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Ugborough, Devon, England



Small location : Latitude: 50.38707764983138, Longitude: -3.8619730549560245


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID 
1 Margaret ("Peggy")  Abt 1781Ugborough, Devon, England I2649
2 Mary A.  Abt 1831Ugborough, Devon, England I2689
3 BEABLE, William George  Mar Q 1905Ugborough, Devon, England I12777
4 GILBERRY, Susanna  Abt 1831Ugborough, Devon, England I18295
5 HUXHAM, Sarah  Abt 1814Ugborough, Devon, England I12674
6 ISSELL, Lewis  Abt 1856Ugborough, Devon, England I2686
7 ISSELL, Richard  Abt 1829Ugborough, Devon, England I2688
8 ISSELL, Richard  Abt 1855Ugborough, Devon, England I2690
9 ISSELL, Richard  Abt 1858Ugborough, Devon, England I2692
10 ISSELL, Susan  Abt 1857Ugborough, Devon, England I2691
11 ISSELL, Thomas  Abt 1852Ugborough, Devon, England I2684
12 ISSELL, William  Abt 1853Ugborough, Devon, England I2685
13 LETHBRIDGE, Grace Fincher  Abt 1809Ugborough, Devon, England I14862
14 NORTHMORE, Alice  19 Aug 1886Ugborough, Devon, England I15470
15 NORTHMORE, Bessie  27 Sep 1877Ugborough, Devon, England I15466
16 NORTHMORE, Dorothy  Abt 1904Ugborough, Devon, England I18259
17 NORTHMORE, Elizabeth  1850Ugborough, Devon, England I18254
18 NORTHMORE, Henry  23 Feb 1874Ugborough, Devon, England I15464
19 NORTHMORE, Jenny  16 Jun 1882Ugborough, Devon, England I15468
20 NORTHMORE, John  Abt 1827Ugborough, Devon, England I12590
21 NORTHMORE, John  Abt 1856Ugborough, Devon, England I18261
22 NORTHMORE, John  26 Jan 1880Ugborough, Devon, England I15467
23 NORTHMORE, Sarah  Abt 1859Ugborough, Devon, England I18262
24 NORTHMORE, Stephen  Abt 1862Ugborough, Devon, England I18263
25 NORTHMORE, Stephen  13 May 1884Ugborough, Devon, England I15469
26 NORTHMORE, Thomas H.  Abt 1865Ugborough, Devon, England I18264
27 NORTHMORE, William  Abt 1847Ugborough, Devon, England I18253
28 NORTHMORE, William  Abt 1854Ugborough, Devon, England I18260
29 NORTHMORE, William  13 May 1876Ugborough, Devon, England I15465
30 PROUT, Grace  Abt 1796Ugborough, Devon, England I301848
31 TRANT, Caroline  Dec Q 1850Ugborough, Devon, England I15760
32 VELVIN, Margaret  Abt 1848Ugborough, Devon, England I15062
33 VELVIN, William  Mar Q 1850Ugborough, Devon, England I15063


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptised    Person ID 
1 HELE, Susan  18 Jun 1587Ugborough, Devon, England I20434


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Assessment    Person ID 
1 GOTHAM, Thomas  1647Ugborough, Devon, England I300264


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Oath    Person ID 
1 GOTHAM, Stephen  1641Ugborough, Devon, England I300105
2 GOTHAM, Thomas  From 1641 to 1642Ugborough, Devon, England I300264


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID 
1 GOTHAM, Thomas  1637Ugborough, Devon, England I300264
2 GOTHAM, Thomas  1651Ugborough, Devon, England I300264
3 NORTHMORE, Solomon  1871Ugborough, Devon, England I12200
4 NORTHMORE, Solomon  1901Ugborough, Devon, England I12200
5 NORTHMORE, Stephen  1871Ugborough, Devon, England I12201
6 NORTHMORE, William  1904Ugborough, Devon, England I15465


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Rate    Person ID 
1 DEWRING, Susan  From 1664 to 1665Ugborough, Devon, England I300394


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID 
1 NARRAMORE, Walter  From 1715 to 1740Ugborough, Devon, England I11112