Kent, England



Kent, England

Some books about Kent

Some books I have found of interest in giving a picture of the county as it was when my ancestors were living in it in the past - I plan to add reviews in the future.

  • Armstrong, Alan (ed.) "The Economy of Kent 1640 - 1914" (1995) ISBN 0 85115 582 0

Primary Birth events in Kent, England

   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 ElizabethAbt 1815  I626
2 KatherineEst 15331614 I27960
3 BEACON, Thomas23 Oct 1700Yes, date unknown I4045
4 BECON, Mene T.Abt 1826Yes, date unknown I13274
5 BECON, Theodore16001625 I4061
6 BECON, Thomas1711  I3450
7 BISHOP, Thomas18 Mar 18861886Garlinge, Margate, Kent, EnglandI5768
8 BROAD, ElizabethEst 1614  I28050
9 BROADBRIDGE, JohnBetween 1786 and 1791Jun Q 1854Canterbury Reg Dist, Kent, EnglandI3214
10 CHANTLER, EdwardAbt 1854Yes, date unknown I23693
11 CHARROSIN, AmeliaAbt 1825Yes, date unknown I8664
12 CHARROSIN, HarriettAbt 1829Yes, date unknown I8665
13 CHARROSIN, Phillip Sep Q 1895Milton Reg Dist, Kent, EnglandI14757
14 FOSTER, ElizabethAbt 1832Yes, date unknown I24078
15 FOX, MaryAbt 1651  I28045
16 FRIEND, SophiaAbt 1815Between 1841 and 1851 I2245
17 GODDEN, CatharineAbt 1823Yes, date unknown I14266
18 GODDEN, StephenAbt 1828Yes, date unknown I14265
19 GRIGGS, MariaAbt Aug 1840Jun Q 1842Thanet Reg Dist, Kent, EnglandI29034
20 GYLES, SarahAbt 1737  I4020
21 HATCHER, Maria Adelaide1 Jan 187710 Jan 1934Inglewood, New ZealandI7251
22 HUDSON, DanielAbt 1785Jun Q 1844Milton Reg Dist, Kent, EnglandI30108
23 KEMP, MaryBetween 1786 and 1791Yes, date unknown I22933
24 LYONS, Elizabeth Anne Yes, date unknown I23879
25 MAGIS, MaryAbt 1765Mar Q 1844Thanet Reg Dist, Kent, EnglandI3155
26 MANTLE, JohnEst 1563Yes, date unknown I27957
27 MARSHALL, Edward JamesAbt 1834Yes, date unknown I23876
28 MOVERLEY, Sarah13 Dec 1774Jun Q 1849Thanet Reg Dist, Kent, EnglandI29003
29 NELSON, ThomasEst 1612  I28046
30 PRIOR, ElizabethAbt 1837Yes, date unknown I7989
31 PRIOR, MaryAbt 1839Yes, date unknown I7990
32 SIDDERS, ThomasAbt 1820Abt 1860Bridge Reg Dist, Kent, EnglandI4467
33 SPELLS, MaryBetween 1801 and 1805Between 1841 and 1851 I8663
34 STICKLES, Sarah20 Aug 1808Dec Q 1846East Ashford Reg Dist, Kent, EnglandI23688
35 TIFFIN, Fanny CordeliaAbt 1885Yes, date unknown I22692
36 WALKER, Mary Ann ElizaAbt 1842Mar Q 1928Thanet Reg Dist, Kent, EnglandI4241
37 WARRENT, JamesAbt 1803Dec Q 1849East Ashford Reg Dist, Kent, EnglandI23687
38 WHITLOCKE, EdwardEst 1588  I27913
39 WHITLOCKE, JohnEst 1556  I27917
40 WOOD, ElizabethAbt 1830Yes, date unknown I22935
41 WOOD, WilliamBetween 1821 and 1826Yes, date unknown I22934

Primary Death events in Kent, England

   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 COLEMAN, Frank19821 Dec 1895Milton next Sittingbourne, Kent, EnglandI4527
2 GOATHAM, Joyce AliceNov 20039 Nov 1924Strood (als N Aylesford) Reg Dist, Kent, EnglandI4947

Civic duty events in Kent, England

   Name  Civic duty BirthDeathPerson ID
1 BESWICKE, William1616  Abt 1567 I17439

Civic Office events in Kent, England

   Name  Civic Office BirthDeathPerson ID
1 CLIFFORD, Alexander Esq.146530 Nov 1429 Abt 1494 I25685
2 COBHAM, Sir Stephen The YoungerFrom 1333 to 1335Est 1299 Aft 1342 I25651

Primary Marriage events in Kent, England

   Family  Marriage Family ID
1 Basil BECON / Elizabeth BREDIMAN21 Feb 1643/44F3108
2 Charles SAYWELL / Ann Bef 1841F777
3 Henry RICHFORD / Martha BROWNING1764F4651
4 Thomas MUNN / Hester HUNTBetween 1755 and 1761F459