Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England


Notes: Created in 1980, from Sittingbourne and Sheppey registration districts. Abolished in 1998, to become part of Canterbury with Swale registration district. Coverage and one change during its existence detailed…

Registration District : Latitude: 51.34656891226853, Longitude: 0.8260345458984375


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALEXANDER, Edith Mary Jane  Aug 1995Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I27854 Teresa's tree 
2 ALLISON, Ivy May  Mar Q 1992Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I23073 Teresa's tree 
3 APPLEN, Elsie  20 Jun 1989Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I6160 Teresa's tree 
4 APPLETON, Annie Emmeline  Mar Q 1988Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I2394 Teresa's tree 
5 APPLETON, Edwin Albert  Sep Q 1982Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I4999 Teresa's tree 
6 ASHBY, James Edwin  19 Feb 1980Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I22295 Teresa's tree 
7 ATKINSON, Doris Bertha  Mar Q 1982Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I23146 Teresa's tree 
8 AUSTIN, Gladys Myrtle  Feb 1997Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I25813 Teresa's tree 
9 AVERY, Kathleen  Jun Q 1985Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I27831 Teresa's tree 
10 BOOTES, Iris Alberta G. ("Sally")  Feb 1985Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I4935 Teresa's tree 
11 BROWN, Mary Emma M.  Mar Q 1981Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I25873 Teresa's tree 
12 COUCHMAN, Leslie Percival  Mar 1986Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I23147 Teresa's tree 
13 DAVIES, Leslie (“Len”)  Sep Q 1986Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I4965 Teresa's tree 
14 ELLIS, Leslie Charles  Feb 1995Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I23840 Teresa's tree 
15 EMERY, Sylvia June  4 Nov 1989Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I10422 Teresa's tree 
16 FILMER, Lucy May  12 Dec 1988Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I3795 Teresa's tree 
17 FOLLETT, Eric Stanley  26 Nov 1991Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I4979 Teresa's tree 
18 GOATHAM, Benjamin Richard  Nov 1984Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I3796 Teresa's tree 
19 GOATHAM, Charles Henry ("Charlie")  23 Oct 1985Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I4531 Teresa's tree 
20 GOATHAM, Eric  12 Dec 1996Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I4955 Teresa's tree 
21 GOATHAM, Frederick Arthur (“Fred”)  28 Oct 1983Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I3838 Teresa's tree 
22 GOATHAM, George  3 Jul 1990Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I4946 Teresa's tree 
23 GOATHAM, John Charles  Mar Q 1980Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I1897 Teresa's tree 
24 GOATHAM, May Victoria  Mar Q 1981Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I1889 Teresa's tree 
25 GOODHEW, Frances Maud  19 Feb 1980Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I15269 Teresa's tree 
26 GOODSELL, Laurel May  Jan 1986Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I4953 Teresa's tree 
27 GRIGGS, William Thomas  30 Dec 1990Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I6171 Teresa's tree 
28 HOLE, Mildred Winifred  May 1991Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I24909 Teresa's tree 
29 JACKSON, William George Henry  Mar Q 1981Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I23072 Teresa's tree 
30 JARRETT, Ivy  Sep Q 1982Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I28789 Teresa's tree 
31 JORDAN, Peter Campeny  Oct 1995Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I4988 Teresa's tree 
32 JURY, Jack  1995Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I14548 Teresa's tree 
33 LAMBKIN, Winifred Ellen  Mar Q 1984Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I19679 Teresa's tree 
34 MARCHINGTON, Edgar Sidney  Jun Q 1983Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I14533 Teresa's tree 
35 MARCHINGTON, Grace Gertrude  1991Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I14536 Teresa's tree 
36 MAYLUM, Ethel  Dec 1980Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I6159 Teresa's tree 
37 MOSS, Gilbert George  Dec Q 1982Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I15277 Teresa's tree 
38 PAGE, Ellen Sarah (“Nellie”)  Dec 1989Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I18416 Teresa's tree 
39 PEPPER, William Charles John  26 Jun 1984Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I6181 Teresa's tree 
40 PHILPOTT, Hilda May  Aug 1990Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I18948 Teresa's tree 
41 PILES, Alice Maud  Sep Q 1988Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I20661 Teresa's tree 
42 READ, Eric Mephan  Mar Q 1984Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I27855 Teresa's tree 
43 ROGERS, Daisy  Aug 1996Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I24080 Teresa's tree 
44 SNOAD, Albert Ernest  Sep 1989Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I17926 Teresa's tree 
45 SPENCER, Marie Violet  20 Jul 1985Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I3005 Teresa's tree 
46 STAMMERS, Frederick Albert  Nov 1992Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I4952 Teresa's tree 
47 TOMLIN, Phyllis May  21 Sep 1989Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I6162 Teresa's tree 
48 WHITEHEAD, Oscar Thomas  Jun Q 1982Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England I28945 Teresa's tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 GODDEN / GOATHAM  Apr 1989Swale Reg Dist, Kent, England F9064 Teresa's tree