Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, England



Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, England
The boundaries in 1851 can be seen on this map, but the places included varied over the years, details here.

Primary Birth events in Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, England

   Name  Birth DeathPerson ID
1 ANDERSON, James A.5 Aug 1928  I1772
2 ASHTON, William HenrySep Q 1848Yes, date unknown I13494
3 BEER, Sarah JaneDec Q 1860Yes, date unknown I1650
4 BISCOMBE, Alfred JosephMar Q 1876Jun Q 1959Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI18185
5 BISCOMBE, Arthur JohnDec Q 1914Yes, date unknown I18190
6 BISCOMBE, MarjorieDec Q 1911Yes, date unknown I18189
7 BLACKETT, ElsieMar Q 1900Sep Q 1901Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26542
8 BLACKETT, MabelMar Q 1896Mar Q 1898Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26543
9 BOVEY, Edith HarrietJun Q 1877Jun Q 1878Strand Reg Dist, London, EnglandI5002
10 BOVEY, Elizabeth Maud17 Jan 1875Yes, date unknown I4042
11 BOVEY, John William12 Feb 1881Yes, date unknown I4043
12 BOVEY, Selina Lilian Mary17 Feb 187316 Dec 189964, South Milton Street, Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI57
13 BOVEY, Winifred Fanny24 Apr 1879Yes, date unknown I5003
14 BURLEY, Arthur F.31 Dec 1923Yes, date unknown I1753
15 BURLEY, Gladys OliveDec Q 1922Dec Q 1922Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI1751
16 BURLEY, Maurice George31 Aug 1925Mar 1994Bristol Reg Dist, Gloucestershire, EnglandI1754
17 BYERLEE, Clara Ann Birkhead20 Aug 1871Yes, date unknown I11032
18 CAMP, Linda Margaret24 Aug 1956May 2002Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI553
19 CLEVERTON, Albert CharlesJun Q 1887Yes, date unknown I26168
20 CURTIS, AliceMar Q 1865Yes, date unknown I5241
21 CURTIS, Bessie AmeliaNov 1858Yes, date unknown I5238
22 CURTIS, Edith BlancheSep Q 1868Mar Q 1869Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI5243
23 CURTIS, Edith MaryMar Q 1870Yes, date unknown I5244
24 CURTIS, Elizabeth AnnJun Q 1861Yes, date unknown I5239
25 CURTIS, Emily8 Feb 1854Yes, date unknown I5235
26 CURTIS, Florence ElizaJun Q 1866Yes, date unknown I5242
27 CURTIS, LouisaSep Q 1863Mar Q 1875Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI5240
28 CURTIS, Richard John5 May 1852Mar Q 1874Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI5237
29 CURTIS, [Female]Dec Q 1855Dec Q 1855Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI5236
30 ELLIS, Maud EllenMar Q 1893Jun Q 1936Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI3561
31 ENDACOTT, John Richard DaveySep Q 1900Yes, date unknown I19128
32 FINCH, Alma9 Feb 1880Sep Q 1880Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI5262
33 FINCH, Audrey Camilla4 Aug 1914Yes, date unknown I2005
34 FINCH, Charles22 Dec 1884Dec Q 1885Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI5264
35 FINCH, Charles Walter27 Feb 1887Dec Q 1960Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI2004
36 FINCH, EdgarJun Q 1881Jun Q 1881Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI5261
37 FINCH, Mary Jane Camilla24 Mar 1878Jun Q 1879Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI5263
38 FINCH, Phyllis MaySep Q 1909Mar Q 1910Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI3463
39 FINCH, Walter CharlesDec Q 1910Dec Q 1955Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI3462
40 FORD, Elsie AdaDec Q 1884Mar Q 1885Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI27873
41 GOTHAM, Albert ThomasMar Q 1897Dec Q 1898Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI1648
42 GOTHAM, AngelaMar Q 1953Mar Q 1953Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI1644
43 GOTHAM, Arthur Ernest5 Apr 19216 Aug 1986Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI478
44 GOTHAM, Bessie DorisMar Q 1910Sep Q 1911Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI558
45 GOTHAM, Betty Doreen10 Jul 1922May 1987Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI492
46 GOTHAM, Daisy MurielMar Q 1907Dec Q 1924Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI557
47 GOTHAM, Donald10 Jul 193428 Sep 2009Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI67
48 GOTHAM, Eliza Matilda Bow24 Jul 1893Dec Q 1893Plympton Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI32
49 GOTHAM, Ellen LouisaDec Q 1891Dec Q 1891Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI1646
50 GOTHAM, Ellen Mary Haslett11 Feb 188421 Jun 1962The North Staffordshire Royal Infirmary, Stoke on Trent, Staffordshire, EnglandI34
51 GOTHAM, Elsie Elizabeth15 Jun 1890Sep Q 1968Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI50
52 GOTHAM, Frederick William14 Oct 192822 Oct 2007Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI498
53 GOTHAM, Jessie EvaMar Q 1895Jun Q 1896Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI1647
54 GOTHAM, Lilian Maud (“Lily”)20 Aug 1894Yes, date unknown I59
55 GOTHAM, Matthew James17 Dec 199421 Dec 1994Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI824
56 GOTHAM, Olivia May25 Oct 1886Sep Q 1948Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI93
57 GOTHAM, Reginald Walter12 Jan 1923Jun 2006Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI479
58 GOTHAM, Ronald George7 Aug 192017 Apr 1983Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI491
59 GOTHAM, Sarah Louise1 Nov 19722 Nov 1972Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI519
60 GOTHAM, Stanley JohnSep Q 18886 Apr 1977Repatriation General Hospital, Concord, New South Wales, AustraliaI82
61 GOTHAM, Thomas Glanvill26 Jun 1891Jun Q 1892Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI83
62 GOTHAM, Victoria May26 Oct 1904Yes, date unknown I48
63 GOTHAM, William George19 Feb 18973 Oct 1937Prince of Wales Hospital, Greenbank, Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI58
64 GOTHAM, William George Pearn11 Jan 1882Jun Q 1961Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI49
65 GOTHAM, William Henry Pearn7 May 1913May 1997Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI464
66 GOTHAM, William James Hugh16 Apr 19238 Mar 1969Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI495
67 GOTHAM, Winifred Gladys13 Dec 1915Jun 1996Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI490
68 HASLETT, Mary CarneSep Q 1845Mar Q 1920Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI3359
69 HENNINGS, Frederick James Gotham [G-D(AD)]Mar Q 1913Yes, date unknown I2611
70 HENNINGS, Henry John PearnSep Q 1893Mar Q 1894Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI2607
71 HENNINGS, Phyllis Lilian VioletDec Q 1918Mar Q 1919Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI2614
72 HENNINGS, Walter Albert JohnSep Q 1914Yes, date unknown I2612
73 HENNINGS, Winifred MaryDec Q 1915Yes, date unknown I2613
74 HICKS, Vera7 Mar 191724 Jan 1995Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI465
75 HODGE, Ernest William AlbertMar Q 1915Yes, date unknown I511
76 JILLARD, Frank Henry Vogwill8 Nov 1898Yes, date unknown I12999
77 JURY, Alfred RichardDec Q 1875Dec Q 1898Devonport Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI801
78 JUSTHAM, Richard HenryMar Q 1848Dec Q 1858Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI1115
79 LAKEY, David John7 Jan 1893Jun Q 1971Plympton Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI1846
80 LAKEY, Reginald JohnJun Q 1917Yes, date unknown I3562
81 LANE, Frederick S.24 Jul 1922Yes, date unknown I1760
82 LANE, Gerald23 Feb 1924Yes, date unknown I1761
83 LOBB, Rosina Gertrude14 Oct 1895Mar Q 1973Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI3535
84 MANNING, JeanetteSep Q 1933Mar Q 1934Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI3556
85 MANNING, Robert Albert ThomasSep Q 1896Mar Q 1967Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI3534
86 MANNING, Robert G. A.5 Apr 1925Yes, date unknown I3555
87 MANNING, Violet Rosina15 Mar 1918Jun Q 2003Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI499
88 MATTHEW, Ellen ElizaJun Q 1899Dec Q 1899Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI3367
89 MATTHEW, Ellen Winifred23 Apr 1903Jan 1990Torbay Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI3366
90 MOSES, Joan C. M.7 Nov 1920Yes, date unknown I1759
91 MOSES, Thelma Jessie VictoriaSep Q 1925Mar Q 1928Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI1771
92 NORTHMORE, Elizabeth (“Lizzie or Betty”)Dec Q 1899Yes, date unknown I18327
93 NORTHMORE, EmilySep Q 1892Yes, date unknown I18325
94 NORTHMORE, Emily Susanna GilberryMar Q 1869Sep Q 1869Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26167
95 NORTHMORE, FlorenceJun Q 1875Mar Q 1878Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26297
96 NORTHMORE, Frank WilliamMar Q 18987 Dec 1916Amara War Cemetery, IraqI18326
97 NORTHMORE, George HenryDec Q 1840Yes, date unknown I19144
98 NORTHMORE, Henry EdwinDec Q 1857Yes, date unknown I26064
99 NORTHMORE, JaneJun Q 1849Yes, date unknown I29153
100 NORTHMORE, JohnMar Q 1874Jun Q 1875Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26295
101 NORTHMORE, Joseph GeorgeJun Q 1844Mar Q 1845Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26444
102 NORTHMORE, Mary Ellen TruscottDec Q 1845Yes, date unknown I29151
103 NORTHMORE, MinnieMar Q 1904Jun Q 1905Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26059
104 NORTHMORE, RichardMar Q 1846Jun Q 1849Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26287
105 NORTHMORE, SarahMar Q 1852Yes, date unknown I26302
106 NORTHMORE, SolomonSep Q 1876Mar Q 1878Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26284
107 NORTHMORE, Solomon RoyMar Q 1912Yes, date unknown I19151
108 NORTHMORE, Sydney GeorgeJun Q 1890Sep Q 1946Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI18324
109 NORTHMORE, ThomasMar Q 1848Sep Q 1850Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26285
110 NORTHMORE, Thomas HenrySep Q 1853Mar Q 1856Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26286
111 NORTHMORE, William HenryJun Q 1853Jun Q 1854Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26166
112 NORTHMORE, William JohnDec Q 1859Yes, date unknown I19130
113 NORTHMORE, William JohnMar Q 1871Dec Q 1871Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI19132
114 NORTHMORE, [Daughter]Mar Q 1851Mar Q 1851Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI29154
115 PALMER, Eliza Maria NorthmoreMar Q 1861Yes, date unknown I29177
116 PALMER, Elizabeth Mary AnnSep Q 1864Yes, date unknown I29178
117 PALMER, Georgina EmmaJun Q 1866Yes, date unknown I29179
118 PALMER, John ArthurMar Q 1857Yes, date unknown I29175
119 PALMER, Walter Northmore17 Aug 1868Jun Q 1869Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI29180
120 PALMER, William DoidgeMar Q 1863Yes, date unknown I29176
121 PARSONS, Albert EdwardMar Q 1888Mar Q 1888Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI5247
122 PARSONS, Ethel Anne1 Sep 1899Sep Q 1900Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI5250
123 PARSONS, Lily24 Feb 188428 Dec 195441, Tracey Street, Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI2916
124 PARSONS, WalterMar Q 1895Dec Q 1896Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI5249
125 PARSONS, William Henry20 Feb 1886Mar Q 1886Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI5248
126 PEPPERELL, Edith MayMar Q 190223 Jan 1961Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI5648
127 PERRING, Roy W. C.13 Jun 1926Yes, date unknown I3383
128 PROWSE, Florence Maude Melinda Ellis8 Feb 1908Yes, date unknown I14457
129 ROBERTS, Roy Saunderson22 Feb 1916Sep Q 1953Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI3468
130 ROBINSON, Rose Ann9 Nov 1872Sep Q 1954St. Germans Reg Dist, Cornwall, EnglandI3539
131 SINCOCK, Doreen Joan Lilian18 May 1920Sep 2017Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI497
132 SINCOCK, Henry Vivian22 Mar 1915May 1997Gloucester Reg Dist, Gloucestershire, EnglandI3761
133 SINCOCK, Herbert HenryJun Q 19272 May 1951Southrop, Gloucestershire, EnglandI3763
134 SITTERS, Caroline Mary LilianMar Q 1879Dec Q 1931Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI19150
135 SKELLY, Reginald William1 Jan 1899Dec Q 1982Truro Reg Dist, Cornwall, EnglandI3337
136 SPURRELL, Frederick GeorgeSep Q 1871Sep Q 1873Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26280
137 SPURRELL, Frederick NutcherJun Q 1874Sep Q 1874Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI12457
138 SPURRELL, Frederick RichardJun Q 1882Jun Q 1883Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26283
139 SPURRELL, William GeorgeDec Q 1878Jun Q 1879Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26281
140 STREET, Albert SamuelDec Q 1916Yes, date unknown I3949
141 SYMONS, Roy Victor10 Oct 1912Sep Q 1995Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI496
142 SYMONS, Victor Frederick Andrew27 Jan 1938Dec Q 1987Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI1776
143 TAYLOR, George Frederick23 Aug 1902Mar Q 1987Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI27888
144 TOMPKINS, Margaret Kathleen10 Dec 1931Nov 1993Tavistock Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI1769
145 TRANT, CarolineSep Q 1846Sep Q 1846Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26524
146 TRANT, ElizaSep Q 1844Yes, date unknown I26605
147 TRANT, ElizabethMar Q 1840Mar Q 1917Willesden Reg Dist, Middlesex, EnglandI12685
148 TRANT, GeorgeDec Q 1850Dec Q 1850Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26339
149 TRANT, Mary Ann EmmaSep Q 1842Yes, date unknown I12686
150 TRANT, RosaDec Q 1852Yes, date unknown I26527
151 TRANT, Sarah Ann JonasDec Q 1851Yes, date unknown I20853
152 TRANT, [Unnamed]Jun Q 1843Jun Q 1843Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26342
153 TROUT, Hilda MaySep Q 1894Mar Q 1895Plympton Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26053
154 TYLER, Edith J.13 Dec 1925Yes, date unknown I3380
155 TYLER, William H. S.25 Apr 1931Yes, date unknown I3381
156 TYLER, Winifred VioletDec Q 1928Dec Q 1929Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI3385
157 UREN, Albert Edward6 Jan 1917Feb 1997Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI27175
158 UREN, Charles AdolphusDec Q 1911Yes, date unknown I27160
159 UREN, Cyril Victor3 Nov 1920Sep 1992Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI27184
160 UREN, Dorothy VioletMar Q 1909Mar Q 1909Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI27172
161 UREN, Ivy RuthSep Q 1922Dec Q 1922Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI27185
162 UREN, James HenryDec Q 1907Mar Q 1908Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI27171
163 UREN, Leonard JamesDec Q 1915Sep Q 1916Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI27174
164 UREN, Reginald EdgarDec Q 1919Dec Q 1919Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI27183
165 UREN, Thomas CharlesJun Q 1896Jun Q 1896Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI27182
166 UREN, Walter Harold8 Apr 1913Mar 1999Plympton Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI27173
167 VOGWELL, Charles EdwinSep Q 186727 Oct 1933Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI13662
168 VOGWELL, EthelJun Q 1899Yes, date unknown I13655
169 VOGWELL, Jane MelbourneSep Q 1879Yes, date unknown I14014
170 WARNE, Oswald Victor George10 Aug 1891Sep Q 1983Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI3372
171 WEETMAN, BessieMar Q 1883Jan 1910Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI471
172 WEETMAN, Charles GeorgeMar Q 1873Yes, date unknown I3048
173 WOODMAN, Ellen Rhoda9 Sep 1893Sep Q 1958Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI489
174 WOODMAN, William Augustus George24 Apr 1895Dec Q 1896Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI3543
175 WOODMAN, Willliam Augustus6 Feb 1873Dec Q 1941St. Germans Reg Dist, Cornwall, EnglandI3538

Primary Death events in Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, England

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   Name  Death BirthPerson ID
1 Beatrice Margaret8 Aug 19719 Nov 1907 I11809
2 Elizabeth (“Betty”)Jun Q 1887Abt 1804Drewsteignton, Devon, EnglandI5246
3 Hannah12 Jul 1858Abt 1782 I12757
4 BARNES, GeorgeAug 19861 May 1931 I3469
5 BEER, Caroline Mary AnnJun Q 1934Mar Q 1859Plymstock, Devon, EnglandI29
6 BEER, Emma JaneDec Q 1924Mar Q 1856Ivybridge, Devon, EnglandI20832
7 BILLING, Eva JaneDec Q 194510 Aug 1862Dawlish, Devon, EnglandI39
8 BISCOMBE, Alfred JosephJun Q 1959Mar Q 1876Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI18185
9 BISCOMBE, Alfred William NorthmoreMar Q 197413 Aug 1905Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI18186
10 BLACKER, Maggie ElizabethDec Q 19819 Jan 1904Plympton Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI16597
11 BLACKETT, ElsieSep Q 1901Mar Q 1900Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26542
12 BLACKETT, MabelMar Q 1898Mar Q 1896Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26543
13 BOVEY, John WilliamSep Q 18816 Jan 1844East Stonehouse Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI3974
14 BOW, Ann AnnaMar Q 1927  I4420
15 BOW, IsaacJun Q 19203 Jun 1852Welltown, Tamerton Foliot, Devon, EnglandI13560
16 BRADFORD, Algernon DanielMar Q 1955Abt 1872King’s Tamerton, Devon, EnglandI12742
17 BROKENSHIRE, Edith AudreySep Q 19853 Oct 1911Devonport Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI13056
18 BULLEY, AlfredMar Q 1899Dec Q 1898Tavistock Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26174
19 BURLEY, Eli GeorgeMar Q 1947Jun Q 1900Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI5031
20 BURLEY, Gladys OliveDec Q 1922Dec Q 1922Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI1751
21 BURLEY, Isaac Wilfred JohnDec Q 195028 Oct 1898Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI476
22 BURROWS, Elsie BeatriceMar Q 1944Abt 1908 I13055
23 CAMP, Edward WilliamDec 19968 May 1920Kingsbridge Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI9917
24 CAMP, Kenneth ErnestMar 200514 Feb 1930Devonport Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI3957
25 CAMP, Linda MargaretMay 200224 Aug 1956Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI553
26 CHANDLER, JamesJun Q 1922Jun Q 1847Clerkenwell, London, EnglandI2183
27 CLOUTER, MariaDec Q 1879Abt 1796 I11565
28 CORNISH, RuthMar Q 1933Sep Q 1881Kilkhampton, Cornwall, EnglandI27156
29 CROSS, Hannah ElizabethDec Q 19471 Nov 1905Patrington Reg Dist, Yorkshire, EnglandI3338
30 CUNDY, Laura AnnSep Q 19445 Apr 1860Devonport, Devon, EnglandI2279
31 CURTIS, Edith BlancheMar Q 1869Sep Q 1868Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI5243
32 CURTIS, Lilian FlorenceSep Q 194030 Jun 1901Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI2608
33 CURTIS, LouisaMar Q 1875Sep Q 1863Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI5240
34 CURTIS, Richard JohnMar Q 18745 May 1852Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI5237
35 CURTIS, SilasDec Q 1891Abt 1827Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI4379
36 CURTIS, William Henry SilasJun Q 1910Mar Q 1857Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI2604
37 CURTIS, Winifred AmeliaAug 199219 Mar 1904Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI2609
38 CURTIS, [Female]Dec Q 1855Dec Q 1855Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI5236
39 DICKER, JaneMar Q 1911Abt 1824Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI13667
40 DOIDGE, Arthur LewisMar Q 1963Mar Q 1885Exeter, Devon, EnglandI13599
41 DONEY, Thomas Samuel H.Apr 199725 Mar 1919Plympton Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI3754
42 ELLERY, Florence31 Jan 1957  I14019
43 ELLIS, Charlotte HellensSep Q 1919Mar Q 1884Blackawton, Devon, EnglandI16594
44 ELLIS, Maud EllenJun Q 1936Mar Q 1893Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI3561
45 ELSTON, Harold HextMar Q 19805 Mar 1923Bigbury, Devon, EnglandI9882
46 ENDACOTT, Harriet ElizabethDec Q 1957Jun Q 1869Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI19122
47 FERRIS, Gwendoline MayDec 198813 Feb 1904 I26598
48 FINCH, AlmaSep Q 18809 Feb 1880Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI5262
49 FINCH, CharlesDec Q 188522 Dec 1884Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI5264
50 FINCH, Charles WalterDec Q 196027 Feb 1887Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI2004
51 FINCH, EdgarJun Q 1881Jun Q 1881Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI5261
52 FINCH, Mary Jane CamillaJun Q 187924 Mar 1878Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI5263
53 FINCH, Phyllis MayMar Q 1910Sep Q 1909Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI3463
54 FINCH, Walter CharlesDec Q 1955Dec Q 1910Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI3462
55 FINCH, William HenryJun Q 1930Mar Q 1847Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI3464
56 FOGLER, Mary JaneMar Q 1931Abt 1858 I27152
57 FOGWELL, James ManleySep Q 1917Jun Q 1849Harberton, Devon, EnglandI14040
58 FORD, Elizabeth JaneMar Q 1934Abt 1856Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI2918
59 FORD, Elsie AdaMar Q 1885Dec Q 1884Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI27873
60 FULL, EmilyDec Q 1928  I13561
61 GOTHAM, Albert ThomasDec Q 1898Mar Q 1897Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI1648
62 GOTHAM, Alice ElizaDec Q 1933Dec Q 1892Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI500
63 GOTHAM, AngelaMar Q 1953Mar Q 1953Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI1644
64 GOTHAM, Ann AnnaDec Q 193013 Apr 1901Plymstock, Devon, EnglandI30
65 GOTHAM, Arthur Ernest6 Aug 19865 Apr 1921Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI478
66 GOTHAM, Bessie DorisSep Q 1911Mar Q 1910Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI558
67 GOTHAM, Betty DoreenMay 198710 Jul 1922Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI492
68 GOTHAM, Daisy MurielDec Q 1924Mar Q 1907Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI557
69 GOTHAM, Edward JamesDec Q 197431 May 1902Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI47
70 GOTHAM, Ellen LouisaDec Q 1891Dec Q 1891Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI1646
71 GOTHAM, Elsie ElizabethSep Q 196815 Jun 1890Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI50
72 GOTHAM, Ethel MaudMar Q 19786 Jul 1900Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI502
73 GOTHAM, Frederick Charles10 Mar 197716 Mar 1899Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI501
74 GOTHAM, Frederick JamesDec Q 1920Jun Q 1860Shaldon, Devon, EnglandI28
75 GOTHAM, Gladys RosabelleJun Q 199015 Dec 1899Plymstock, Devon, EnglandI55
76 GOTHAM, Henry John Pearn ("John")10 Feb 1934Jun Q 1858Shaldon, Devon, EnglandI33
77 GOTHAM, Jessie EvaJun Q 1896Mar Q 1895Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI1647
78 GOTHAM, Jessie FlorenceJun Q 195231 Aug 1894Plymstock, Devon, EnglandI54
79 GOTHAM, Jessie LouiseDec Q 19446 Dec 1861Shaldon, Devon, EnglandI72
80 GOTHAM, Mary GraceSep Q 1906Dec Q 1867Compton, Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI560
81 GOTHAM, Matthew James21 Dec 199417 Dec 1994Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI824
82 GOTHAM, Olivia MaySep Q 194825 Oct 1886Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI93
83 GOTHAM, Reginald GeorgeJun Q 1886Abt Jan 1885Plympton Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI94
84 GOTHAM, Reginald WalterJun 200612 Jan 1923Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI479
85 GOTHAM, Ronald George17 Apr 19837 Aug 1920Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI491
86 GOTHAM, Sarah Louise2 Nov 19721 Nov 1972Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI519
87 GOTHAM, Thomas GlanvillJun Q 189226 Jun 1891Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI83
88 GOTHAM, Violet KathleenJun Q 198622 Jan 1906Plymstock, Devon, EnglandI96
89 GOTHAM, Walter ErnestJun Q 196815 Aug 1896Plymstock, Devon, EnglandI95
90 GOTHAM, William GeorgeDec Q 1866Dec Q 1866Plympton Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI1643
91 GOTHAM, William GeorgeMar Q 1901Abt 1818West Teignmouth, Devon, EnglandI40
92 GOTHAM, William George PearnJun Q 196111 Jan 1882Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI49
93 GOTHAM, William Henry PearnMay 19977 May 1913Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI464
94 GOTHAM, William James Hugh8 Mar 196916 Apr 1923Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI495
95 GOTHAM, Winifred GladysJun 199613 Dec 1915Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI490
96 HAMBLING, SelinaDec Q 19071829Blackawton, Devon, EnglandI252
97 HAMBLING, Stewart HenryDec Q 197518 Jul 1882Devonport, Devon, EnglandI2280
98 HANCOCK, Joyce MillicentJun Q 195322 Jun 1924Stoke on Trent Reg Dist, Staffordshire, EnglandI2074
99 HARRIS, Sarah GregorySep Q 1880Abt 1808Tamerton Foliot, Devon, EnglandI14404
100 HART, Edith19 Mar 194516 Jun 1870 I18071
101 HASLETT, JohannaMar Q 1893Jun Q 1839St. Clements, Cornwall, EnglandI2897
102 HASLETT, Mary CarneMar Q 1920Sep Q 1845Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI3359
103 HAYBEARD, SarahJun Q 1846  I19007
104 HAYNE, Lily29 Nov 198714 Aug 1900Camelford Reg Dist, Cornwall, EnglandI503
105 HEARDER, George ParryDec Q 1844Abt 1811 I5657
106 HENNINGS, Albert GeorgeSep Q 1931Abt 1889Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI97
107 HENNINGS, Albert JohnDec Q 1892Dec Q 1864Devonport, Devon, EnglandI73
108 HENNINGS, Henry John PearnMar Q 1894Sep Q 1893Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI2607
109 HENNINGS, Phyllis Lilian VioletMar Q 1919Dec Q 1918Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI2614
110 HICKS, Charles HenrySep Q 19666 Aug 1896Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI3339
111 HICKS, Vera24 Jan 19957 Mar 1917Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI465
112 HITCHCOCK, Alfred10 Apr 1905  I14981
113 HODDER, Enid GwynethDec 20055 Dec 1926Kingsbridge Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI9908
114 HODGE, Ernest PercyMar Q 194121 Nov 1892Lulworth, Dorset, EnglandI508
115 HODGE, William JohnJun Q 19345 Apr 1857Wendron, Cornwall, EnglandI5619
116 ISSELL, Eliza8 Jul 1904Abt 1828Stokenham, Devon, EnglandI2624
117 JAMES, May IreneDec Q 197616 Sep 1889Stoke Damerel Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI9804
118 JEFFERY, MariaJun Q 1896Abt 1861Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI27180
119 JENKIN, Robert GeorgeDec Q 1927Mar Q 1864Stoke Damerel, Devon, EnglandI9459
120 JOSLIN, Louisa Ann (“Lucy”)Mar Q 19444 Jul 1873Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI3471
121 JOSLIN, Minnie LouiseJul 199712 Feb 1899Ilfracombe, Devon, EnglandI3340
122 JURY, ElizaMar Q 1924Abt 1847Whitchurch, Devon, EnglandI803
123 JUSTHAM, Ellen MargaretDec Q 192815 Jan 1865Devonport, Devon, EnglandI3367
124 JUSTHAM, Florence RoseJun Q 195724 Mar 1874Devonport, Devon, EnglandI9457
125 JUSTHAM, Richard HenryDec Q 1858Mar Q 1848Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI1115
126 KELLOND, Sarah TheresaDec Q 187319 Jun 1837 I16628
127 KELLOND, TryphosaJun Q 18981831 I1216
128 LANDS, Charles Albert PittsMar Q 193518 Mar 1848Blackawton, Devon, EnglandI5527
129 LANE, Samuel ThomasDec Q 1935Abt 1883 I475
130 LAPIDGE, Elizabeth AnnDec Q 1928Sep Q 1847Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI3465
131 LAPIDGE, John EdwardSep Q 1900Abt 1816Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI5256
132 LIDSTONE, ElizabethDec Q 1922Mar Q 1869Fore Street, Kingsbridge, Devon, EnglandI14046
133 LOBB, Rosina GertrudeMar Q 197314 Oct 1895Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI3535
134 MANN, William Charles George RonaldSep Q 1912Sep Q 1911Liskeard Reg Dist, Cornwall, EnglandI5531
135 MANNING, JeanetteMar Q 1934Sep Q 1933Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI3556
136 MANNING, Robert Albert ThomasMar Q 1967Sep Q 1896Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI3534
137 MANNING, Violet RosinaJun Q 200315 Mar 1918Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI499
138 MARSH, Edith IsabellaSep Q 19472 Dec 1878Ashford, Kent, EnglandI488
139 MARTIN, Bessie Matilda3 Jun 1955Abt 1869Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI13663
140 MATTHEW, Arthur WilliamMar Q 1913Sep Q 1866Mile End Reg Dist, London, EnglandI561
141 MATTHEW, Ellen ElizaDec Q 1899Jun Q 1899Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI3367
142 MATTHEW, John HenrySep Q 1906Jun Q 1897Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI3364
143 MATTHEWS, EphraimMar Q 1927Jun Q 1845Sherford, Devon, EnglandI11360
144 MERRICK, Robert WilliamJun Q 191124 Jul 1836Stourport-on-Severn, Worcestershire, EnglandI9734
145 MOORE, Lydia Mary AnnDec Q 1923Abt 1843Plympton Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI10788
146 MOSES, Thelma Jessie VictoriaMar Q 1928Sep Q 1925Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI1771
147 MURPHY, William George J.Dec Q 198028 Feb 1905 I3551
148 MYATT, GladysJun Q 200218 May 1922East Stonehouse Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI481
149 NEWCOMBE, Elizabeth JaneMar Q 1932Mar Q 1852Walkhampton, Devon, EnglandI2184
150 NORTHMORE, Amelia FrancesDec Q 1946Sep Q 1869Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI19109
151 NORTHMORE, Annie ElizabethMar Q 1921Jun Q 1868Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI19108
152 NORTHMORE, Betsy VarellDec Q 1890  I12810
153 NORTHMORE, Eliza23 Apr 1899  I11462
154 NORTHMORE, EllenSep Q 1914Dec Q 1878Cornwood, Devon, EnglandI18182
155 NORTHMORE, Emily Susanna GilberrySep Q 1869Mar Q 1869Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26167
156 NORTHMORE, FlorenceMar Q 1878Jun Q 1875Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26297
157 NORTHMORE, Florence AdaSep Q 1966Mar Q 1881Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI19113
158 NORTHMORE, George HortonMar Q 1904Abt Feb 1841Plympton Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI15068
159 NORTHMORE, GeorgianaDec Q 1858Abt 1848Eggbuckland, Devon, EnglandI11826
160 NORTHMORE, JamesDec Q 1875  I11229
161 NORTHMORE, JohnJun Q 1875Mar Q 1874Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26295
162 NORTHMORE, John Ford8 Apr 197731 Aug 1900Meavy, Devon, EnglandI11795
163 NORTHMORE, John HenryJun Q 1906Sep Q 1846Buckland Monachorum, Devon, EnglandI11774
164 NORTHMORE, Joseph GeorgeMar Q 1845Jun Q 1844Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26444
165 NORTHMORE, Mark ThomasSep Q 1944Jun Q 1868Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI18322
166 NORTHMORE, MinnieJun Q 1905Mar Q 1904Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26059
167 NORTHMORE, RichardJun Q 1849Mar Q 1846Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26287
168 NORTHMORE, RichardJun Q 1863  I12805
169 NORTHMORE, Richard ColemanJun Q 1944Mar Q 1882Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI19114
170 NORTHMORE, SolomonMar Q 1878Sep Q 1876Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26284
171 NORTHMORE, SolomonJun Q 1887  I11253
172 NORTHMORE, SolomonSep Q 1901Mar Q 1844Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI15476
173 NORTHMORE, SolomonDec Q 1962Mar Q 1879Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI19111
174 NORTHMORE, Sydney GeorgeSep Q 1946Jun Q 1890Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI18324
175 NORTHMORE, ThomasSep Q 1850Mar Q 1848Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26285
176 NORTHMORE, Thomas HenryMar Q 1856Sep Q 1853Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26286
177 NORTHMORE, WilliamDec Q 186717 May 1820 I12149
178 NORTHMORE, William HenryJun Q 1854Jun Q 1853Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26166
179 NORTHMORE, William JohnDec Q 1871Mar Q 1871Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI19132
180 NORTHMORE, William ShillibeerMar Q 194829 Mar 1874Horrabridge, Buckland Monachorum, Devon, EnglandI19070
181 NORTHMORE, [Daughter]Mar Q 1851Mar Q 1851Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI29154
182 OATS, Audrey ElizabethNov 19899 Jul 1918Plympton Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI27190
183 OLDREIVE, JaneDec Q 1878Abt 1825Strete, Blackawton, Devon, EnglandI16444
184 OSBORNE, Ivy IreneJun Q 1896Mar Q 1895Newton Abbot Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI5588
185 PALMER, Florence Gertrude29 Apr 1933Jun Q 1898Tavistock Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI18680
186 PALMER, John Nicholas Doidge17 Jul 187629 May 1802Devonport, Devon, EnglandI29174
187 PALMER, Walter NorthmoreJun Q 186917 Aug 1868Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI29180
188 PARRY, Mary HannahSep Q 1846  I5650
189 PARSONS, Albert EdwardMar Q 1888Mar Q 1888Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI5247
190 PARSONS, Arthur Ernest HenryJun Q 19074 Nov 1896Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI2922
191 PARSONS, Ethel AnneSep Q 19001 Sep 1899Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI5250
192 PARSONS, Henry JamesMar Q 1931Sep Q 1858Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI2915
193 PARSONS, WalterDec Q 1896Mar Q 1895Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI5249
194 PARSONS, William HenryMar Q 188620 Feb 1886Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI5248
195 PEACOCK, AnnieSep Q 1926Abt 1866Ashen, Essex, EnglandI27887
196 PEPPERELL, EdmundMar Q 1889Abt 1812Stokenham, Devon, EnglandI2718
197 PEPPERELL, LauraDec Q 1926Jun Q 1858Torcross, Stokenham, Devon, EnglandI16454
198 PETHRICK, Mary HonourJun Q 1862Abt 1822Shaugh Prior, Devon, EnglandI5266
199 PHILLIPS, Jenny20 Jul 1899Abt 1852Plympton St. Mary, Devon, EnglandI15463
200 PINE, William David BurtMar Q 1961Mar Q 1909Pontypridd Reg Dist, Mid Glamorgan, WalesI20805
201 PITTS, EllenSep Q 18564 Apr 1844Blackawton, Devon, EnglandI9988
202 PITTS, ThomasMar Q 1896Abt 1824Blackawton, Devon, EnglandI5041
203 POTTS, AnnieMar Q 196227 Jul 1893Rochdale, Lancashire, EnglandI470
204 PROUT, GraceDec Q 1869Abt 1796Ugborough, Devon, EnglandI1848
205 REEVES, RebeccaDec Q 1878Abt 1796Modbury, Devon, EnglandI17963
206 ROBERTS, Roy SaundersonSep Q 195322 Feb 1916Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI3468
207 ROSEKILLY, Annie AliceJun Q 198123 Mar 1882 I25478
208 ROWE, JohannaDec Q 1892Abt 1816Kenwyn, Cornwall, EnglandI2899
209 SAUNDERS, Joan PhyllisMay 20038 Apr 1940Edmonton Reg Dist, Essex Hertfordshire or Middlesex, EnglandI1981
210 SCANES, Louisa Abt 1863 I18256
211 SCOBLE, MargaretDec Q 1916Abt 1848Horrabridge, Devon, EnglandI13134
212 SINCOCK, Charles HenryDec Q 197327 Aug 1889Revelstoke, Devon, EnglandI3759
213 SINCOCK, Doreen Joan LilianSep 201718 May 1920Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI497
214 SITTERS, Caroline Mary LilianDec Q 1931Mar Q 1879Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI19150
215 SKELLY, Dorothy ElizabethDec Q 198310 Aug 1925Patrington Reg Dist, Yorkshire, EnglandI3750
216 SLEEMAN, DinahDec Q 1878  I12807
217 SMITH, Eileen HannahDec 19922 Mar 1923Devonport Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI520
218 SMITH, Jane Hannah (“Annie”)Sep Q 1889Sep Q 1845Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI4040
219 SMITH, John GlanvillJun Q 1904 East Stonehouse, Devon, EnglandI2896
220 SMITH, Mary JohannaMar Q 19232 Oct 1859Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI74
221 SPURRELL, Alphonso EdgarMar Q 191527 Oct 1830Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI11572
222 SPURRELL, Archibald NormanMar Q 1966Mar Q 1889Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI12530
223 SPURRELL, Beatrice MaryDec Q 1887Abt Jan 1881Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI12526
224 SPURRELL, Bessie EllenSep Q 1900Jun Q 1876Stonehouse, Devon, EnglandI10790
225 SPURRELL, Edwin Matthew27 Aug 18553 Jan 1828Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI11571
226 SPURRELL, Florence EstherSep Q 1897Mar Q 1880Stonehouse, Devon, EnglandI10791
227 SPURRELL, Florence Maud MaryDec Q 1950Mar Q 1869Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI12469
228 SPURRELL, FredJun Q 1899Sep Q 1854Tavistock, Devon, EnglandI10722
229 SPURRELL, Frederick EdwinMar Q 1894Mar Q 1880Stonehouse, Devon, EnglandI12470
230 SPURRELL, Frederick GeorgeSep Q 1873Sep Q 1871Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26280
231 SPURRELL, Frederick NutcherSep Q 1874Jun Q 1874Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI12457
232 SPURRELL, Frederick RichardJun Q 1883Jun Q 1882Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26283
233 SPURRELL, GeorgeJun Q 1895Between 1820 and 1825Devonport, Devon, EnglandI12459
234 SPURRELL, Henry GeorgeDec Q 1938Jul 1848 I12462
235 SPURRELL, JohnJun Q 1867Abt 1797 I11564
236 SPURRELL, John19021848Bickleigh, nr Plymth, Devon, EnglandI10899
237 SPURRELL, Lydia GertieMar Q 1947Mar Q 1884Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI10793
238 SPURRELL, RichardMar Q 1898  I10711
239 SPURRELL, ThurzaDec Q 186225 Jul 1833Tavistock, Devon, EnglandI10779
240 SPURRELL, William Dawe8 May 1911Abt 1846Tamerton Foliot, Devon, EnglandI10754
241 SPURRELL, William GeorgeJun Q 1879Dec Q 1878Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI26281
242 STEPHENS, SolomonDec Q 195021 Feb 1864 I18255
243 SYMONS, Andrew MorganSep Q 1959Mar Q 1882South Brent, Devon, EnglandI3540
244 SYMONS, Roy VictorSep Q 199510 Oct 1912Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI496
245 SYMONS, Victor Frederick AndrewDec Q 198727 Jan 1938Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI1776
246 TAPSCOTT, EliMar Q 1927Sep Q 1856Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI5251
247 TAYLOR, George FrederickMar Q 198723 Aug 1902Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, EnglandI27888
248 THOMAS, CatherineMar Q 1877Abt 1826St. Dennis, Cornwall, EnglandI18317
249 THOMAS, JaneSep Q 1877Abt 1822Plymouth, Devon, EnglandI17585
250 THOMPSON, Walter George HenryApr 199720 Apr 1918Mutford Reg Dist, Suffolk or Norfolk, EnglandI3665

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Primary Marriage events in Plymouth Reg Dist, Devon, England

   Family  Marriage Family ID
1 Albert PEPPERELL / Selina Emma VOWLESJun Q 1890F2093
2 Alfred Joseph BISCOMBE / Lottie E. BUNKERDec Q 1926F7263
3 Alfred Thomas FORD / Emma Matilda KNIGHTDec Q 1883F10779
4 Andrew Morgan SYMONS / Jane WATERSDec Q 1904F7280
5 Arthur James WILLIAMS / Florence Gertrude PALMERJun Q 1925F7405
6 Arthur WILKINS / Jessie Florence GOTHAMJun Q 1916F181
7 Arthur William MATTHEW / Bertha Ellen RICHARDSDec Q 1908F7229
8 Arthur William MATTHEW / Roselean E. TOMSSep Q 1913F7228
9 Charles Adolphus Justhem UREN / Maria JEFFERYDec Q 1891F10522
10 Charles Albert Pitts LANDS / Jane WILLIAMSSep Q 1870F647
11 Charles Edwin VOGWELL / Bessie Matilda MARTINDec Q 1888F5887
12 Charles Frederick Soper KNAPMAN / Alice NORTHMOREJun Q 1910F7217
13 Charles Henry HICKS / Minnie Louise JOSLINMar Q 1916F7221
14 Charles Henry SINCOCK / Rose Phillips CANNMar Q 1911F7355
15 Charles Henry TRICK / Edith Elizabeth Oldreive PEPPERELLJun Q 1888F10723
16 Charles Sidney VOGWELL / Lilian E. THOMASDec Q 1920F6007
17 Charles Walter FINCH / Elsie Elizabeth GOTHAMDec Q 1908F189
18 Colin F. BETTISON / Dorothy Phyllis G. (“Phyllis”) MANNJun Q 1935F6945
19 Douglas P. H. J. MATTHEWS / Marjorie BISCOMBESep Q 1936F7265
20 Edmund PEPPERELL / Eliza ISSELLDec Q 1864F2092
21 Eli George BURLEY / Esther E. J. POWELLSep Q 1923F7815
22 Eli TAPSCOTT / Louisa JILLARDSep Q 1877F7864
23 Ephraim MATTHEWS / Eliza JURYSep Q 1881F5192
24 Ernest Bertie UREN / Lilian May Marshall PAINTERJun Q 1931F10524
25 Ernest Bertie UREN / Ruth CORNISHDec Q 1905F10518
26 Ernest John PARSONS / Lydia Gertie SPURRELLMar Q 1907F5046
27 Ernest Percy HODGE / Alice Eliza GOTHAMMar Q 1915F200
28 Francis Arnold PETHICK / Betty Emily HAMBLINGDec Q 1939F4732
29 Francis JENNIANS / Colleen H. FRANKLINSep Q 1943F7651
30 Francis Webber TRANT / Ann Amelia EARLEJun Q 1852F5598
31 Frederick Charles GOTHAM / Lily HAYNESep Q 1928F197
32 Frederick John PERRING / Winifred Amelia CURTISDec Q 1925F7236
33 Frederick Richard Beer GOTHAM / Ellen Rhoda WOODMANDec Q 1914F24
34 Frederick Thomas HENNINGS / Mary Grace REEDSep Q 1912F6966
35 George Albert BRADFORD / Eliza Jane MABENJun Q 1866F5756
36 George BARNES / Joan C. M. MOSESSep Q 1954F7263
37 George Frederick DOWN / Margaret FARNHAMDec Q 1892F8656
38 George Frederick TAYLOR / Alice Maud WHITEHEADDec Q 1925F10610
39 George Henry SPURRELL / Priscilla Emma NUTCHERDec Q 1868F5520
40 George Sydney NORTHMORE / Emily JONESJun Q 1889F7286
41 Gilbert Morris JUSTHAM / Dorothy Elizabeth JENKINSep Q 1924F6395
42 Harry MOSES / Ethel Maud GOTHAMDec Q 1919F199
43 Henry Arthur AYLETT / Alice Louise MATTHEWSep Q 1915F7230
44 Henry Ellis BAKER / Sarah PARKERDec Q 1860F4721
45 Henry Erving Harker WHITE / Caroline ANDREWSDec Q 1852F5107
46 Henry HELYER / Martha Moses NORTHMOREJun Q 1956F7234
47 Henry James PARSONS / Elizabeth Jane FORDMar Q 1882F7110
48 Henry John Pearn ("John") GOTHAM / Annie PERRYSep Q 1926F25
49 Henry STANBURY / Lydia HELLYERSep Q 1862F6296
50 Henry YELLAND / Mary Grace TURNERDec Q 1867F5767
51 Isaac BURLEY / Sarah TAPSCOTTDec Q 1898F7256
52 Isaac Wilfred John BURLEY / Ann Anna GOTHAMDec Q 1921F184
53 Jack SHILSON / Bessie May VOGWELLMar Q 1912F5992
54 James DOWN / Hester Elizabeth JUSTHAMDec Q 1882F3288
55 James STEPHENS / Elizabeth NORTHMORESep Q 1857F7269
56 John BOW / Maria JUSTHAMDec Q 1844F3377
57 John BROWN / Lavinia NORTHMOREJun Q 1864F6434
58 John Edwin MABEN / Fanny Maria COLEJun Q 1859F4728
59 John Harris SPURRELL / Mary Ann ELLERYMar Q 1853F5261
60 John Heals VOGWELL / Mary Ann MOUNTJOYMar Q 1851F5705
61 John Henry VOGWELL / Edith Audrey BROKENSHIREMar Q 1948F5715
62 John Henry VOGWELL / Elsie Beatrice BURROWSMar Q 1929F5714
63 John Jackson HANNAFORD / Sarah Ellen CAMEJun Q 1859F4749
64 John Rexford NORTHMORE / Caroline Sophia HONEYMar Q 1868F7559
65 John SYMONS / Caroline TRANTDec Q 1874F8236
66 John TRANT / Elizabeth Ann SNELLMar Q 1892F7346
67 John VOGWELL / Emma AGGETTMar Q 1871F4857
68 John William JUSTHAM / Mary Ridge WOOLDRIDGE1887F884
69 Kenneth Ernest CAMP / Thelma Elizabeth LAWRENCEMar Q 1952F7447
70 Leonard R. SARGENT / Ivy Gwendoline VOGWELLMar Q 1928F6017
71 Oswald Victor George WARNE / Jessie Selina MATTHEWJun Q 1919F7232
72 Percival Molesworth RODLIFF / Minnie MERRICKSep Q 1902F4718
73 Reginald T. RAYNER / Lily PARSONSMar Q 1918F7111
74 Reginald William SKELLY / Alice Dorothy CREWSSep Q 1951F7352
75 Richard JURY / Margaret PENGELLYDec Q 1867F602
76 Richard P. MOSES / Florence Fanny COLEMar Q 1914F5322
77 Richard SPURRELL / Jane Bray WILLIAMS26 Jun 1886F5103
78 Richard SPURRELL / Lydia Mary Ann MOORESep Q 1873F5037
79 Richard TRIDGER / Betsy Varell NORTHMOREMar Q 1877F6185
80 Robert Albert Thomas MANNING / Rosina Gertrude LOBBDec Q 1916F7277
81 Robert DOUGLAS / Ellen Mary Haslett GOTHAMSep Q 1905F179
82 Ronald George GOTHAM / Eileen Hannah SMITHJun Q 1955F201
83 Roy Saunderson ROBERTS / Joan C. M. MOSESDec Q 1939F7262
84 Roy Victor SYMONS / Winifred Gladys GOTHAMJun Q 1934F194
85 Samuel ANDREWS / Daisy Dorothy MATTHEWDec Q 1917F7231
86 Samuel Cornew BEHENNA / Eliza Maria Northmore PALMERSep Q 1880F11235
87 Samuel Robert KERSWELL / Jane SPURRELLSep Q 1889F7022
88 Samuel Thomas LANE / Gladys Rosabelle GOTHAMDec Q 1921F183
89 Sidney R. EDWARDS / Ena Kate BISCOMBEJun Q 1940F7264
90 Sidney R. TUCKER / Audrey Camilla FINCHSep Q 1935F7091
91 Simon NORTHMORE / Ann Temperance Pike DAWE1867F5366
92 Solomon NORTHMORE / Caroline Mary Lilian SITTERS7 Aug 1909F7552
93 Solomon Roy NORTHMORE / Winnifred Hazel LAKEMANDec Q 1938F7553
94 Stephen ENDACOTT / Mary Lyne BADCOCKDec Q 1845F6790
95 Stephen NORTHMORE / Ellen BURRIDGEMar Q 1886F7271
96 Stephen NORTHMORE / Mary VELVINMar Q 1868F7539
97 Sydney JACKMAN / Annie Elizabeth BAKERJun Q 1938F7541
98 Thomas Henry SMITH / Florence Maud Mary SPURRELLJun Q 1893F5528
99 Thomas SAUNDERS / Susanna BUCKINGHAMJun Q 1900F5889
100 Thomas STANBURY / Susanna Ford NICHOLLSDec Q 1851F5232
101 Thomas William LOADES / Ann Stumbles ISSELLJun Q 1882F758
102 Walter Charles FINCH / Elizabeth H. HENDYMar Q 1934F7260
103 Walter George Henry THOMPSON / Joyce Millicent HANCOCKSep Q 1946F7324
104 Walter T. GREAVES / Elsie Emma VOGWELLSep Q 1921F6016
105 Wilfrid Henry TRANT / Gwendoline May FERRISDec Q 1940F10346
106 William Albert James VOGWELL / Florence ELLERYDec Q 1914F6006
107 William Bounsall ANDREW / Charlotte Emma SYMONSMar Q 1875F5618
108 William BULLEY / Eliza JUSTHAMMar Q 1862F5855
109 William CAWSE / Amelia Loveday FOALEDec Q 1879F469
110 William Ernest HARRIS / Edith Mary SPURRELLSep Q 1898F5047
111 William Ford NORTHMORE / Susanna JACKMANDec Q 1866F5229
112 William George BOWHAY / Prudence Ann POTESep Q 1869F5664
113 William George J. MURPHY / Hilda Mary Eugenia WOODMANSep Q 1938F7281
114 William George VOGWELL / Hannah HARRISSep Q 1894F5882
115 William Harris SOPER / Matilda VOGWELLJun Q 1847F5836
116 William Henry FINCH / Elizabeth Ann LAPIDGEDec Q 1869F7259
117 William Henry LOBB / Violet Rosina MANNINGJun Q 1940F198
118 William Henry VOGWELL / Kathleen BRINESep Q 1933F6015
119 William Huxham NORTHMORE / Elizabeth Hart PERRYDec Q 1862F10224
120 William J. RICHARDS / Olivia May GOTHAMJun Q 1915F180
121 William John HODGE / Eliza Jane TREGIDGOSep Q 1878F7956
122 William NICHOLLS / Caroline NICHOALSMar Q 1853F6761
123 William NORTHMORE / Catherine THOMASSep Q 1852F7285
124 William SPURRELL / Eliza Elizabeth NORTHMORESep Q 1868F5020
125 William Thomas WEETMAN / Sarah Ann LANCHBURYDec Q 1903F7157
126 Willliam Augustus WOODMAN / Rose Ann ROBINSONMar Q 1893F7279