURRELL, Henry  1891Devonport, Devon, England I12553
8 SPURRELL, Kate Florence  1891Devonport, Devon, England I12554
9 TRANT, Elizabeth Ann  1851Devonport, Devon, England I17965
10 VOGWELL, Evelyn Maud Mary  1911Devonport, Devon, England I13051
11 VOGWELL, George Alfred  1911Devonport, Devon, England I13058
12 VOGWELL, John Henry  1911Devonport, Devon, England I13053


Matches 1 to 20 of 20

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 BELL, John  1861Devonport, Devon, England I2779
2 FOGWELL, Indiana Norrish  1861Devonport, Devon, England I17866
3 FOGWELL, Robert  From 1860 to 1861Devonport, Devon, England I17854
4 LAPTHORNE, Charles William  From 1901 to 1911Devonport, Devon, England I5257
5 LOADES, Thomas William  1901Devonport, Devon, England I5741
6 NORTHMORE, William Henry  1861Devonport, Devon, England I13426
7 SPURRELL, Alfred John  1911Devonport, Devon, England I12525
8 SPURRELL, Alfred John M.  1911Devonport, Devon, England I12544
9 SPURRELL, Clara Nutcher  1901Devonport, Devon, England I12458
10 SPURRELL, Ernest Theodore  1911Devonport, Devon, England I12534
11 SPURRELL, George Henry  From 1871 to 1906Devonport, Devon, England I12455
12 SPURRELL, Henry  1851Devonport, Devon, England I11525
13 SPURRELL, Jane  1851Devonport, Devon, England I11528
14 SPURRELL, Joseph J.  1911Devonport, Devon, England I10996
15 SPURRELL, Mabel Maud  1911Devonport, Devon, England I12531
16 SPURRELL, Wilfred Henry  1911Devonport, Devon, England I10997
17 TRANT, John Wright  1839Devonport, Devon, England I12646
18 VOGWELL, John Heals  From 1851 to 1881Devonport, Devon, England I13028
19 WHITELL, William Frank  1871Devonport, Devon, England I13184
20 WILLIAMS, John  1828Devonport, Devon, England I10804


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 HAMBLING, Florence Minnie  From 1929 to 1941Devonport, Devon, England I4
2 LAVERS, Robert  1844Devonport, Devon, England I5106
3 NORTHMORE, Jane  1891Devonport, Devon, England I12180
4 SPURRELL, John Jeffery  1815Devonport, Devon, England I10961


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID 
1 TRANT, John Wright  12 Sep 1839Devonport, Devon, England I12646


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 SPURRELL / WESTCOTT  Dec Q 1909Devonport, Devon, England F5553