Salcombe, Devon, England



Town / City : Latitude: 50.234611, Longitude: -3.769469


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 COATSWORTH, Frances Eliza  Jun Q 1857Salcombe, Devon, England I2268 Teresa's tree 
2 DISTIN, Emma Mary  Abt 1863Salcombe, Devon, England I14358 Teresa's tree 
3 DISTIN, John Samuel  Jun Q 1850Salcombe, Devon, England I10082 Teresa's tree 
4 DISTIN, Sarah Jane  Sep Q 1845Salcombe, Devon, England I10081 Teresa's tree 
5 DISTIN, Susanna Gillard  Jun Q 1840Salcombe, Devon, England I10080 Teresa's tree 
6 DISTIN, William James  Abt 1867Salcombe, Devon, England I14359 Teresa's tree 
7 HURRELL, Olive May  Abt 1899Salcombe, Devon, England I13167 Teresa's tree 
8 HURRELL, William Albert  Dec Q 1894Salcombe, Devon, England I13165 Teresa's tree 
9 ISSELL, Ann Stumbles  Mar Q 1853Salcombe, Devon, England I2660 Teresa's tree 
10 ISSELL, Clara Amelia  7 Jul 1866Salcombe, Devon, England I2663 Teresa's tree 
11 ISSELL, Eliza  15 Apr 1855Salcombe, Devon, England I2672 Teresa's tree 
12 ISSELL, Fanny  18 Sep 1864Salcombe, Devon, England I2694 Teresa's tree 
13 ISSELL, Mary Reeve  Mar Q 1868Salcombe, Devon, England I2664 Teresa's tree 
14 ISSELL, Richard  19 Jan 1851Salcombe, Devon, England I2650 Teresa's tree 
15 ISSELL, Robert  4 Jul 1857Salcombe, Devon, England I2671 Teresa's tree 
16 ISSELL, Ruby Gwendoline  26 Jun 1891Salcombe, Devon, England I2669 Teresa's tree 
17 ISSELL, Sarah Parker  1859Salcombe, Devon, England I2670 Teresa's tree 
18 MAY, Henry Stephen  Abt 1838Salcombe, Devon, England I27472 Teresa's tree 
19 MAY, John  Abt 1810Salcombe, Devon, England I27468 Teresa's tree 
20 MAY, John Cumming  Mar Q 1845Salcombe, Devon, England I27475 Teresa's tree 
21 MAY, Margaret Howell  Abt 1847Salcombe, Devon, England I27476 Teresa's tree 
22 MAY, Maria Cumming  Dec Q 1840Salcombe, Devon, England I27473 Teresa's tree 
23 MAY, Mary  Dec Q 1842Salcombe, Devon, England I27474 Teresa's tree 
24 MAY, William  Abt 1836Salcombe, Devon, England I27471 Teresa's tree 
25 PARTRIDGE, Elizabeth  Abt 1848Salcombe, Devon, England I2726 Teresa's tree 
26 PARTRIDGE, Richard Issell  1855Salcombe, Devon, England I2728 Teresa's tree 
27 PARTRIDGE, Susan Issell  1851Salcombe, Devon, England I2725 Teresa's tree 
28 PARTRIDGE, William Wood  1860Salcombe, Devon, England I2729 Teresa's tree 
29 PEPPERELL, Albert  1869Salcombe, Devon, England I2719 Teresa's tree 
30 PEPPERELL, Amelia  Sep Q 1903Salcombe, Devon, England I26946 Teresa's tree 
31 PEPPERELL, Cecilia A.  Abt 1866Salcombe, Devon, England I16742 Teresa's tree 
32 PEPPERELL, Edmund  Abt 1865Salcombe, Devon, England I2721 Teresa's tree 
33 PEPPERELL, Emma  1870Salcombe, Devon, England I16743 Teresa's tree 
34 PEPPERELL, James Henry George  Sep Q 1896Salcombe, Devon, England I26945 Teresa's tree 
35 PEPPERELL, Kate  Abt 1863Salcombe, Devon, England I16741 Teresa's tree 
36 PEPPERELL, Kathleen Mary  Sep Q 1895Salcombe, Devon, England I26944 Teresa's tree 
37 PEPPERELL, Sarah Mary  Salcombe, Devon, England I14593 Teresa's tree 
38 PEPPERELL, Sydney  26 Mar 1905Salcombe, Devon, England I26947 Teresa's tree 
39 PERRING, Mary J.  Abt 1836Salcombe, Devon, England I26939 Teresa's tree 
40 PROUT, Christopher  Salcombe, Devon, England I17068 Teresa's tree 
41 SEARLE, Alfred  Mar Q 1857Salcombe, Devon, England I2674 Teresa's tree 
42 SHERRIFF, Cecil George  Abt 1889Salcombe, Devon, England I13166 Teresa's tree 
43 SHERRIFF, Georgiana  Abt 1867Salcombe, Devon, England I13159 Teresa's tree 
44 SHERRIFF, Margaretta  1871Salcombe, Devon, England I13162 Teresa's tree 
45 SHERRIFF, Mary Elizabeth  1877Salcombe, Devon, England I13160 Teresa's tree 
46 SHERRIFF, Wilhelmina  Abt 1878Salcombe, Devon, England I13161 Teresa's tree 
47 SMITH, Frederick Pepperell  Salcombe, Devon, England I14592 Teresa's tree 
48 WHITE, Matthew  Abt 1794Salcombe, Devon, England I19473 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptised    Person ID   Tree 
1 COATSWORTH, Frances Eliza  3 Jun 1857Holy Trinity Church, Salcombe, Devon, England I2268 Teresa's tree 
2 DISTIN, John Samuel  14 Jul 1850Holy Trinity Church, Salcombe, Devon, England I10082 Teresa's tree 
3 DISTIN, John Thomas  24 Feb 1867Holy Trinity Church, Salcombe, Devon, England I10115 Teresa's tree 
4 DISTIN, Susanna Gillard  25 Mar 1842Holy Trinity Church, Salcombe, Devon, England I10080 Teresa's tree 
5 DISTIN, William Gillard  24 Mar 1839Holy Trinity Church, Salcombe, Devon, England I10078 Teresa's tree 
6 ISSELL, Clara Amelia  23 Dec 1866Holy Trinity Church, Salcombe, Devon, England I2663 Teresa's tree 
7 MAY, Betsey  18 Jul 1830Holy Trinity Church, Salcombe, Devon, England I27477 Teresa's tree 
8 MAY, George  21 Sep 1853Holy Trinity Church, Salcombe, Devon, England I27469 Teresa's tree 
9 MAY, Henry Stephen  7 Oct 1838Holy Trinity Church, Salcombe, Devon, England I27472 Teresa's tree 
10 MAY, John Cumming  25 Mar 1845Holy Trinity Church, Salcombe, Devon, England I27475 Teresa's tree 
11 MAY, Margaret Howell  14 Nov 1847Holy Trinity Church, Salcombe, Devon, England I27476 Teresa's tree 
12 MAY, Maria Cumming  22 Nov 1840Holy Trinity Church, Salcombe, Devon, England I27473 Teresa's tree 
13 MAY, Mary  13 Nov 1842Holy Trinity Church, Salcombe, Devon, England I27474 Teresa's tree 
14 MAY, Sarah  13 May 1832Salcombe, Devon, England I27478 Teresa's tree 
15 MAY, Theodoria  23 Jun 1839Holy Trinity Church, Salcombe, Devon, England I27479 Teresa's tree 
16 MAY, Thomas  21 Sep 1834Holy Trinity Church, Salcombe, Devon, England I27470 Teresa's tree 
17 MAY, William  10 Jul 1836Salcombe, Devon, England I27471 Teresa's tree 
18 PARTRIDGE, John  21 Dec 1845Holy Trinity Church, Salcombe, Devon, England I2724 Teresa's tree 
19 PATEY, Ambrose  31 May 1846Holy Trinity Church, Salcombe, Devon, England I14351 Teresa's tree 
20 PATEY, Ellen  7 Jan 1849Holy Trinity Church, Salcombe, Devon, England I10056 Teresa's tree 
21 PATEY, Jane Page  5 Feb 1854Holy Trinity Church, Salcombe, Devon, England I14352 Teresa's tree 
22 PATEY, Mary  28 Sep 1851Holy Trinity Church, Salcombe, Devon, England I14353 Teresa's tree 
23 PATEY, Robert  18 Jan 1857Holy Trinity Church, Salcombe, Devon, England I14354 Teresa's tree 
24 PEPPERELL, Caleb  7 Jan 1821Holy Trinity Church, Salcombe, Devon, England I19507 Teresa's tree 
25 PEPPERELL, Kate  28 May 1863Holy Trinity Church, Salcombe, Devon, England I16741 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID   Tree 
1 PARTRIDGE, William Wood  1871Salcombe, Devon, England I2729 Teresa's tree 
2 REEVE, Amelia Jane  1851Salcombe, Devon, England I10275 Teresa's tree 
3 REEVE, James  1851Salcombe, Devon, England I10274 Teresa's tree 
4 REEVE, Mary Forbes  1851Salcombe, Devon, England I5742 Teresa's tree 
5 SHERRIFF, Georgiana  1881Salcombe, Devon, England I13159 Teresa's tree 
6 SHERRIFF, Mary Elizabeth  1881Salcombe, Devon, England I13160 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 DISTIN, John  From 1851 to 1861Salcombe, Devon, England I10077 Teresa's tree 
2 FORBES, Amelia Jane  1851Kings Arms Inn, Salcombe, Devon, England I10273 Teresa's tree 
3 HURRELL, William Henry Snowdon  1901Salcombe, Devon, England I13163 Teresa's tree 
4 ISSELL, Elizabeth  1861Union Street, Salcombe, Devon, England I2635 Teresa's tree 
5 ISSELL, Robert  From 1871 to 1911Salcombe, Devon, England I2671 Teresa's tree 
6 ISSELL, Ruby Gwendoline  1911Salcombe, Devon, England I2669 Teresa's tree 
7 ISSELL, Violet Kate  19112, Devon Villas, Salcombe, Devon, England I2668 Teresa's tree 
8 MAY, John  From 1842 to 1845Salcombe, Devon, England I27468 Teresa's tree 
9 MAY, John  1847Holy Trinity Church, Salcombe, Devon, England I27468 Teresa's tree 
10 PARTRIDGE, John Blank  1845Salcombe, Devon, England I2723 Teresa's tree 
11 PARTRIDGE, Richard Issell  1871Salcombe, Devon, England I2728 Teresa's tree 
12 PARTRIDGE, Susan Issell  1871Union Street, Salcombe, Devon, England I2725 Teresa's tree 
13 PATEY, Robert  1851Salcombe, Devon, England I10049 Teresa's tree 
14 PEPPERELL, Edmund  From 1842 to 1861Salcombe, Devon, England I2718 Teresa's tree 
15 PEPPERELL, Robert  1861Island Street, Salcombe, Devon, England I14589 Teresa's tree 
16 PEPPERELL, Roger  1821Salcombe, Devon, England I19506 Teresa's tree 
17 PEPPERELL, Samuel  From 1851 to 1861Salcombe, Devon, England I19503 Teresa's tree 
18 REEVE, Clara Ann  1881Salcombe, Devon, England I2661 Teresa's tree 
19 SEARLE, William  1851Salcombe, Devon, England I2673 Teresa's tree 
20 SHERRIFF, Margaretta  1891Salcombe, Devon, England I13162 Teresa's tree 
21 SHERRIFF, Mary Elizabeth  1891Salcombe, Devon, England I13160 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 DAMERELL, Elizabeth  1861Fore Street, Salcombe, Devon, England I753 Teresa's tree 
2 DISTIN, William Gillard  From 1901 to 19112, Orestone, Salcombe, Devon, England I10078 Teresa's tree 
3 HAMBLING, Elizabeth Ann  1881Burners Couch, Salcombe, Devon, England I2293 Teresa's tree 
4 HAMBLING, Elizabeth Ann  18914, Russell’s Court, Salcombe, Devon, England I2293 Teresa's tree 
5 ISSELL, Eliza  1851Robinsons Row, Salcombe, Devon, England I2624 Teresa's tree 
6 ISSELL, Eliza  1861Fore Street, Salcombe, Devon, England I2624 Teresa's tree 
7 ISSELL, Eliza  1881Buckly Steps, Salcombe, Devon, England I2672 Teresa's tree 
8 ISSELL, Eliza  189115, Fore Street, Salcombe, Devon, England I2672 Teresa's tree 
9 ISSELL, Eliza  193931, Fore Street, Salcombe, Devon, England I2672 Teresa's tree 
10 LOADES, Jessie  1939Rock Park, Devon Road, Salcombe, Devon, England I9824 Teresa's tree 
11 PATEY, Sarah Gillerd  1851Market Street, Salcombe, Devon, England I10047 Teresa's tree 
12 SHERRIFF, Margaretta  190110, Victoria Place, Salcombe, Devon, England I13162 Teresa's tree 
13 STUMBLES, Ann  1861Island Street, Salcombe, Devon, England I2648 Teresa's tree 
14 STUMBLES, Ann  1881Buckly Steps, Salcombe, Devon, England I2648 Teresa's tree 
15 STUMBLES, Ann  191126, Church Street, Salcombe, Devon, England I2648 Teresa's tree