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New Zealand



Country : Latitude: -41.656497194411436, Longitude: 172.59521484375


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAYLISS, Ellen  1883New Zealand I302103
2 BONNINGTON, Clarence Henry  1880New Zealand I6936
3 BONNINGTON, Ethel Louisa  1883New Zealand I6957
4 BONNINGTON, Mary Ellen  1880New Zealand I6956
5 BONNINGTON, Susan Amy  1877New Zealand I6954
6 BORTON, Bertram William Harold  1914New Zealand I302099
7 BRYANT, Elizabeth Ellen  Abt 1890New Zealand I10443
8 DAVIES, Elizabeth Joyce  23 Mar 1921New Zealand I10454
9 GILMOUR, Conrad William Gotham [G-D(AD)]  12 Nov 1912New Zealand I302087
10 GILMOUR, Ivo Roydon  1883New Zealand I302085
11 GILMOUR, Noel James Gotham [G-D(AD)]  Abt 23 May 1914New Zealand I302086
12 GILMOUR, Roydon George Gotham [G-D(AD)]  19 Feb 1910New Zealand I302088
13 GILMOUR, [Stillborn]  1917New Zealand I302089
14 GOATHAM, [Stillborn]  1928New Zealand I17814
15 GOATHAM, [Stillborn]  1930New Zealand I10469
16 GOATHAM, [Stillborn]  1936New Zealand I10470
17 GODING, Ellen Elizabeth  1902New Zealand I302101
18 GOTHAM-POTTER, James  27 Mar 1893New Zealand I300765
19 HAYCOCK, Henrietta Saywell  26 Jul 1878New Zealand I2422
20 HAYCOCK, Leonard Herbert Owen  5 Feb 1875New Zealand I2421
21 POTTER, Edith Annie Goatham [G-D(AD)]  1890New Zealand I302083
22 POTTER, Esther Elizabeth Gotham [G-D(AD)]  21 Feb 1905New Zealand I300762
23 POTTER, Frances Goatham [G-D(AD)]  1886New Zealand I302081
24 POTTER, Ida Goatham [G-D(AD)]  1896New Zealand I302082
25 POTTER, Ida Marion Goatham [G-D(AD)]  13 Aug 1906New Zealand I302091
26 POTTER, John Goatham [G-D(AD)]  1910New Zealand I302092
27 POTTER, Joseph Gotham [G-D(AD)]  1884New Zealand I302078
28 POTTER, Joseph James Gotham [G-D(AD)]  26 Mar 1909New Zealand I302579
29 POTTER, May Goatham [G-D(AD)]  1912New Zealand I302090
30 POTTER, Trevor John Gotham [G-D(AD)]  25 Feb 1911New Zealand I300768
31 POTTER, William Gotham [G-D(AD)]  1882New Zealand I300769
32 ROBINSON, Charles Hollard  Abt 1859New Zealand I7190
33 SAYWELL, Ellen  21 Sep 1853New Zealand I2406
34 SAYWELL, John  27 Oct 1844New Zealand I2402
35 SAYWELL, Mary Ann  30 Jun 1846New Zealand I2403
36 TARRANT, George Saywell  1862New Zealand I6964


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 BIRD, Frederick Henry  8 Jan 1971New Zealand I302096
2 BONNINGTON, Herbert  31 Jul 1895New Zealand I2466
3 BORTON, Bertram William Harold  1965New Zealand I302099
4 BORTON, Joseph Harold  1955New Zealand I302098
5 BRAND, Beatrice Annie  9 Aug 1959New Zealand I1661
6 BROWN, Elizabeth Victoria  1977New Zealand I302084
7 BROWNE, Jessie Ellen  3 Feb 1963New Zealand I10442
8 DAVIS, William Charles  1976New Zealand I300763
9 FLOYD, General George Redvers Baden ("George")  15 Mar 1979New Zealand I10446
10 GILMOUR, Conrad William Gotham [G-D(AD)]  2001New Zealand I302087
11 GILMOUR, Ivo Roydon  1955New Zealand I302085
12 GILMOUR, Noel James Gotham [G-D(AD)]  8 Aug 1914New Zealand I302086
13 GILMOUR, [Stillborn]  1917New Zealand I302089
14 GOATHAM, Albert Ernest (“Bert”)  1964New Zealand I10416
15 GOATHAM, Arthur Frederick  18 Jan 1987New Zealand I3712
16 GOATHAM, Frederick William  16 Aug 1962New Zealand I1642
17 GOATHAM, Victor Percy  22 Sep 1979New Zealand I1664
18 GOATHAM, Winifred Beatrice  23 Jul 1997New Zealand I3711
19 GOATHAM, [Stillborn]  1928New Zealand I17814
20 GOTHAM-BOREHAM, Conrad Bruce  2016New Zealand I306298
21 GOTHAM-BOREHAM, Roydon Douglas  2008New Zealand I303565
22 GOTHAM-POTTER, Ivo Royden  7 Mar 1992New Zealand I302094
23 GOTHAM-POTTER, James  9 Sep 1966New Zealand I300765
24 GOTHAM-POTTER, Noel Gilmour  25 Mar 2007New Zealand I300760
25 HENDERSON, Annie Mitchell  15 Jun 1966New Zealand I300766
26 JORGENSEN, Myra Nora  27 Dec 2005New Zealand I300767
27 KEENE, Margaret Rose  1987New Zealand I10445
28 KEITH, Jane Elizabeth  1925New Zealand I10423
29 NORTHMORE, William Henry  1963New Zealand I13426
30 POTTER, Edith Annie Goatham [G-D(AD)]  1941New Zealand I302083
31 POTTER, Frances Goatham [G-D(AD)]  1945New Zealand I302081
32 POTTER, Ida Goatham [G-D(AD)]  1965New Zealand I302082
33 POTTER, Ida Marion Goatham [G-D(AD)]  1994New Zealand I302091
34 POTTER, Joseph Goatham [G-D(AD)]  23 Jul 1897New Zealand I300774
35 POTTER, Joseph Gotham [G-D(AD)]  22 May 1953New Zealand I302078
36 POTTER, Trevor John Gotham [G-D(AD)]  13 Sep 1988New Zealand I300768
37 POTTER, William Gotham [G-D(AD)]  1950New Zealand I300769
38 PRIMMER, Francis  1921New Zealand I2579
39 SAYWELL, Mary Ann  12 Nov 1912New Zealand I2403
40 SIMMONDS, Eva Mary  10 Oct 1958New Zealand I10444
41 SIMPSON, June Corinne Marion  13 Jan 2014New Zealand I300761


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID 
1 GILMOUR, Roydon George Gotham [G-D(AD)]  New Zealand I302088


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigrated    Person ID 
1 BURGOYNE, John Brownson  1883New Zealand I12124

In the Dock

Matches 1 to 1 of 1

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    In the Dock    Person ID 
1 GOATHAM, George Gotha  Jan 1940New Zealand I1903


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   Family    Married    Family ID 
1 BAYLISS / WRIGHT  1878New Zealand F300685
2 BIRD / POTTER  1934New Zealand F300680
3 BOREHAM / POTTER  1918New Zealand F300681
4 BORTON / POTTER  1914New Zealand F300682
5 DAVIES / GOATHAM  1919New Zealand F4943
6 DRIVER / FOORD  1895New Zealand F300829
7 ELLIOTT / ROBINSON  1925New Zealand F10751
8 FLOYD / GOATHAM  1926New Zealand F4938
9 GILMOUR / POTTER  1909New Zealand F300679
10 GILMOUR / WHITE  1875New Zealand F300828
11 GOATHAM / BROWNE  1929New Zealand F4934
12 GOATHAM / BRYANT  1915New Zealand F4935
13 GOATHAM / KEENE  1925New Zealand F4937
14 GOATHAM / SIMMONDS  1922New Zealand F4936
15 GODING / BAYLISS  1901New Zealand F300684
16 GOTHAM-POTTER / GODING  1918New Zealand F300683
17 GOTHAM-POTTER / HENDERSON  1919New Zealand F300267
18 NORTHMORE / BENNEY  1907New Zealand F8861
19 PEPPERELL / DRAPER  1871New Zealand F10463
20 PERRY / TARRANT  1913New Zealand F3891
21 POTTER / BROWN  1904New Zealand F300678
22 POTTER / BUSHELL  1910New Zealand F300269
23 POTTER / DRIVER  1935New Zealand F300827
24 PRIMMER / SAYWELL  1873New Zealand F1870
25 ROBINSON / SAYWELL  1882New Zealand F3938
26 SAYER / SAYWELL  1902New Zealand F3966
27 TARRANT / BOTHAM  1881New Zealand F3875
28 TARRANT / TERRILL  1881New Zealand F3874