Ramsgate, Kent, England



Town / City : Latitude: 51.335545, Longitude: 1.419895


Wills (transcripts)
The will of Michael Goatham (c. 1674/5 - c. 1706/7)
The will of Michael Goatham (c. 1674/5 - c. 1706/7)
(a 1st cousin 8x removed of mine)


Matches 1 to 53 of 53

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAKER, Alfred James  Abt Dec 1860Ramsgate, Kent, England I9668 Teresa's tree 
2 BAKER, John  Abt 1798Ramsgate, Kent, England I9630 Teresa's tree 
3 BAKER, John  Abt 1882Ramsgate, Kent, England I9646 Teresa's tree 
4 BAKER, John William  Abt 1827Ramsgate, Kent, England I9639 Teresa's tree 
5 BAKER, John William  Mar Q 1855Ramsgate, Kent, England I9667 Teresa's tree 
6 BAKER, Lydia Mary  Mar Q 1863Ramsgate, Kent, England I9669 Teresa's tree 
7 BAKER, Mary Ann  Ramsgate, Kent, England I9642 Teresa's tree 
8 BAKER, Mary Jane Fryer  Mar Q 1858Ramsgate, Kent, England I9666 Teresa's tree 
9 BAKER, Sarah Ann  Abt 1825Ramsgate, Kent, England I9631 Teresa's tree 
10 BUSH, Alfred James  Mar Q 1853Ramsgate, Kent, England I9628 Teresa's tree 
11 BUSH, Edward  Jun Q 1857Ramsgate, Kent, England I9629 Teresa's tree 
12 BUSH, Elizabeth Harriett  Sep Q 1843Ramsgate, Kent, England I9617 Teresa's tree 
13 BUSH, Harriet  Mar Q 1847Ramsgate, Kent, England I9619 Teresa's tree 
14 BUSH, Mary  Sep Q 1851Ramsgate, Kent, England I9622 Teresa's tree 
15 BUSH, Richard Henry  Mar Q 1859Ramsgate, Kent, England I9624 Teresa's tree 
16 BUSH, Sarah Ann  Sep Q 1850Ramsgate, Kent, England I9621 Teresa's tree 
17 BUSH, Tom  Dec Q 1860Ramsgate, Kent, England I9623 Teresa's tree 
18 BUSH, William  28 May 1792Ramsgate, Kent, England I9611 Teresa's tree 
19 BUSH, William John  Sep Q 1845Ramsgate, Kent, England I9618 Teresa's tree 
20 BUSH, William Thomas  Dec Q 1848Ramsgate, Kent, England I9620 Teresa's tree 
21 BUSHELL, Ada Ann  Abt 1859Ramsgate, Kent, England I9637 Teresa's tree 
22 BUSHELL, Alfred  Abt 1864Ramsgate, Kent, England I9640 Teresa's tree 
23 BUSHELL, Emily Elizabeth  Abt 1857Ramsgate, Kent, England I9636 Teresa's tree 
24 BUSHELL, Henry Thomas  Abt 1855Ramsgate, Kent, England I9635 Teresa's tree 
25 BUSHELL, Rose  Abt 1866Ramsgate, Kent, England I9641 Teresa's tree 
26 BUSHELL, William H(?)  Abt 1852Ramsgate, Kent, England I9634 Teresa's tree 
27 DOLLIMORE, Florence Annie  17 Jan 1889Ramsgate, Kent, England I4568 Teresa's tree 
28 GISBY, Henry  Jun Q 1843Ramsgate, Kent, England I4239 Teresa's tree 
29 GRIGGS, Maud Mary  Mar Q 1877Ramsgate, Kent, England I28979 Teresa's tree 
30 HOLLANDS, John Doughty  Jun Q 1847Ramsgate, Kent, England I24127 Teresa's tree 
31 KEELER, William Arthur ("Willie")  24 Dec 1894Ramsgate, Kent, England I4503 Teresa's tree 
32 MARKS, Albert William  Jun Q 1882Ramsgate, Kent, England I25992 Teresa's tree 
33 MARKS, Charles James  Mar Q 1890Ramsgate, Kent, England I25988 Teresa's tree 
34 MARKS, Edith Maud  Sep Q 1884Ramsgate, Kent, England I25993 Teresa's tree 
35 MARKS, Frank  Mar Q 1892Ramsgate, Kent, England I25990 Teresa's tree 
36 MARKS, Robert Edward  Jun Q 1900Ramsgate, Kent, England I25986 Teresa's tree 
37 MARKS, Robert Horace Ethelbert  Dec Q 1886Ramsgate, Kent, England I25994 Teresa's tree 
38 MIRAMS, John  Abt 1862Ramsgate, Kent, England I27663 Teresa's tree 
39 OSBORN, Isma Florence  1872Ramsgate, Kent, England I4840 Teresa's tree 
40 OSBORN, John Alfred  1845Ramsgate, Kent, England I4837 Teresa's tree 
41 PACKER, Sarah Ann  1822Ramsgate, Kent, England I9616 Teresa's tree 
42 SANDOM, Alfred Victor  Sep Q 1884Ramsgate, Kent, England I9649 Teresa's tree 
43 SANDOM, Ethel  Mar Q 1889Ramsgate, Kent, England I9651 Teresa's tree 
44 SANDOM, Ethel Beatrice  5 Feb 1917Ramsgate, Kent, England I9654 Teresa's tree 
45 SANDOM, Louis  27 Nov 1886Ramsgate, Kent, England I9650 Teresa's tree 
46 SANDOM, Unnamed  Abt 24 Mar 1891Ramsgate, Kent, England I9652 Teresa's tree 
47 SMITH, Charrossin  30 Mar 1809Ramsgate, Kent, England I23696 Teresa's tree 
48 UDEN, Charlotte May ("Lizzie")  Abt 1888Ramsgate, Kent, England I4492 Teresa's tree 
49 UDEN, Ellen  1892Ramsgate, Kent, England I4494 Teresa's tree 
50 UDEN, Frank  1890Ramsgate, Kent, England I4493 Teresa's tree 
51 UDEN, William Henry  Abt 1887Ramsgate, Kent, England I4496 Teresa's tree 
52 WOOD, Emma Jane  Abt 1849Ramsgate, Kent, England I4838 Teresa's tree 
53 WOOD, Mary (“Polly”)  Abt 1842Ramsgate, Kent, England I25423 Teresa's tree 


Matches 1 to 2 of 2

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 DOLLIMORE, Florence Annie  18 Oct 1889Ramsgate, Kent, England I4568 Teresa's tree 
2 GRIGGS, William  Mar Q 1858Ramsgate, Kent, England I29002 Teresa's tree 


Matches 1 to 8 of 8

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAKER, William James  1851Ramsgate, Kent, England I9638 Teresa's tree 
2 BUSHELL, Emily Elizabeth  1861Ramsgate, Kent, England I9636 Teresa's tree 
3 BUSHELL, Henry Thomas  1861Ramsgate, Kent, England I9635 Teresa's tree 
4 BUSHELL, John Baker  1861Ramsgate, Kent, England I9633 Teresa's tree 
5 BUSHELL, William H(?)  1861Ramsgate, Kent, England I9634 Teresa's tree 
6 SANDOM, Alfred Victor  1891Ramsgate, Kent, England I9649 Teresa's tree 
7 SANDOM, Ethel  1901Ramsgate, Kent, England I9651 Teresa's tree 
8 SANDOM, Louis  1891Ramsgate, Kent, England I9650 Teresa's tree 


Matches 1 to 19 of 19

   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAKER, John  From 1824 to 1841Ramsgate, Kent, England I9630 Teresa's tree 
2 BAKER, John  1851Ramsgate, Kent, England I9630 Teresa's tree 
3 BAKER, John  1861Ramsgate, Kent, England I9630 Teresa's tree 
4 BAKER, John  1871Ramsgate, Kent, England I9630 Teresa's tree 
5 BAKER, John William  1851Ramsgate, Kent, England I9639 Teresa's tree 
6 BAKER, William James  1861Ramsgate, Kent, England I9638 Teresa's tree 
7 BAKER, William James  From 1871 to 1881Ramsgate, Kent, England I9638 Teresa's tree 
8 BRIDGES, John  1841Ramsgate, Kent, England I551 Teresa's tree 
9 BRIDGES, Sarah  1851Ramsgate, Kent, England I9605 Teresa's tree 
10 BUSH, Thomas  1851Ramsgate, Kent, England I9613 Teresa's tree 
11 BUSH, William  From 1825 to 1851Ramsgate, Kent, England I9611 Teresa's tree 
12 GOATHAM, Edward  Ramsgate, Kent, England I5030 Teresa's tree 
13 MAXTED, William  1851Ramsgate, Kent, England I9664 Teresa's tree 
14 PRIOR, Mary  1841Ramsgate, Kent, England I8002 Teresa's tree 
15 SANDOM, Alfred Lawrence  1891Ramsgate, Kent, England I9648 Teresa's tree 
16 SANDOM, Alfred Lawrence  1901Ramsgate, Kent, England I9648 Teresa's tree 
17 SANDOM, Alfred Victor  1901Ramsgate, Kent, England I9649 Teresa's tree 
18 SANDOM, Louis  1901Ramsgate, Kent, England I9650 Teresa's tree 
19 WIDDITT, Isaac  1722Ramsgate, Kent, England I11372 Teresa's tree 


Matches 1 to 3 of 3

   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 KEELER / OSBORNE  8 May 1882Ramsgate, Kent, England F3454 Teresa's tree 
2 KEELER / UDEN  3 Oct 1920Ramsgate, Kent, England F3445 Teresa's tree 
3 UDEN / FINCH  1 Dec 1883Ramsgate, Kent, England F3442 Teresa's tree