Tonge, Kent, England



Small location : Latitude: 51.3380987, Longitude: 0.776146

Brief notes about Tonge, Kent, England

Also, especially in the past, spelt Tong.

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BEACON, John Edward  1907Tonge, Kent, England I14847 Teresa's tree 
2 GOATHAM, Elizabeth  Abt 1779Tonge, Kent, England I1610 Teresa's tree 
3 GOATHAM, George  Abt 1763Tonge, Kent, England I1616 Teresa's tree 
4 GOATHAM, Mary  Abt 1770Tonge, Kent, England I1609 Teresa's tree 
5 GOATHAM, Michael  1762Tonge, Kent, England I382 Teresa's tree 
6 GOATHAM, Susan  Abt 1768Tonge, Kent, England I1608 Teresa's tree 
7 GOATHAM, William  Abt 1765Tonge, Kent, England I430 Teresa's tree 
8 STROUTS, Edith Gladys  24 Jun 1889Tonge, Kent, England I22826 Teresa's tree 
9 WINCH, Ann  Abt 1742Tonge, Kent, England I381 Teresa's tree 
10 WINCH, John  Abt 1735Tonge, Kent, England I1613 Teresa's tree 
11 WINCH, William  Abt 1749Tonge, Kent, England I1614 Teresa's tree 
12 WOOD, Frances Elizabeth  Dec Q 1864Tonge, Kent, England I523 Teresa's tree 
13 WOOD, Olive  Abt 1866Tonge, Kent, England I19812 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 GOATHAM, George  Mar 1788Tonge, Kent, England I380 Teresa's tree 
2 GOORD OR FOORD, Susanna  Jun 1755Tonge, Kent, England I1612 Teresa's tree 
3 WINCH, Ann  1824Tonge, Kent, England I381 Teresa's tree