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Faversham, Kent, England



Town / City : Latitude: 51.3155848, Longitude: 0.8910026


Wills (transcripts)
The will of Susanna Rickson (née Homersham) (d. 1681)
The will of Susanna Rickson (née Homersham) (d. 1681)
(the second wife of Michael Rickson, Michael probably being a 7 x great grandfather of mine)
The will of Mary Rickson (d. 1697)
The will of Mary Rickson (d. 1697)
(the third wife of Michael Rickson, Michael probably being a 7 x great grandfather of mine)
The will of Michael Rickson (est. 1630 – 1721)
The will of Michael Rickson (est. 1630 – 1721)
(probably a 7 x great grandfather of mine)
The will of Thomas Mason (d. 1727/8)
The will of Thomas Mason (d. 1727/8)
(the husband of Mary Rickson, probably a 7 x great aunt of mine)


Matches 1 to 152 of 152

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 AKHURST, Christina Frances  Jun Q 1864Faversham, Kent, England I13314
2 AMOS, Ernest James  Dec Q 1862Faversham, Kent, England I4515
3 AMOS, Ernest Wilson  Mar Q 1889Faversham, Kent, England I5260
4 ARNOLD, Ellen Jane  22 Jun 1869Faversham, Kent, England I28316
5 ARNOLD, Lilian Margaret  3 Oct 1909Faversham, Kent, England I30917
6 AYLETT, Bernard Fryer A.R.C.O.  26 Mar 1894Faversham, Kent, England I2166
7 AYLETT, Ellen Amy  Jun Q 1889Faversham, Kent, England I15275
8 AYLETT, Gladys Irene  12 Sep 1891Faversham, Kent, England I15274
9 BAKER, Charles  Mar Q 1892Faversham, Kent, England I22523
10 BAKER, Charlotte  Sep Q 1881Faversham, Kent, England I22513
11 BAKER, Edward Jarett  10 Jun 1861Faversham, Kent, England I1404
12 BAKER, Edward Walter  Jun Q 1889Faversham, Kent, England I22524
13 BAKER, Elizabeth Jane  Mar Q 1880Faversham, Kent, England I1407
14 BAKER, Priscilla Maria  Sep Q 1869Faversham, Kent, England I22518
15 BAKER, Priscilla Maria  9 Oct 1886Faversham, Kent, England I22520
16 BAKER, Sarah  Sep Q 1885Faversham, Kent, England I22521
17 BAKER, Walter James  Dec Q 1894Faversham, Kent, England I22522
18 BARROW, Charlotte  1817Faversham, Kent, England I437
19 BEACON, Abraham John  Dec Q 1865Faversham, Kent, England I13307
20 BEACON, Ernest Thomas  Abt 1890Faversham, Kent, England I13326
21 BEACON, George  Abt 1870Faversham, Kent, England I14808
22 BEACON, Herbert James  1892Faversham, Kent, England I13310
23 BEACON, Thomas  Abt 1831Faversham, Kent, England I13352
24 BEACON, Thomas Edward  Abt 1862Faversham, Kent, England I14801
25 BEACON, William  Abt 1869Faversham, Kent, England I14807
26 BEACON, William Ernest  Abt 1866Faversham, Kent, England I14802
27 BEACON, Winifred May  Dec Q 1897Faversham, Kent, England I13327
28 BECON, Alfred Stuart  Sep Q 1881Faversham, Kent, England I13303
29 BECON, Alice Jane  Jun Q 1885Faversham, Kent, England I13302
30 BECON, Ann  Abt 1848Faversham, Kent, England I13283
31 BECON, Anne Maria  Abt 1844Faversham, Kent, England I13270
32 BECON, Charles Alfred Mahlon  Abt 1899Faversham, Kent, England I13305
33 BECON, Clarence Allan  Mar Q 1894Faversham, Kent, England I13297
34 BECON, Edward  Abt 1808Faversham, Kent, England I13264
35 BECON, Ellen  Sep Q 1864Faversham, Kent, England I13300
36 BECON, Emily  Sep Q 1877Faversham, Kent, England I13301
37 BECON, Emma Julia  Mar Q 1849Faversham, Kent, England I13278
38 BECON, Ethel Maud  Abt 1887Faversham, Kent, England I13304
39 BECON, George  Abt 1869Faversham, Kent, England I13308
40 BECON, Harriett  Abt 1856Faversham, Kent, England I13286
41 BECON, Myrtle May  Jun Q 1888Faversham, Kent, England I13295
42 BECON, Percy George  Jun Q 1879Faversham, Kent, England I13293
43 BECON, Stephen Wilmshurst  Abt 1846Faversham, Kent, England I13282
44 BECON, Sydney John Kennard  Mar Q 1883Faversham, Kent, England I13294
45 BECON, William  Abt 1851Faversham, Kent, England I13285
46 BECON, William Stephen  Sep Q 1890Faversham, Kent, England I13296
47 BIRCH, William Halke  Faversham, Kent, England I18788
48 BOON, Eleanor Sophia  Mar Q 1870Faversham, Kent, England I29439
49 BOON, Robert Henry  Jun Q 1874Faversham, Kent, England I29438
50 BOURNE, Albert  Abt 1884Faversham, Kent, England I13315
51 BRIDGES, Jane  Abt 1820Faversham, Kent, England I22534
52 BRIDGES, Mary Alice (“Alice”)  Abt 1810Faversham, Kent, England I22529
53 BROOKS, Ellen Eliza  Dec Q 1876Faversham, Kent, England I22697
54 BUSBRIDGE, Ethel Elizabeth  Jun Q 1883Faversham, Kent, England I25368
55 CURLING, John  Jun Q 1850Faversham, Kent, England I24073
56 EASON, Fanny  Sep Q 1872Faversham, Kent, England I22685
57 FENN, Blanche Lilian  3 Apr 1896Faversham, Kent, England I6701
58 FENN, Daisy Emma  Mar Q 1892Faversham, Kent, England I6698
59 FENN, Dorothy Edith  Mar Q 1892Faversham, Kent, England I6699
60 FENN, Edward Offer  18 Jun 1903Faversham, Kent, England I6704
61 FENN, Harold Charles  Jun Q 1898Faversham, Kent, England I6702
62 FENN, Kathleen Mabel  Dec Q 1905Faversham, Kent, England I6705
63 FENN, Sydney Robert  Dec Q 1894Faversham, Kent, England I6700
64 FENN, Winifred  Dec Q 1899Faversham, Kent, England I6703
65 FENTIMAN, Edwin Harry  22 Sep 1910Faversham, Kent, England I18966
66 FENTIMAN, Madeline Nellie Emily  1 Dec 1908Faversham, Kent, England I18965
67 FEVER, Lucy Ann Blanche  Mar 1881Faversham, Kent, England I22816
68 FILMER, Beatrice Louisa  11 Sep 1890Faversham, Kent, England I19774
69 FILMER, Edith Mary  Jun Q 1883Faversham, Kent, England I19779
70 FILMER, George Albert  Mar Q 1889Faversham, Kent, England I19780
71 FILMER, George William  Mar Q 1857Faversham, Kent, England I19772
72 FILMER, John Jesse  Jun Q 1892Faversham, Kent, England I19775
73 FILMER, Olive Caroline  2 Oct 1886Faversham, Kent, England I19777
74 FILMER, William Thomas  Sep Q 1895Faversham, Kent, England I19776
75 FOREMAN, Priscilla Maria  Faversham, Kent, England I22508
76 GILBERT, Adelina Theodora  Mar Q 1871Faversham, Kent, England I4485
77 GILBERT, Gertrude Maud  Mar Q 1880Faversham, Kent, England I5513
78 GILBERT, Lewis Maitland  Jun Q 1877Faversham, Kent, England I5512
79 GOATHAM, Ada Sibylla  4 Aug 1879Faversham, Kent, England I1450
80 GOATHAM, Amelia Sophia  14 Jan 1885Faversham, Kent, England I1873
81 GOATHAM, Amos  28 Sep 1846Faversham, Kent, England I170
82 GOATHAM, Amos Henry  Jun Q 1875Faversham, Kent, England I1448
83 GOATHAM, Charles  27 May 1842Faversham, Kent, England I168
84 GOATHAM, Edith Emily (“Edie”)  16 May 1873Faversham, Kent, England I1447
85 GOATHAM, Edwin Charles (“Patsy”)  2 Jun 1877Faversham, Kent, England I1449
86 GOATHAM, Elisha  Dec Q 1856Faversham, Kent, England I347
87 GOATHAM, Emily  30 Apr 1844Faversham, Kent, England I169
88 GOATHAM, Emily Grace  6 Oct 1875Faversham, Kent, England I1454
89 GOATHAM, Ernest Charles  Dec Q 1867Faversham, Kent, England I366
90 GOATHAM, Evelyn May  Abt Oct 1909Faversham, Kent, England I3717
91 GOATHAM, Frederick  17 May 1849Faversham, Kent, England I171
92 GOATHAM, Frederick William  11 Nov 1871Faversham, Kent, England I1642
93 GOATHAM, George Henry  Sep Q 1897Faversham, Kent, England I1863
94 GOATHAM, George Walker  28 Apr 1882Faversham, Kent, England I527
95 GOATHAM, Herbert Edwin  19 Apr 1877Faversham, Kent, England I368
96 GOATHAM, Jabez  14 Jul 1851Faversham, Kent, England I172
97 GOATHAM, John Charles  22 May 1896Faversham, Kent, England I1897
98 GOATHAM, John Charles  3 Aug 1936Faversham, Kent, England I6213
99 GOATHAM, Mabel Lily  Sep Q 1887Faversham, Kent, England I1874
100 GOATHAM, Mary Elizabeth ("Lizzie")  27 May 1853Faversham, Kent, England I173
101 GOATHAM, Sophia  Dec Q 1844Faversham, Kent, England I515
102 GOATHAM, William Frank ("Frank")  5 Jan 1860Faversham, Kent, England I174
103 HARLOW, Sarah Ann  Abt 1825Faversham, Kent, England I13277
104 HARRIS, Frederick William  Abt 1852Faversham, Kent, England I22567
105 HAYHOW, Esther A.  Abt 1853Faversham, Kent, England I14795
106 HAYHOW, Margaret  Abt 1861Faversham, Kent, England I14796
107 HAYHOW, Wabon  Abt 1849Faversham, Kent, England I14794
108 HISTED, Susannah  Abt 1823Faversham, Kent, England I13281
109 HUNT, Albert  1843Faversham, Kent, England I3512
110 HUNT, Emily  1845Faversham, Kent, England I3514
111 HUNT, Frederick  1851Faversham, Kent, England I3775
112 HUNT, James Bassell  1841Faversham, Kent, England I3513
113 HUNT, John  1847Faversham, Kent, England I3515
114 INGE, Alice Jane  Abt 1846Faversham, Kent, England I22532
115 INGE, Mary Ann  Jun Q 1842Faversham, Kent, England I22531
116 INGE, Thomas  Mar Q 1844Faversham, Kent, England I2172
117 JARRETT, Mary Ann  Abt 1845Faversham, Kent, England I29464
118 JEMMETT, Stella Rose  1 Dec 1914Faversham, Kent, England I6209
119 LIPPINGWELL, John  Abt 1795Faversham, Kent, England I7962
120 MANNOUCH, Jane  Dec Q 1850Faversham, Kent, England I13299
121 MARSHALL, Edward  Abt 1806Faversham, Kent, England I1621
122 MARSHALL, John Thomas  Abt 1831Faversham, Kent, England I23875
123 MARSHALL, Sarah Elizabeth  Faversham, Kent, England I386
124 MARSHALL, Stephen Charles  Mar Q 1841Faversham, Kent, England I23877
125 MILWAY, Elizabeth Jane (“Lizzie”)  Sep Q 1886Faversham, Kent, England I1915
126 MILWAY, Peter Albert  Dec Q 1889Faversham, Kent, England I1916
127 MILWAY, William Gowland  Sep Q 1884Faversham, Kent, England I1914
128 PAGE, Agnes Jane  7 Nov 1875Faversham, Kent, England I22683
129 PARKER, Mabel Ida Kathleen  2 Jul 1907Faversham, Kent, England I18945
130 PAYMAN, Thomas W.  Abt 1859Faversham, Kent, England I14804
131 PEPPER, Ethel  10 Dec 1888Faversham, Kent, England I30910
132 PYSING, Edward William  Mar Q 1862Faversham, Kent, England I22641
133 RICHMOND, William Frederick  Mar Q 1871Faversham, Kent, England I1891
134 RICKSON, Ame  Abt 1663Faversham, Kent, England I6441
135 RUDGARD, Donald Stuart  29 Nov 1906Faversham, Kent, England I30776
136 RUDGARD, Doris May Evelyn  29 Jan 1899Faversham, Kent, England I30775
137 RUDGARD, Percival Berry  3 Nov 1900Faversham, Kent, England I30777
138 RUDGARD, Phyllis Kathleen  11 Apr 1902Faversham, Kent, England I30778
139 SANCTO, Caroline P.  1860Faversham, Kent, England I14855
140 SANCTO, Henrietta A.  Abt 1853Faversham, Kent, England I14853
141 SANCTO, Henry A.  Abt 1854Faversham, Kent, England I14854
142 SCOTT, Alford Charles  Dec Q 1886Faversham, Kent, England I406
143 SCOTT, Frederick George  10 May 1888Faversham, Kent, England I518
144 SNOAD, Alice Mary  Sep Q 1870Faversham, Kent, England I22594
145 SNOAD, Annie  Abt 1873Faversham, Kent, England I22595
146 SNOAD, Dorothy Eliza May  3 May 1899Faversham, Kent, England I30589
147 SNOAD, Elizabeth Martha  Abt 1872Faversham, Kent, England I28353
148 SNOAD, Gladys Hilda  5 Jan 1910Faversham, Kent, England I30591
149 SNOAD, Jane  Abt 1875Faversham, Kent, England I28354
150 SNOAD, Lilian Maud  22 Jan 1897Faversham, Kent, England I30588
151 SNOAD, William Alfred  22 Feb 1901Faversham, Kent, England I30590
152 WOOLLARD, Bathea Emily  Mar Q 1864Faversham, Kent, England I1943


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptised    Person ID 
1 BEER, Lily Marion  22 May 1887Faversham, Kent, England I23122
2 GOATHAM, Charles  4 Jun 1842Faversham, Kent, England I168


Matches 1 to 7 of 7

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BECON, William  1850Faversham, Kent, England I4023
2 FEAKINS, Sarah  4 Feb 1870Faversham, Kent, England I13348
3 HUNT, Charlotte  1850Faversham, Kent, England I7936
4 INGE, Thomas  15 Mar 1919Faversham, Kent, England I2172
5 JEMMETT, Stella Rose  Nov 2007Faversham, Kent, England I6209
6 RICKSON, Michael  Abt Nov 1721Faversham, Kent, England I14679
7 WHITLOCKE, Dorothy  Mar 1680Faversham, Kent, England I14680


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 SNOAD, Alfred Thomas  16 Dec 1895Faversham, Kent, England I30599

Civic duty

Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civic duty    Person ID 
1 AUSTEN, Mathew  1678Faversham, Kent, England I14686
2 AUSTEN, Mathew  1680Faversham, Kent, England I14686
3 OWRE, Boys  Faversham, Kent, England I22150


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID 
1 BEACON, George  1881Faversham, Kent, England I14808
2 BEACON, Sarah Ann  1881Faversham, Kent, England I14799
3 BEACON, William  1881Faversham, Kent, England I14807
4 BECON, Amelia Alma  1861Faversham, Kent, England I13279
5 BECON, Ann  1861Faversham, Kent, England I13283
6 BECON, Anne Maria  1851Faversham, Kent, England I13270
7 BECON, Edward George  1851Faversham, Kent, England I13269
8 BECON, William  1861Faversham, Kent, England I13285
9 GILBERT, Adelina Theodora  1881Faversham, Kent, England I4485
10 GILBERT, Elizabeth Harriet Jane  From 1871 to 1881Faversham, Kent, England I4483
11 GILBERT, George Henry  1871Faversham, Kent, England I4482
12 HAYHOW, Esther A.  1861Faversham, Kent, England I14795
13 HAYHOW, Thomas James Edward  From 1851 to 1861Faversham, Kent, England I14806
14 HAYHOW, Wabon  1861Faversham, Kent, England I14794
15 HUNT, Albert  1851Faversham, Kent, England I3512
16 HUNT, James Bassell  1851Faversham, Kent, England I3513
17 PAGE, Agnes Jane  1881Faversham, Kent, England I22683
18 SANCTO, Henrietta A.  1861Faversham, Kent, England I14853
19 SANCTO, Henry A.  1861Faversham, Kent, England I14854


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miscellaneous    Person ID 
1 GOATHAM, Charles  30 Mar 1871Faversham, Kent, England I164
2 GOATHAM, Edwin  1 Jul 1875Faversham, Kent, England I167
3 HALL, Emma Ann Beal  15 Apr 1879Faversham, Kent, England I371


Matches 1 to 52 of 52

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 AYLETT, George  1891Faversham, Kent, England I2163
2 AYLETT, George  From 1891 to 1895Faversham, Kent, England I2163
3 BARNES, John  Faversham, Kent, England I14708
4 BEACON, Ernest Thomas  1911Faversham, Kent, England I13326
5 BEACON, Thomas Edward  1881Faversham, Kent, England I14801
6 BEACON, William Ernest  1881Faversham, Kent, England I14802
7 BEACON, William Ernest  From 1911 to 1941Faversham, Kent, England I14802
8 BECON, Caroline  From 1851 to 1861Faversham, Kent, England I13275
9 BECON, Ellen  1881Faversham, Kent, England I13300
10 BECON, George  From 1841 to 1881Faversham, Kent, England I13272
11 BECON, Lettitia Rachel  1851Faversham, Kent, England I13267
12 BECON, Stephen Wilmshurst  1861Faversham, Kent, England I13282
13 BECON, Theodore Boswell  1851Faversham, Kent, England I13268
14 BECON, William  1841Faversham, Kent, England I4023
15 BECON, William  From 1841 to 1861Faversham, Kent, England I13273
16 BECON, William  1881Faversham, Kent, England I13280
17 BOURNE, Albert  1911Faversham, Kent, England I13315
18 BRICE, Vincent  1649Faversham, Kent, England I27942
19 FENN, Robert  From 1901 to 1911Faversham, Kent, England I6692
20 FENN, Robert  1926Faversham, Kent, England I6692
21 GOATHAM, Amos  Faversham, Kent, England I170
22 GOATHAM, Amos  From 1871 to 1877Faversham, Kent, England I170
23 GOATHAM, Charles  From 1841 to 1871Faversham, Kent, England I164
24 GOATHAM, Charles  1851Faversham, Kent, England I164
25 GOATHAM, Charles  From 1860 to 1861Faversham, Kent, England I164
26 GOATHAM, Charles  1861Faversham, Kent, England I164
27 GOATHAM, Edwin Charles (“Patsy”)  Faversham, Kent, England I1449
28 GOATHAM, Elisha  1871Faversham, Kent, England I347
29 GOATHAM, Elisha  1879Faversham, Kent, England I347
30 GOATHAM, John  1851Faversham, Kent, England I370
31 GOATHAM, Michael  1841Faversham, Kent, England I378
32 GOATHAM, Michael  Dec 1844Faversham, Kent, England I378
33 HALKE, The Rev. Richard M.A.  From 1780 to 1784Faversham, Kent, England I17259
34 HARRIS, James  1911Faversham, Kent, England I30105
35 HAYHOW, Wabon  1871Faversham, Kent, England I14794
36 HUNT, Isabella ("Sibella")  1767Faversham, Kent, England I608
37 HUNT, James Bassell  1861Faversham, Kent, England I3513
38 KENNARD, Jane  From 1851 to 1861Faversham, Kent, England I13284
39 KNIGHT, William  1645Faversham, Kent, England I19561
40 MANNOUCH, John  1851Faversham, Kent, England I13287
41 MASON, Thomas  1687Faversham, Kent, England I14690
42 MOORE, Elizabeth  1851Faversham, Kent, England I13271
43 PAGE, Agnes Jane  1891Faversham, Kent, England I22683
44 PAYMAN, Frederick  1861Faversham, Kent, England I14803
45 PYSING, William  1862Faversham, Kent, England I22642
46 RICKSON, Michael  From 1680 to 1681Faversham, Kent, England I14679
47 RICKSON, Thomas  1691Faversham, Kent, England I14683
48 ROLFE, Abraham  1649Faversham, Kent, England I27938
49 RUDGARD, Matthew  From 1897 to 1911Faversham, Kent, England I30774
50 SANCTO, Robert Pattison  1861Faversham, Kent, England I13276
51 SCOTT, George Frederick J.P.  From 1891 to 1911Faversham, Kent, England I357
52 SIZE, George  1649Faversham, Kent, England I27940


Matches 1 to 4 of 4

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 GOATHAM, Elizabeth Ann  1871Faversham, Kent, England I516
2 GOATHAM, Gladys Ila  2015Faversham, Kent, England I4975
3 GOATHAM, John  1851Faversham, Kent, England I370
4 JUCE, Nicholas  May 1631Faversham, Kent, England I29948


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Return    Person ID 
1 FENN, Kathleen Mabel  Aug 1932Faversham, Kent, England I6705


Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Voting    Person ID 
1 GOATHAM, Charles  1868Faversham, Kent, England I164


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BECON / HISTED  Sep Q 1845Faversham, Kent, England F5778
2 GOATHAM / PALMER  4 Feb 1961Faversham, Kent, England F3672

Petty sessions

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Family    Petty sessions    Family ID 
1 GOATHAM / PENFOLD  5 Jul 1939Faversham, Kent, England F1436