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Pennsylvania, USA


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County, state or province : Latitude: 40.923474629179566, Longitude: -77.2283935546875


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 BAXTRINE, Hilma  1900Pennsylvania, USA I8479
2 COCHENOUR, William Harry  9 Aug 1897Pennsylvania, USA I27032
3 DICKEY, Esther  1901Pennsylvania, USA I3395
4 DICKEY, James  1875Pennsylvania, USA I1522
5 DICKEY, James E.  1898Pennsylvania, USA I3394
6 FELLENBAUM, George D.  Jun 1852Pennsylvania, USA I23575
7 FRYE, Nancy Elizabeth  17 Jul 1882Pennsylvania, USA I1524
8 GIBB, Mary V.  Pennsylvania, USA I304546
9 GOTHAM, Mary Virginia  23 Mar 1906Pennsylvania, USA I304263
10 GOTHAM, Thomas Barry  8 May 1901Pennsylvania, USA I304261
11 JUSTHAM, Albert  Abt 1911Pennsylvania, USA I3403
12 JUSTHAM, Charlott  1915Pennsylvania, USA I3390
13 JUSTHAM, Clara  1915Pennsylvania, USA I3391
14 JUSTHAM, Donald Owen  30 Jun 1921Pennsylvania, USA I8480
15 JUSTHAM, Dorothy May  1910Pennsylvania, USA I3392
16 JUSTHAM, Thomas W.  5 Dec 1898Pennsylvania, USA I3402
17 LINN, Anna DePutron  2 Jul 1882Pennsylvania, USA I304543
18 MCCORMICK, Daniel Joseph  Abt 1861Pennsylvania, USA I24533
19 SIMSON, George G.  Abt 1862Pennsylvania, USA I304544


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID 
1 JUSTHAM, Alton L.  1 Jan 1992Pennsylvania, USA I3399