Meavy, Devon, England




Small location : Latitude: 50.4861341, Longitude: -4.053203


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 ANDREW, Mary  Meavy, Devon, England I11335 Teresa's tree 
2 ANDREW, William  Abt 1813Meavy, Devon, England I12721 Teresa's tree 
3 ATWILL, Sarah  Abt 1793Meavy, Devon, England I12859 Teresa's tree 
4 DAWE, Elizabeth  Abt 1777Meavy, Devon, England I11228 Teresa's tree 
5 JURY, Elizabeth  Meavy, Devon, England I10241 Teresa's tree 
6 JUSTHAM, Stephen  Abt 1661Meavy, Devon, England I1157 Teresa's tree 
7 JUSTHAM, Stephen  Abt 1706Meavy, Devon, England I1155 Teresa's tree 
8 NORTHMORE, Bessie  Mar Q 1894Meavy, Devon, England I11797 Teresa's tree 
9 NORTHMORE, Ellen Alice  Sep Q 1903Meavy, Devon, England I11803 Teresa's tree 
10 NORTHMORE, Frederick  Dec Q 1898Meavy, Devon, England I11800 Teresa's tree 
11 NORTHMORE, Frederick Henry  Dec Q 1907Meavy, Devon, England I11813 Teresa's tree 
12 NORTHMORE, Henry  Jun Q 1842Meavy, Devon, England I11204 Teresa's tree 
13 NORTHMORE, Henry  Jun Q 1908Meavy, Devon, England I11824 Teresa's tree 
14 NORTHMORE, James  Abt 1867Meavy, Devon, England I11786 Teresa's tree 
15 NORTHMORE, James William  Sep Q 1903Meavy, Devon, England I11804 Teresa's tree 
16 NORTHMORE, Jane  Abt 1839Meavy, Devon, England I11203 Teresa's tree 
17 NORTHMORE, John  Abt 1899Meavy, Devon, England I11823 Teresa's tree 
18 NORTHMORE, John Ernest  Abt 1905Meavy, Devon, England I11812 Teresa's tree 
19 NORTHMORE, John Ford  31 Aug 1900Meavy, Devon, England I11795 Teresa's tree 
20 NORTHMORE, Mark  Abt 1844Meavy, Devon, England I11205 Teresa's tree 
21 NORTHMORE, Mark  Abt 1874Meavy, Devon, England I11788 Teresa's tree 
22 NORTHMORE, Mark Charles  28 Jan 1904Meavy, Devon, England I11801 Teresa's tree 
23 NORTHMORE, Martha Moses  Abt 1825Meavy, Devon, England I11777 Teresa's tree 
24 NORTHMORE, Mary  Abt 1809Meavy, Devon, England I11231 Teresa's tree 
25 NORTHMORE, Mary  Abt 1831Meavy, Devon, England I11201 Teresa's tree 
26 NORTHMORE, Mary Emma  Dec Q 1895Meavy, Devon, England I11798 Teresa's tree 
27 NORTHMORE, Richard  Abt 1833Meavy, Devon, England I11202 Teresa's tree 
28 NORTHMORE, Richard  Abt 1863Meavy, Devon, England I11785 Teresa's tree 
29 NORTHMORE, Richard John  Mar Q 1893Meavy, Devon, England I11796 Teresa's tree 
30 NORTHMORE, Robert  Abt 1825Meavy, Devon, England I11200 Teresa's tree 
31 NORTHMORE, Thomasina  Abt 1710Meavy, Devon, England I1156 Teresa's tree 
32 NORTHMORE, William Ford  Mar Q 1869Meavy, Devon, England I11472 Teresa's tree 
33 NORTHMORE, William Ford  Mar Q 1904Meavy, Devon, England I11811 Teresa's tree 
34 NORTHMORE, William H.  Abt 1869Meavy, Devon, England I11787 Teresa's tree 
35 NORTHMORE, William Stanley  Mar Q 1897Meavy, Devon, England I11799 Teresa's tree 
36 NORTHMORE, Winifred Ellen  Dec Q 1909Meavy, Devon, England I11802 Teresa's tree 
37 SPURRELL, Samuel  Abt 1742Meavy, Devon, England I10522 Teresa's tree 
38 SPURRELL, Thomas  1718Meavy, Devon, England I10526 Teresa's tree 
39 STAPLIN, Amelia Lilian  Mar Q 1895Meavy, Devon, England I11330 Teresa's tree 
40 TREGILLUS, Elizabeth  Abt 1852Meavy, Devon, England I12472 Teresa's tree 
41 WILLCOCKS, John Jewry  Abt 1842Meavy, Devon, England I11699 Teresa's tree 
42 WILLCOCKS, John Jury  Abt 1843Meavy, Devon, England I11708 Teresa's tree 
43 WILLCOCKS, Sabina  Abt 1853Meavy, Devon, England I11709 Teresa's tree 
44 WILLCOCKS, Susanna Jewry  Mar Q 1840Meavy, Devon, England I11698 Teresa's tree 
45 WILLCOCKS, Walter  Mar Q 1844Meavy, Devon, England I11700 Teresa's tree 
46 WILLIAMS, James Richard  Abt Jul 1860Meavy, Devon, England I11321 Teresa's tree 
47 WILLIAMS, John Thomas  Abt 1862Meavy, Devon, England I11323 Teresa's tree 
48 WILLIAMS, Mark Northmore  Abt 1872Meavy, Devon, England I11327 Teresa's tree 
49 WILLIAMS, Mary Cecilia  Abt 1873Meavy, Devon, England I11328 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 Margarett  Mar 1737Meavy, Devon, England I10655 Teresa's tree 
2 JUSTHAM, Stephen  Sep 1711Meavy, Devon, England I1157 Teresa's tree 
3 MARTIN, Mellan  24 Sep 1870Meavy, Devon, England I18691 Teresa's tree 
4 NORTHMORE, Joseph  10 Feb 1788Meavy, Devon, England I11173 Teresa's tree 
5 NORTHMORE, Richard  15 Jul 1747Meavy, Devon, England I10654 Teresa's tree 
6 SPURRELL, Thomas  Jun 1772Meavy, Devon, England I10526 Teresa's tree 

Civic duty

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civic duty    Person ID   Tree 
1 JURY, John  1812Meavy, Devon, England I1074 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Court    Person ID   Tree 
1 JUSTHAM, Alice  Jan 1849Meavy, Devon, England I1135 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID   Tree 
1 WILLCOCKS, Sabina  1861Meavy, Devon, England I11709 Teresa's tree 
2 WILLIAMS, Arthur  From 1871 to 1881Meavy, Devon, England I11325 Teresa's tree 
3 WILLIAMS, Mark Northmore  1881Meavy, Devon, England I11327 Teresa's tree 
4 WILLIAMS, Mary Cecilia  1881Meavy, Devon, England I11328 Teresa's tree 
5 WILLIAMS, Richard Jonas  1881Meavy, Devon, England I11326 Teresa's tree 
6 WILLIAMS, William Henry  1871Meavy, Devon, England I11324 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miscellaneous    Person ID   Tree 
1 NORTHMORE, Mark  1876Meavy, Devon, England I11212 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 ANDREW, John  From 1812 to 1813Meavy, Devon, England I15438 Teresa's tree 
2 CREBER, Henry  1816Meavy, Devon, England I13846 Teresa's tree 
3 JURY, Elizabeth  From 1851 to 1871Meavy, Devon, England I10241 Teresa's tree 
4 JURY, Elizabeth  1861Meavy, Devon, England I10241 Teresa's tree 
5 JURY, John  1814Meavy, Devon, England I1074 Teresa's tree 
6 NORTHMORE, John  1822Meavy, Devon, England I11175 Teresa's tree 
7 WILLCOCKS, John Jury  1861Meavy, Devon, England I11708 Teresa's tree 
8 WILLCOCKS, Sabina  1871Meavy, Devon, England I11709 Teresa's tree 
9 WILLIAMS, John Thomas  1871Meavy, Devon, England I11323 Teresa's tree 
10 WILLIAMS, John Thomas  1881Meavy, Devon, England I11323 Teresa's tree 
11 WILLIAMS, William  1861Meavy, Devon, England I11320 Teresa's tree