Whitstable, Kent, England



Town / City : Latitude: 51.357079, Longitude: 1.024655


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAKER, Ada Ellen  Sep Q 1865Whitstable, Kent, England I9671 Teresa's tree 
2 BAKER, Frederick Charles  Dec Q 1868Whitstable, Kent, England I9672 Teresa's tree 
3 BAKER, William Arthur  Mar Q 1864Whitstable, Kent, England I9670 Teresa's tree 
4 BEAL, Henry Robert  28 Jun 1819Whitstable, Kent, England I1622 Teresa's tree 
5 CHARROSIN, Amy  Abt 1826Whitstable, Kent, England I8637 Teresa's tree 
6 CHARROSIN, Ann  Abt 1842Whitstable, Kent, England I8631 Teresa's tree 
7 CHARROSIN, Emily Mary Letitia  Mar Q 1850Whitstable, Kent, England I8616 Teresa's tree 
8 CHARROSIN, Fanny Jane  Dec Q 1844Whitstable, Kent, England I8633 Teresa's tree 
9 CHARROSIN, Frederick Daniel  Jun Q 1846Whitstable, Kent, England I8634 Teresa's tree 
10 CHARROSIN, William  4 Jan 1824Whitstable, Kent, England I8615 Teresa's tree 
11 CHARROSIN, William David  Sep Q 1843Whitstable, Kent, England I8632 Teresa's tree 
12 COURT, Ida Laura  29 Feb 1884Whitstable, Kent, England I2232 Teresa's tree 
13 EDWARDS, Rosehannah Palmer  Abt 1841Whitstable, Kent, England I9645 Teresa's tree 
14 GOATHAM, Catherine  Whitstable, Kent, England I1619 Teresa's tree 
15 GOATHAM, Elizabeth  Whitstable, Kent, England I5883 Teresa's tree 
16 GOATHAM, Elizabeth  Abt 1733Whitstable, Kent, England I5885 Teresa's tree 
17 GOATHAM, George  Abt 1734Whitstable, Kent, England I5881 Teresa's tree 
18 GOATHAM, George  Abt 1738Whitstable, Kent, England I5877 Teresa's tree 
19 GOATHAM, George  Abt 1740Whitstable, Kent, England I380 Teresa's tree 
20 GOATHAM, Mary  Abt 1731Whitstable, Kent, England I5876 Teresa's tree 
21 GOATHAM, Mary  Abt 1733Whitstable, Kent, England I1659 Teresa's tree 
22 GOATHAM, Michael  Abt 1728Whitstable, Kent, England I5880 Teresa's tree 
23 GOLDFINCH, Mary Ann  Abt 1841Whitstable, Kent, England I8636 Teresa's tree 
24 HARRISON, Edward John Woodley  16 Oct 1878Whitstable, Kent, England I27679 Teresa's tree 
25 KEAM, Charles  Abt 1851Whitstable, Kent, England I23677 Teresa's tree 
26 KEAM, Charles  Abt 1875Whitstable, Kent, England I23679 Teresa's tree 
27 KEAM, Ernest  Abt 1884Whitstable, Kent, England I23680 Teresa's tree 
28 KEAM, Wallace  Mar Q 1887Whitstable, Kent, England I23678 Teresa's tree 
29 KEMP, Ann  Abt 1787Whitstable, Kent, England I8589 Teresa's tree 
30 RANDALL, Emily  Abt 1825Whitstable, Kent, England I8598 Teresa's tree 
31 SELL, Ada C.  Abt 1863Whitstable, Kent, England I23234 Teresa's tree 
32 SELL, Annie A.  Abt 1872Whitstable, Kent, England I23231 Teresa's tree 
33 SELL, Emily P.  Abt 1866Whitstable, Kent, England I23230 Teresa's tree 
34 SELL, George William  Jun Q 1853Whitstable, Kent, England I23235 Teresa's tree 
35 SELL, Jane Charlotte  Dec Q 1857Whitstable, Kent, England I23233 Teresa's tree 
36 SELL, Jemima  Abt 1862Whitstable, Kent, England I23232 Teresa's tree 
37 SELL, Roseanna  Jun Q 1855Whitstable, Kent, England I23236 Teresa's tree 
38 SELL, Thomas  Abt 1827Whitstable, Kent, England I23228 Teresa's tree 
39 WESTON, John Henry  Sep Q 1908Whitstable, Kent, England I25985 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptised    Person ID   Tree 
1 CHARROSIN, Ann  3 May 1778Whitstable, Kent, England I8586 Teresa's tree 
2 CHARROSIN, Emily James  7 Aug 1846Whitstable, Kent, England I8599 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAKER, Lydia Mary  23 Mar 1926Whitstable, Kent, England I9669 Teresa's tree 
2 DUNKIN, Elizabeth  Jul 1759Whitstable, Kent, England I1763 Teresa's tree 
3 GOATHAM, Michael  Nov 1754Whitstable, Kent, England I1762 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAKER, Ada Ellen  1871Whitstable, Kent, England I9671 Teresa's tree 
2 BAKER, Alfred James  1871Whitstable, Kent, England I9668 Teresa's tree 
3 BAKER, Frederick Charles  1881Whitstable, Kent, England I9672 Teresa's tree 
4 BAKER, John William  1871Whitstable, Kent, England I9667 Teresa's tree 
5 BAKER, Lydia Mary  1871Whitstable, Kent, England I9669 Teresa's tree 
6 BAKER, Mary Jane Fryer  1871Whitstable, Kent, England I9666 Teresa's tree 
7 BAKER, William Arthur  1871Whitstable, Kent, England I9670 Teresa's tree 
8 CHARROSIN, Ann  1851Whitstable, Kent, England I8631 Teresa's tree 
9 CHARROSIN, Fanny Jane  1851Whitstable, Kent, England I8633 Teresa's tree 
10 CHARROSIN, William David  1851Whitstable, Kent, England I8632 Teresa's tree 
11 GOLDFINCH, Mary Ann  1851Whitstable, Kent, England I8636 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 BAKER, Ada Ellen  1891Whitstable, Kent, England I9671 Teresa's tree 
2 BAKER, Frederick Charles  1891Whitstable, Kent, England I9672 Teresa's tree 
3 BAKER, John William  1881Whitstable, Kent, England I9639 Teresa's tree 
4 BAKER, Lydia Mary  1901Whitstable, Kent, England I9669 Teresa's tree 
5 BAKER, Mary Jane Fryer  1881Whitstable, Kent, England I9666 Teresa's tree 
6 BAKER, William Arthur  1881Whitstable, Kent, England I9670 Teresa's tree 
7 CHARROSIN, Amy  1861Whitstable, Kent, England I8637 Teresa's tree 
8 CHARROSIN, Ann  1851Whitstable, Kent, England I8590 Teresa's tree 
9 CHARROSIN, Ann  1861Whitstable, Kent, England I8590 Teresa's tree 
10 CHARROSIN, David  1842Whitstable, Kent, England I8622 Teresa's tree 
11 CHARROSIN, David  1851Whitstable, Kent, England I8622 Teresa's tree 
12 CHARROSIN, William  From 1848 to 1854Whitstable, Kent, England I8615 Teresa's tree 
13 CHARROSIN, William  1851Whitstable, Kent, England I8615 Teresa's tree 
14 CHARROSIN, William Deal  1810Whitstable, Kent, England I8588 Teresa's tree 
15 CHARROSIN, William Deal  From 1814 to 1824Whitstable, Kent, England I8588 Teresa's tree 
16 GOATHAM, Michael  1751Whitstable, Kent, England I5880 Teresa's tree 
17 GOATHAM, Michael  1753Whitstable, Kent, England I5875 Teresa's tree 
18 GOLDFINCH, Mary Ann  1861Whitstable, Kent, England I8636 Teresa's tree