Canterbury, Kent, England



Town / City : Latitude: 51.2772689, Longitude: 1.0805173


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 Ann  Abt 1679Canterbury, Kent, England I4044 Teresa's tree 
2 ABRAMS, Frances  Abt 1835Canterbury, Kent, England I8674 Teresa's tree 
3 ALLWRIGHT, Richard  Abt 1811Canterbury, Kent, England I12513 Teresa's tree 
4 ANDREWS, Flora  Dec Q 1876Canterbury, Kent, England I8061 Teresa's tree 
5 BEACON, Basil  Abt 1679Canterbury, Kent, England I4043 Teresa's tree 
6 BECON, Anthony  1595Canterbury, Kent, England I4051 Teresa's tree 
7 BECON, Clement  Abt 1651Canterbury, Kent, England I4038 Teresa's tree 
8 BECON, John  Abt 1678Canterbury, Kent, England I4042 Teresa's tree 
9 BECON, Martha  1686Canterbury, Kent, England I4098 Teresa's tree 
10 BECON, Sybilla  Abt 1597Canterbury, Kent, England I4052 Teresa's tree 
11 BENNETT, Rosette Matilda  Abt 1837Canterbury, Kent, England I5769 Teresa's tree 
12 BROWN, Eliza  Abt 1858Canterbury, Kent, England I9510 Teresa's tree 
13 CHARROSIN, Alfred  Jun Q 1876Canterbury, Kent, England I9324 Teresa's tree 
14 CHARROSIN, David  9 Mar 1689/90Canterbury, Kent, England I7844 Teresa's tree 
15 CHARROSIN, Eliza  Jun Q 1867Canterbury, Kent, England I8675 Teresa's tree 
16 CHARROSIN, Harry  Dec Q 1869Canterbury, Kent, England I8679 Teresa's tree 
17 CHARROSIN, Mary  Abt 1750Canterbury, Kent, England I7815 Teresa's tree 
18 CHARROSIN, Thomas  Abt 1730Canterbury, Kent, England I7842 Teresa's tree 
19 CHEEVER, Evans  Abt 1717Canterbury, Kent, England I8702 Teresa's tree 
20 CHURCHER, Mary  Abt 1680Canterbury, Kent, England I28178 Teresa's tree 
21 CLARK, Sarah  Abt 1818Canterbury, Kent, England I25599 Teresa's tree 
22 COLE, Kate  Abt 1866Canterbury, Kent, England I5597 Teresa's tree 
23 CORK, Susan  Abt 1858Canterbury, Kent, England I5593 Teresa's tree 
24 DE FARVAQUES, Elie  Abt 1635Canterbury, Kent, England I8520 Teresa's tree 
25 DE FARVAQUES, Judith  Canterbury, Kent, England I8938 Teresa's tree 
26 DE FARVAQUES, Susanne  Canterbury, Kent, England I8914 Teresa's tree 
27 DU THOIT, Jaques  Canterbury, Kent, England I8922 Teresa's tree 
28 ELVEY, Frances Eliza  Mar Q 1853Canterbury, Kent, England I22781 Teresa's tree 
29 FRIEND, Mary  Abt 1655Canterbury, Kent, England I4097 Teresa's tree 
30 FULLER, Eliza  Dec Q 1846Canterbury, Kent, England I2024 Teresa's tree 
31 FULLER, Harriet  Sep Q 1844Canterbury, Kent, England I2023 Teresa's tree 
32 GAWLER, Esther  Abt 1849Canterbury, Kent, England I8691 Teresa's tree 
33 GAWLER, John  Abt 1847Canterbury, Kent, England I8690 Teresa's tree 
34 GAWLER, Robert  Abt 1823Canterbury, Kent, England I8688 Teresa's tree 
35 GAWLER, Robert  Abt 1845Canterbury, Kent, England I8689 Teresa's tree 
36 GILBERT, George Henry  Mar Q 1865Canterbury, Kent, England I4482 Teresa's tree 
37 HIGGINS, Sarah Ann  Abt 1820Canterbury, Kent, England I24124 Teresa's tree 
38 HILLS, Florence  Abt 1881Canterbury, Kent, England I22770 Teresa's tree 
39 HOLMANS, William Kerby  Abt 1825Canterbury, Kent, England I8034 Teresa's tree 
40 HUNT, Alice  Abt 1882Canterbury, Kent, England I5594 Teresa's tree 
41 HUNT, Fanny  Abt 1883Canterbury, Kent, England I5595 Teresa's tree 
42 HUNT, James  Abt 1886Canterbury, Kent, England I5596 Teresa's tree 
43 JAMES, Thomas Henry  Est 1856Canterbury, Kent, England I22242 Teresa's tree 
44 JOHNSON, Ann?  Canterbury, Kent, England I6038 Teresa's tree 
45 JOHNSON, Jessie Eliza  Canterbury, Kent, England I6039 Teresa's tree 
46 JORDAN, George Hall  Jun Q 1850Canterbury, Kent, England I9320 Teresa's tree 
47 KIRBY, George  Dec Q 1868Canterbury, Kent, England I24293 Teresa's tree 
48 MOUNT, Eliza  Abt 1840Canterbury, Kent, England I2138 Teresa's tree 
49 ROBINSON, Harry Charrison  Mar Q 1885Canterbury, Kent, England I9330 Teresa's tree 
50 ROBINSON, Kate  Sep Q 1877Canterbury, Kent, England I9334 Teresa's tree 
51 ROBINSON, Laurie  Jun Q 1879Canterbury, Kent, England I9331 Teresa's tree 
52 ROBINSON, Nellie  Sep Q 1880Canterbury, Kent, England I9333 Teresa's tree 
53 ROBINSON, Nellie  Dec Q 1882Canterbury, Kent, England I9332 Teresa's tree 
54 SIMMONS, Mary Burton  Abt 1853Canterbury, Kent, England I2358 Teresa's tree 
55 SMITH, Albert Edward  Abt 1847Canterbury, Kent, England I935 Teresa's tree 
56 STARR, Mary  Abt 1795Canterbury, Kent, England I17304 Teresa's tree 
57 SUTTON, James  Abt 1810Canterbury, Kent, England I12503 Teresa's tree 
58 SUTTON, Thomas  Abt 1835Canterbury, Kent, England I17811 Teresa's tree 
59 TERRY, Samuel  Canterbury, Kent, England I8939 Teresa's tree 
60 TOMLIN, Harold  Abt 1881Canterbury, Kent, England I22769 Teresa's tree 
61 WANTIER, Marie  Canterbury, Kent, England I8907 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptised    Person ID   Tree 
1 SMITH, Albert Edward  10 Oct 1847Canterbury, Kent, England I935 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 BEANN, Martha  Dec 1757Canterbury, Kent, England I7845 Teresa's tree 
2 BOULENGER, Judith  12 Dec 1623Canterbury, Kent, England I8867 Teresa's tree 
3 CHARROSIN, David  Abt 27 Aug 1765Canterbury, Kent, England I7844 Teresa's tree 
4 CHARROSIN, Isaac  Nov 1746Canterbury, Kent, England I8518 Teresa's tree 
5 CHARROSIN, Thomas  1795Canterbury, Kent, England I7842 Teresa's tree 
6 DE FARVAQUES, Daniel  24 Feb 1686/87Canterbury, Kent, England I8927 Teresa's tree 
7 DE FARVAQUES, Jahel  Aug 1734Canterbury, Kent, England I8519 Teresa's tree 
8 DE FARVAQUES, Jeanne  6 Jan 1638/39Canterbury, Kent, England I8899 Teresa's tree 
9 DE FARVAQUES, Jenne  20 Dec 1623Canterbury, Kent, England I8894 Teresa's tree 
10 DE FARVAQUES, Judith  8 Aug 1669Canterbury, Kent, England I8911 Teresa's tree 
11 DE FARVAQUES, Lea  16 Oct 1629Canterbury, Kent, England I8902 Teresa's tree 
12 DE FARVAQUES, Nicholas  3 Jun 1667Canterbury, Kent, England I8873 Teresa's tree 
13 DE FARVAQUES, Paul  26 Apr 1670Canterbury, Kent, England I8872 Teresa's tree 
14 DE FARVAQUES, Paul  24 Nov 1679Canterbury, Kent, England I8915 Teresa's tree 
15 DE FARVAQUES, Samuel  25 Aug 1637Canterbury, Kent, England I8865 Teresa's tree 
16 DE FARVAQUES, Scamgar  1623Canterbury, Kent, England I8908 Teresa's tree 
17 DE LA MARLIER, Marie  2 Aug 1656Canterbury, Kent, England I8906 Teresa's tree 
18 DU PIRE, Elizabeth  5 May 1679Canterbury, Kent, England I8896 Teresa's tree 
19 DU RIEZ, Lea  23 Nov 1632Canterbury, Kent, England I8895 Teresa's tree 
20 FENN, Elijah  Dec Q 1889Canterbury, Kent, England I6693 Teresa's tree 
21 HULL, Elizabeth  1790Canterbury, Kent, England I7843 Teresa's tree 
22 LE KEUX, Marie  21 Jun 1680Canterbury, Kent, England I8916 Teresa's tree 
23 ROBINSON, Nellie  Sep Q 1880Canterbury, Kent, England I9333 Teresa's tree 
24 SANDOM, Ethel Beatrice  11 Jul 1986Canterbury, Kent, England I9654 Teresa's tree 
25 WANTIER, Marie  13 Jan 1684/85Canterbury, Kent, England I8907 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Buried    Person ID   Tree 
1 CHARROSIN, Jean  7 Dec 1738Canterbury, Kent, England I8570 Teresa's tree 

Administration with Will.

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Administration with Will.    Person ID   Tree 
1 WOOD, George  20 Jul 1878Canterbury, Kent, England I8080 Teresa's tree 

Civic duty

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civic duty    Person ID   Tree 
1 HALKE, Thomas  1 Dec 1603 to 28 Sep 1604Canterbury, Kent, England I17318 Teresa's tree 
2 HALKE, Thomas  From 1608 to 1611Canterbury, Kent, England I17318 Teresa's tree 
3 HALKE, Thomas  From 1610 to 1611Canterbury, Kent, England I17318 Teresa's tree 
4 MAY, Richard  1656Canterbury, Kent, England I10478 Teresa's tree 
5 YOUNG, George  From 29 Sep 1643 to 28 Sep 1644Canterbury, Kent, England I4067 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Education    Person ID   Tree 
1 ANDREWS, Flora  1881Canterbury, Kent, England I8061 Teresa's tree 
2 ANDREWS, Mary Jane  1881Canterbury, Kent, England I8060 Teresa's tree 
3 CHARROSIN, Ellen  1881Canterbury, Kent, England I8676 Teresa's tree 
4 JORDAN, Charlotte Fanny  1891Canterbury, Kent, England I9321 Teresa's tree 
5 JORDAN, Florence  1891Canterbury, Kent, England I9323 Teresa's tree 
6 JORDAN, George William  1891Canterbury, Kent, England I9322 Teresa's tree 

Executor / Trustee

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Executor / Trustee    Person ID   Tree 
1 FISHER, Elizabeth Ann  15 May 1873Canterbury, Kent, England I2246 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Freeman    Person ID   Tree 
1 BECON, Basil  1682Canterbury, Kent, England I4092 Teresa's tree 
2 CHAMBERS, Edmond  1641Canterbury, Kent, England I10475 Teresa's tree 
3 CHARROSIN, Evans  Canterbury, Kent, England I7871 Teresa's tree 
4 HALKE, The Rev. Michael  1610Canterbury, Kent, England I17257 Teresa's tree 
5 HALKE, The Rev. Richard M.A.  1784Canterbury, Kent, England I17259 Teresa's tree 
6 MAY, Richard  1644Canterbury, Kent, England I10478 Teresa's tree 
7 RICKSON, John  1753Canterbury, Kent, England I14716 Teresa's tree 
8 RICKSON, Michael  1727Canterbury, Kent, England I14703 Teresa's tree 
9 YOUNG, Benjamin  1661Canterbury, Kent, England I10476 Teresa's tree 
10 YOUNG, George  1612Canterbury, Kent, England I4067 Teresa's tree 
11 YOUNG, George  1644Canterbury, Kent, England I10473 Teresa's tree 

Grant of Administration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Grant of Administration    Person ID   Tree 
1 FEAKINS, Sarah  22 Feb 1870Canterbury, Kent, England I13348 Teresa's tree 
2 GOATHAM, Charlotte  19 Jan 1865Canterbury, Kent, England I374 Teresa's tree 
3 GRIGSBY, Maria  8 Jul 1911Canterbury, Kent, England I6091 Teresa's tree 
4 MANSER, Susan Eliza (“Eliza”)  24 Jul 1915Canterbury, Kent, England I481 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Miscellaneous    Person ID   Tree 
1 GOATHAM, Edward  18 Aug 1691Canterbury, Kent, England I6451 Teresa's tree 
2 RICKSON, John  Apr 1756Canterbury, Kent, England I14716 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 ANDREWS, Charles  1881Canterbury, Kent, England I353 Teresa's tree 
2 BECON, Basil  From 1682 to 1687Canterbury, Kent, England I4092 Teresa's tree 
3 BECON, Clement  1673Canterbury, Kent, England I4038 Teresa's tree 
4 BECON, Theodore  Canterbury, Kent, England I3898 Teresa's tree 
5 BECON, Thomas  1661Canterbury, Kent, England I4081 Teresa's tree 
6 CHAMBERS, Edmond  From 1641 to 1667Canterbury, Kent, England I10475 Teresa's tree 
7 CHARROSIN, Edward  1841Canterbury, Kent, England I8658 Teresa's tree 
8 CHARROSIN, Ellen  1891Canterbury, Kent, England I8676 Teresa's tree 
9 CHARROSIN, Evans  1841Canterbury, Kent, England I8581 Teresa's tree 
10 CHARROSIN, Evans  1841Canterbury, Kent, England I7871 Teresa's tree 
11 CHARROSIN, Henry Frederick  From 1861 to 1875Canterbury, Kent, England I8547 Teresa's tree 
12 CHARROSIN, John  Canterbury, Kent, England I7853 Teresa's tree 
13 CHARROSIN, Peter  1760Canterbury, Kent, England I8709 Teresa's tree 
14 CHEEVER, Evans  Canterbury, Kent, England I8702 Teresa's tree 
15 DE FARVAQUES, Nicholas  Canterbury, Kent, England I8873 Teresa's tree 
16 DE FARVAQUES, Samuel  Canterbury, Kent, England I8865 Teresa's tree 
17 DESPAIGNE, Samuel  1667Canterbury, Kent, England I8921 Teresa's tree 
18 DU THOIT, Jaques  1667Canterbury, Kent, England I8922 Teresa's tree 
19 FULLER, Susannah  1851Canterbury, Kent, England I4474 Teresa's tree 
20 GAWLER, Robert  1851Canterbury, Kent, England I8688 Teresa's tree 
21 HEARNDEN, William  1814Canterbury, Kent, England I22275 Teresa's tree 
22 HUNT, Alfred  From 1881 to 1891Canterbury, Kent, England I1782 Teresa's tree 
23 HUNT, Alfred  1901Canterbury, Kent, England I1782 Teresa's tree 
24 HUNT, James  1901Canterbury, Kent, England I5596 Teresa's tree 
25 RIGSBY, John  Canterbury, Kent, England I8704 Teresa's tree 
26 RIGSBY, Thomas  Canterbury, Kent, England I4099 Teresa's tree 
27 WHITE, Ralph  Canterbury, Kent, England I18696 Teresa's tree 
28 YOUNG, George  From 1612 to 1668Canterbury, Kent, England I4067 Teresa's tree 
29 YOUNG, George  1644Canterbury, Kent, England I10473 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Office    Person ID   Tree 
1 BOYS, Sir John  From 1592 to 1612Canterbury, Kent, England I22114 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID   Tree 
1 ACRES, Thomas  8 Aug 1883Canterbury, Kent, England I364 Teresa's tree 
2 ANDREWS, Charles  20 Jan 1893Canterbury, Kent, England I8036 Teresa's tree 
3 AYLETT, George  20 Apr 1895Canterbury, Kent, England I2163 Teresa's tree 
4 BEACON, Thomas  27 Jun 1885Canterbury, Kent, England I13352 Teresa's tree 
5 BEACON, William  30 Apr 1869Canterbury, Kent, England I13343 Teresa's tree 
6 EASON, Harriett Pemily  19 Oct 1907Canterbury, Kent, England I1902 Teresa's tree 
7 GOATHAM, Henry  2 May 1894Canterbury, Kent, England I1901 Teresa's tree 
8 MARKS, Robert James  16 Oct 1903Canterbury, Kent, England I4228 Teresa's tree 
9 SNOAD, Edward  1 Jun 1912Canterbury, Kent, England I22593 Teresa's tree 
10 WHITEHEAD, William  21 Mar 1888Canterbury, Kent, England I5932 Teresa's tree 
11 WHITEHEAD, William George  12 Feb 1919Canterbury, Kent, England I463 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate.    Person ID   Tree 
1 DRAY, Charlotte  28 Sep 1881Canterbury, Kent, England I8659 Teresa's tree 
2 HOLMANS, William Kerby  11 Mar 1869Canterbury, Kent, England I8034 Teresa's tree 
3 RICHARDS, Charles  8 Oct 1858Canterbury, Kent, England I9560 Teresa's tree 
4 WEBB, William  4 Nov 1873Canterbury, Kent, England I9327 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 PROWDE, Serlys  1583Canterbury, Kent, England I18757 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Spelling    Person ID   Tree 
1 GOTHAN, Deborah  1804Canterbury, Kent, England I7725 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Voting    Person ID   Tree 
1 CHARROSIN, Evans  30 Jul 1847Canterbury, Kent, England I7871 Teresa's tree 
2 CHARROSIN, George  1832Canterbury, Kent, England I8653 Teresa's tree 

Marriage License

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   Family    Marriage License    Family ID   Tree 
1 APSLEY / MARCKLYE  15 Feb 1601/02Canterbury, Kent, England F9225 Teresa's tree 
2 ARCHER / HALKE  23 Apr 1689Canterbury, Kent, England F8782 Teresa's tree 
3 BARLING / BARLING  16 May 1615Canterbury, Kent, England F8285 Teresa's tree 
4 BARLING / PAYNE  28 Feb 1614/15Canterbury, Kent, England F8790 Teresa's tree 
5 BARNES / RICKSON  26 Aug 1718Canterbury, Kent, England F6199 Teresa's tree 
6 BEACON / REYNOLDS  12 May 1826Canterbury, Kent, England F5910 Teresa's tree 
7 BEACON / WEBB  20 May 1689Canterbury, Kent, England F3135 Teresa's tree 
8 BECON /   23 Jul 1644Canterbury, Kent, England F3114 Teresa's tree 
9 BECON /   25 Aug 1777Canterbury, Kent, England F4098 Teresa's tree 
10 BECON / BOURNE  11 Oct 1751Canterbury, Kent, England F6813 Teresa's tree 
11 BECON / BREDIMAN  21 Feb 1642/43Canterbury, Kent, England F3108 Teresa's tree 
12 BECON / FAIREBEARD  9 May 1665Canterbury, Kent, England F3113 Teresa's tree 
13 BECON / FISHER  2 Oct 1675Canterbury, Kent, England F3092 Teresa's tree 
14 BECON / FOX  28 Jan 1694/95Canterbury, Kent, England F2663 Teresa's tree 
15 BECON / FRIEND  19 Oct 1685Canterbury, Kent, England F3132 Teresa's tree 
16 BECON / HARRIS  12 Jul 1673Canterbury, Kent, England F3091 Teresa's tree 
17 BECON / HEYDEN  4 Jun 1726Canterbury, Kent, England F4100 Teresa's tree 
18 BECON / JOHNSON  30 Aug 1794Canterbury, Kent, England F5773 Teresa's tree 
19 BECON / WILSON  4 Jan 1749/50Canterbury, Kent, England F4096 Teresa's tree 
20 BIGGE / BECON  16 Sep 1634Canterbury, Kent, England F3102 Teresa's tree 
21 BIGGE / MAPLISDEN  12 May 1626Canterbury, Kent, England F4445 Teresa's tree 
22 BILLTON /   12 Apr 1744Canterbury, Kent, England F4595 Teresa's tree 
23 BILLTON / HOLMAN  7 Nov 1738Canterbury, Kent, England F4215 Teresa's tree 
24 BILTING / LOVEWELL  9 Apr 1681Canterbury, Kent, England F9351 Teresa's tree 
25 BOUDRY / RICKSON  20 Jul 1732Canterbury, Kent, England F6202 Teresa's tree 
26 BOWELL / BARLING  9 Oct 1628Canterbury, Kent, England F8283 Teresa's tree 
27 BOYS /   23 May 1588Canterbury, Kent, England F8731 Teresa's tree 
28 BOYS / BARGRAVE  2 Oct 1604Canterbury, Kent, England F8729 Teresa's tree 
29 BOYS / SMITH  19 Apr 1597Canterbury, Kent, England F8732 Teresa's tree 
30 BRISLEY / GOATHAM  13 May 1809Canterbury, Kent, England F837 Teresa's tree 
31 BROADSTREET / DUNKIN  29 May 1756Canterbury, Kent, England F829 Teresa's tree 
32 BUSHELL / GOATHAM  24 Feb 1621/22Canterbury, Kent, England F1284 Teresa's tree 
33 COCKERTON / DRAYTON  1 Feb 1671/72Canterbury, Kent, England F10875 Teresa's tree 
34 CULLEN / HARVEY  20 Oct 1601Canterbury, Kent, England F6955 Teresa's tree 
35 DIGGES /   3 Dec 1667Canterbury, Kent, England F7651 Teresa's tree 
36 DIGGES / DANCASTER  16 Nov 1687Canterbury, Kent, England F7643 Teresa's tree 
37 DIGGES / PUDNER  3 Apr 1620Canterbury, Kent, England F7644 Teresa's tree 
38 EWELL / HALKE  22 Sep 1630Canterbury, Kent, England F6964 Teresa's tree 
39 FLOATE / SPRACKLING  30 Apr 1684Canterbury, Kent, England F9394 Teresa's tree 
40 FOX / BASSILL  2 Jul 1674Canterbury, Kent, England F3380 Teresa's tree 
41 FOX / GOATHAM  31 Dec 1754Canterbury, Kent, England F517 Teresa's tree 
42 FOX / HALKE  28 Jun 1740Canterbury, Kent, England F6982 Teresa's tree 
43 FOX / HOPKINS  14 Jan 1709/10Canterbury, Kent, England F7718 Teresa's tree 
44 FOX / MOUNT  3 May 1721Canterbury, Kent, England F7719 Teresa's tree 
45 FOX / PERRIN  25 Nov 1667Canterbury, Kent, England F4266 Teresa's tree 
46 FOX / PHILPOTT  9 Feb 1696/97Canterbury, Kent, England F4267 Teresa's tree 
47 GARDNER / PUDNER  17 Apr 1641Canterbury, Kent, England F7647 Teresa's tree 
48 GARDNER / YOUNG  26 Aug 1635Canterbury, Kent, England F4958 Teresa's tree 
49 GLOVER / WILSON  11 Jul 1734Canterbury, Kent, England F4448 Teresa's tree 
50 GOATHAM /   1641Canterbury, Kent, England F4158 Teresa's tree 
51 GOATHAM / BAKER  26 Nov 1700Canterbury, Kent, England F1267 Teresa's tree 
52 GOATHAM / DUNKIN  13 Feb 1724/25Canterbury, Kent, England F1365 Teresa's tree 
53 GOATHAM / FOGG  4 Dec 1701Canterbury, Kent, England F3727 Teresa's tree 
54 GOATHAM / HUBBARD  24 May 1670Canterbury, Kent, England F3681 Teresa's tree 
55 GOATHAM / JARVIS  1 Mar 1700/01Canterbury, Kent, England F3688 Teresa's tree 
56 GOATHAM / PRIOR  1 Aug 1798Canterbury, Kent, England F264 Teresa's tree 
57 GOATHAM / RIDER  11 Sep 1613Canterbury, Kent, England F3716 Teresa's tree 
58 GOATHAM / WINCH  7 Oct 1761Canterbury, Kent, England F272 Teresa's tree 
59 GODFREY / BUTCHER  27 Aug 1619Canterbury, Kent, England F8277 Teresa's tree 
60 GRIGSBY / CORDGER  28 Feb 1756Canterbury, Kent, England F3701 Teresa's tree 
61 HALKE /   1 May 1644Canterbury, Kent, England F6959 Teresa's tree 
62 HALKE / FINCHE  18 Dec 1587Canterbury, Kent, England F7010 Teresa's tree 
63 HALKE / HART  18 Aug 1576Canterbury, Kent, England F7008 Teresa's tree 
64 HALKE / HOLLINGBERY  13 May 1743Canterbury, Kent, England F6951 Teresa's tree 
65 HALKE / JARMAN  5 Sep 1733Canterbury, Kent, England F6954 Teresa's tree 
66 HALKE / TAYLOR  30 May 1638Canterbury, Kent, England F6911 Teresa's tree 
67 HALKE / WARD  18 Apr 1605Canterbury, Kent, England F6936 Teresa's tree 
68 HANDVILE / HUMMERSON  12 Oct 1587Canterbury, Kent, England F6993 Teresa's tree 
69 HANDVILE / KENNARD  13 Nov 1623Canterbury, Kent, England F6995 Teresa's tree 
70 HART / HALKE  23 Jan 1628/29Canterbury, Kent, England F6912 Teresa's tree 
71 HARTRIDGE / NAPLE  9 Jul 1611Canterbury, Kent, England F8316 Teresa's tree 
72 HARVEY / HALKE  11 Jan 1577Canterbury, Kent, England F6924 Teresa's tree 
73 HEBBING /   28 May 1628Canterbury, Kent, England F4560 Teresa's tree 
74 HEBBING / GOATHAM  13 May 1644Canterbury, Kent, England F4159 Teresa's tree 
75 HEBBING / LUCKETT  18 Feb 1608/09Canterbury, Kent, England F9375 Teresa's tree 
76 HEBBING / STURGES  13 Feb 1626/27Canterbury, Kent, England F9378 Teresa's tree 
77 HIDE / GOATHAM  18 Aug 1625Canterbury, Kent, England F4454 Teresa's tree 
78 HODGES / DIGGES  25 Jun 1642Canterbury, Kent, England F7648 Teresa's tree 
79 HUDSON / REYNOLDS  1 Apr 1810Canterbury, Kent, England F5912 Teresa's tree 
80 HUNT / BECON  15 Feb 1724/25Canterbury, Kent, England F452 Teresa's tree 
81 HUNT / LETTIS  2 Jun 1786Canterbury, Kent, England F440 Teresa's tree 
82 HUNT / WATERMAN  26 Mar 1747Canterbury, Kent, England F6413 Teresa's tree 
83 HURT /   22 Jun 1668Canterbury, Kent, England F5487 Teresa's tree 
84 HURT / DAWSON  4 Mar 1672/73Canterbury, Kent, England F5488 Teresa's tree 
85 JACOB / RICKSON  18 Dec 1729Canterbury, Kent, England F6203 Teresa's tree 
86 KING /   3 Aug 1672Canterbury, Kent, England F9344 Teresa's tree 
87 KING / GOATHAM  25 Nov 1680Canterbury, Kent, England F9343 Teresa's tree 
88 KING / HAMON  3 Jul 1630Canterbury, Kent, England F9366 Teresa's tree 
89 KING / TAYLOR  30 Sep 1673Canterbury, Kent, England F9368 Teresa's tree 
90 KNIGHT / KINGSNOTH  29 Jul 1645Canterbury, Kent, England F7690 Teresa's tree 
91 LONGE / CHIDWICKE  10 Jun 1620Canterbury, Kent, England F9356 Teresa's tree 
92 LONGE / SMYTH  7 Jul 1628Canterbury, Kent, England F9321 Teresa's tree 
93 LONGE / WOODLAND  7 Jan 1625/26Canterbury, Kent, England F9358 Teresa's tree 
94 LOVEWELL / DAD  30 Apr 1671Canterbury, Kent, England F9347 Teresa's tree 
95 LOVEWELL / GOATHAM  28 Sep 1677Canterbury, Kent, England F9342 Teresa's tree 
96 LYON / FRIEND  23 Apr 1690Canterbury, Kent, England F4644 Teresa's tree 
97 MARTIN / GOATHAM  17 Oct 1727Canterbury, Kent, England F4450 Teresa's tree 
98 MASCALL / GOATHAM  17 Apr 1624Canterbury, Kent, England F4209 Teresa's tree 
99 MASON /   10 Nov 1710Canterbury, Kent, England F6984 Teresa's tree 
100 MASON / RICKSON  27 Jan 1686/87Canterbury, Kent, England F6192 Teresa's tree 
101 MASTER / HALKE  15 Feb 1638/39Canterbury, Kent, England F6965 Teresa's tree 
102 MATSON / NELSON  12 Nov 1737Canterbury, Kent, England F10871 Teresa's tree 
103 MOOR / WATTS  17 Jul 1723Canterbury, Kent, England F9422 Teresa's tree 
104 NEALE / BREDIMAN  19 Aug 1633Canterbury, Kent, England F4444 Teresa's tree 
105 NELSON /   20 Oct 1691Canterbury, Kent, England F10850 Teresa's tree 
106 NELSON / BASSETT  16 Dec 1703Canterbury, Kent, England F10866 Teresa's tree 
107 NELSON / DRAYTON  4 Feb 1690/91Canterbury, Kent, England F10860 Teresa's tree 
108 NELSON / FOX  5 Jun 1677Canterbury, Kent, England F10843 Teresa's tree 
109 NELSON / GOLDFINCH  3 Jul 1727Canterbury, Kent, England F11197 Teresa's tree 
110 NELSON / PRICE  30 Apr 1722Canterbury, Kent, England F10869 Teresa's tree 
111 PAGE /   13 Mar 1611/12Canterbury, Kent, England F7012 Teresa's tree 
112 PAGE /   14 Apr 1623Canterbury, Kent, England F7716 Teresa's tree 
113 PEELE / DIGGES  7 Mar 1676/77Canterbury, Kent, England F7654 Teresa's tree 
114 PHILPOTT / HALKE  13 Feb 1639/40Canterbury, Kent, England F6973 Teresa's tree 
115 PILCHY / GOATHAM  14 Jun 1690Canterbury, Kent, England F395 Teresa's tree 
116 RANDELL / BECON  May 1690Canterbury, Kent, England F3134 Teresa's tree 
117 REU / HOMERSHAM  12 Oct 1750Canterbury, Kent, England F6201 Teresa's tree 
118 RICKSON /   18 Aug 1681Canterbury, Kent, England F6191 Teresa's tree 
119 RICKSON /   26 Apr 1698Canterbury, Kent, England F6194 Teresa's tree 
120 RICKSON / CRAFT  18 Aug 1691Canterbury, Kent, England F6188 Teresa's tree 
121 RICKSON / FIGGETT  13 May 1687Canterbury, Kent, England F6187 Teresa's tree 
122 RICKSON / HOMERSHAM  24 Jan 1680/81Canterbury, Kent, England F6189 Teresa's tree 
123 RICKSON / HOMERSHAM  7 May 1728Canterbury, Kent, England F6200 Teresa's tree 
124 RICKSON / SOWTON  31 May 1717Canterbury, Kent, England F6198 Teresa's tree 
125 ROWE / COLEMAN  9 Apr 1596Canterbury, Kent, England F9363 Teresa's tree 
126 ROWE / STACE  3 Nov 1625Canterbury, Kent, England F9364 Teresa's tree 
127 RUCKE / FOX  26 Feb 1678/79Canterbury, Kent, England F11205 Teresa's tree 
128 SALMON / GOATHAM  10 Jan 1698/99Canterbury, Kent, England F4447 Teresa's tree 
129 SARGENSON / ELWIN  16 Oct 1678Canterbury, Kent, England F6919 Teresa's tree 
130 SARGENSON / MAY  6 Nov 1674Canterbury, Kent, England F6918 Teresa's tree 
131 SAYER / SLADDEN  12 Nov 1741Canterbury, Kent, England F11192 Teresa's tree 
132 SCOTT / PRICE  28 Apr 1737Canterbury, Kent, England F10877 Teresa's tree 
133 SLADDEN / CHURCHER  9 Jan 1704/05Canterbury, Kent, England F10883 Teresa's tree 
134 SMITH / FENNER  14 Apr 1722Canterbury, Kent, England F7688 Teresa's tree 
135 SMITH / GIBBS  24 Feb 1708/09Canterbury, Kent, England F7689 Teresa's tree 
136 SMITH / KNIGHT  21 Apr 1675Canterbury, Kent, England F7684 Teresa's tree 
137 SMITHSON / DAWSON  26 Oct 1670Canterbury, Kent, England F5489 Teresa's tree 
138 SOLLEY / DAD  26 Mar 1661Canterbury, Kent, England F9348 Teresa's tree 
139 STEDE / HALKE  11 Jul 1640Canterbury, Kent, England F6913 Teresa's tree 
140 STROWD / TERRY  30 Mar 1616Canterbury, Kent, England F6364 Teresa's tree 
141 SUCKLIN / FOX  11 Feb 1662/63Canterbury, Kent, England F11209 Teresa's tree 
142 SWYNERTON / BARLING  30 May 1603Canterbury, Kent, England F8280 Teresa's tree 
143 TAYLOR /   Canterbury, Kent, England F5491 Teresa's tree 
144 TAYLOR / BARLING  29 Mar 1643Canterbury, Kent, England F6216 Teresa's tree 
145 TERRY /   1 Sep 1664Canterbury, Kent, England F6353 Teresa's tree 
146 TERRY / JEFFREY  3 Oct 1684Canterbury, Kent, England F6363 Teresa's tree 
147 THATCHER / TONGE  20 Nov 1627Canterbury, Kent, England F8315 Teresa's tree 
148 TIPP / HALKE  14 Sep 1635Canterbury, Kent, England F6974 Teresa's tree 
149 TONGE /   17 Feb 1598/99Canterbury, Kent, England F8313 Teresa's tree 
150 TONGE / BLECHENDEN  16 Jul 1635Canterbury, Kent, England F8312 Teresa's tree 
151 VANDIPERE / BAXLEY  23 Oct 1699Canterbury, Kent, England F6207 Teresa's tree 
152 VANDIPERE / RICKSON  8 Jun 1693Canterbury, Kent, England F6196 Teresa's tree 
153 VAUSE / HALKE  19 Sep 1597Canterbury, Kent, England F6976 Teresa's tree 
154 WACHER / GOATHAM  28 Jun 1729Canterbury, Kent, England F5196 Teresa's tree 
155 WEBB / GOATHAM  6 Mar 1741/42Canterbury, Kent, England F5481 Teresa's tree 
156 WHITE / CUMBER  25 Sep 1683Canterbury, Kent, England F6979 Teresa's tree 
157 WHITE / WATSON  11 Dec 1606Canterbury, Kent, England F7411 Teresa's tree 
158 WHITLOCKE / BRANDER  30 Jun 1631Canterbury, Kent, England F10806 Teresa's tree 
159 WOOD / WATSON  19 Feb 1619/20Canterbury, Kent, England F6969 Teresa's tree