London, England



County, state or province : Latitude: 51.502566619087816, Longitude: -0.12668609619140625


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Birth    Person ID   Tree 
1 CHANTLER, Kate  Abt 1874London, England I23691 Teresa's tree 
2 COKER, Joseph William ("Will")  Abt 1876London, England I114 Teresa's tree 
3 CORBETT, Robert  1595London, England I4429 Teresa's tree 
4 DARLINGTON, Henry  Abt 1878London, England I24473 Teresa's tree 
5 DE FARVAQUES, Jahel  Abt 1666London, England I8519 Teresa's tree 
6 DRURY, Richard  1561London, England I4427 Teresa's tree 
7 JORDAN, Charlotte Fanny  Abt 1879London, England I9321 Teresa's tree 
8 MATTHEWS, Ann  Abt 1801London, England I4149 Teresa's tree 
9 SLINGSBY, Spencer Charles  Abt 1848London, England I21955 Teresa's tree 
10 TURNS, Henry  Abt 1859London, England I26876 Teresa's tree 
11 WARNER, Mary Ann  Abt 1872London, England I4941 Teresa's tree 
12 WOODMAN, Susan  Abt 1870London, England I4000 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Baptised    Person ID   Tree 
1 LANCASTER, Joyce N.  27 Dec 1932London, England I2618 Teresa's tree 
2 MUSCHAMP, Mary  16 Jul 1575London, England I25522 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Died    Person ID   Tree 
1 FROST, Rosina Kathleen ("Kitty")  1963 or 1965London, England I4586 Teresa's tree 
2 GILBERT, Sir John  5 Jul 1608London, England I26893 Teresa's tree 

Administration with Will

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Administration with Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 INGRAM, Charles Wesley  27 May 1957London, England I28494 Teresa's tree 
2 OTTAWAY, Percy Charles  2 Oct 1964London, England I3853 Teresa's tree 
3 SWAN, William  27 Oct 1949London, England I28493 Teresa's tree 

Administration with Will.

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Administration with Will.    Person ID   Tree 
1 HOPPER, Sarah Ann  17 Dec 1918London, England I22779 Teresa's tree 
2 VOGWELL, George  18 May 1894London, England I1035 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Apprenticeship    Person ID   Tree 
1 GOATHAM, George Mackeldon  15 Aug 1883London, England I2247 Teresa's tree 
2 GOATHAM, John  5 Aug 1645London, England I7920 Teresa's tree 

Civic duty

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Civic duty    Person ID   Tree 
1 MUSCHAMP, Thomas  1463London, England I24809 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Emigration    Person ID   Tree 
1 GOATHAM, Arthur Stanley  26 Apr 1952London, England I8249 Teresa's tree 
2 NORTHMORE, William Henry  7 Jun 1901London, England I13426 Teresa's tree 

Executor / Trustee

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Executor / Trustee    Person ID   Tree 
1 FILMER, Lucy May  15 Jun 1851London, England I3795 Teresa's tree 
2 GOATHAM, Amy Mackelden  13 May 1908London, England I2249 Teresa's tree 
3 GOATHAM, May Victoria  20 Dec 1952London, England I1889 Teresa's tree 
4 OSBORN, Alice Maud  18 Mar 1940London, England I6170 Teresa's tree 

Grant of Administration

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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Grant of Administration    Person ID   Tree 
1 AYLETT, Brian  20 Mar 1959London, England I15265 Teresa's tree 
2 BAKER, Charlotte  20 Feb 1932London, England I28541 Teresa's tree 
3 BATCHELOR, Thomas Robert  24 Dec 1914London, England I28378 Teresa's tree 
4 BEACON, William Charles  7 Sep 1964London, England I13374 Teresa's tree 
5 BRIMACOMBE, Elizabeth Ann  25 Apr 1913London, England I17977 Teresa's tree 
6 CHAPPIN, George Ernest  9 Jun 1923London, England I3880 Teresa's tree 
7 GOATHAM, Augustus  26 Sep 1917London, England I482 Teresa's tree 
8 GOATHAM, Charles  14 Nov 1901London, England I1496 Teresa's tree 
9 GOATHAM, Charles  20 Feb 1914London, England I1496 Teresa's tree 
10 GOATHAM, Charlotte Ann  4 May 1940London, England I1459 Teresa's tree 
11 GOATHAM, Erroll Cecil Frederick  17 Mar 1969London, England I1458 Teresa's tree 
12 GOATHAM, Evelyn Doris  19 Dec 1957London, England I4998 Teresa's tree 
13 GOATHAM, George Alfred  12 Oct 1962London, England I3008 Teresa's tree 
14 GOATHAM, Harriet  8 Jun 1893London, England I5997 Teresa's tree 
15 GOATHAM, John Edward  7 Apr 1949London, England I3823 Teresa's tree 
16 GRIGGS, James  16 Sep 1912London, England I28970 Teresa's tree 
17 HAMBLING, Charles Mitchelson  8 Mar 1907London, England I2298 Teresa's tree 
18 HAMBLING, George John  2 Aug 1906London, England I2299 Teresa's tree 
19 HAMBLING, James Bartlett ("Bert")  13 Jan 1953London, England I7 Teresa's tree 
20 HANMAN, Walter Thomas  6 Jul 1925London, England I25916 Teresa's tree 
21 HIBBERD, Alfred  13 Aug 1910London, England I6691 Teresa's tree 
22 HYDE, Ada Sophia  20 May 1963London, England I4250 Teresa's tree 
23 JORDAN, Louisa La Gulahas  20 Feb 1905London, England I3129 Teresa's tree 
24 KELLOND, William Peter  7 Jun 1898London, England I1697 Teresa's tree 
25 KEYS, Percival Rice Davis  23 Feb 1909London, England I5067 Teresa's tree 
26 MILLINGTON, Ann Maria  15 Dec 1951London, England I28492 Teresa's tree 
27 NORTHMORE, Cecilia Foote  31 Jul 1913London, England I11190 Teresa's tree 
28 PIKE, Blanche  30 Mar 1925London, England I5316 Teresa's tree 
29 POWELL, George John  19 Jun 1916London, England I24382 Teresa's tree 
30 SAUNDERS, Annie  7 Feb 1950London, England I9190 Teresa's tree 
31 SNELLING, Edward John  16 Dec 1938London, England I1995 Teresa's tree 
32 TRANT, William Henry  8 Dec 1917London, England I9410 Teresa's tree 
33 WELCH, Ernest James  5 May 1925London, England I393 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Occupation    Person ID   Tree 
1 ANDREWS, George Leonard  1913London, England I8063 Teresa's tree 
2 BAILEY, Henry ("Fred or Bill")  From 1946 to 1964London, England I3 Teresa's tree 
3 CHARROSIN, William David  1911London, England I14094 Teresa's tree 
4 FENN, Robert  1891London, England I6692 Teresa's tree 
5 GOATHAM, Charles  From 1881 to 1914London, England I1922 Teresa's tree 
6 GOATHAM, Eric Herbert John  From 1940 to 1979London, England I5 Teresa's tree 
7 HEMMINGS, Marjorie Kathleen  From 1928 to 1974London, England I100 Teresa's tree 
8 INMAN, Lord Philip Albert  From 4 Nov 1918 to 1921London, England I121 Teresa's tree 
9 JUSTHAM, Charles Hicks  1891London, England I1140 Teresa's tree 
10 JUSTHAM, John Hicks  From 1881 to 1891London, England I1112 Teresa's tree 
11 PEPPERELL, Evans  From 1841 to 1851London, England I16747 Teresa's tree 
12 WRAKE, John  1891London, England I8614 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLEN, Mary Ellen  30 Jan 1964London, England I2145 Teresa's tree 
2 APPLETON, Edward Charles  14 Nov 1962London, England I2392 Teresa's tree 
3 AYLETT, Bernard Fryer A.R.C.O.  29 Mar 1955London, England I2166 Teresa's tree 
4 AYLETT, Edward John Thomas  23 Oct 1956London, England I15254 Teresa's tree 
5 AYLETT, Ernest George  29 Mar 1955London, England I2161 Teresa's tree 
6 BARNABY, Sir Nathaniel K. C. B.  23 Jul 1915London, England I12708 Teresa's tree 
7 BATEMAN, Arthur Henry  18 Mar 1940London, England I14838 Teresa's tree 
8 BEACON, Charles  23 Feb 1914London, England I28364 Teresa's tree 
9 BEACON, Ebenezer George  16 Apr 1940London, England I13392 Teresa's tree 
10 BEACON, Ernest John  4 Aug 1955London, England I13403 Teresa's tree 
11 BEACON, Frederick Charles  25 Jun 1949London, England I13387 Teresa's tree 
12 BEATON, William George  22 Apr 1947London, England I27654 Teresa's tree 
13 BECON, Stephen Wilmshurst  24 Sep 1915London, England I13282 Teresa's tree 
14 BISHOP, Jessy Emma  9 Jul 1918London, England I685 Teresa's tree 
15 BOURNE, Alice Maria  22 Aug 1967London, England I1465 Teresa's tree 
16 BRODREPP, Richard  19 Feb 1657/58London, England I21257 Teresa's tree 
17 BROOKING, Elizabeth  20 Nov 1658London, England I21542 Teresa's tree 
18 CAME, John Matthew  15 Nov 1928London, England I9849 Teresa's tree 
19 COOK, Francis (“Frank”)  21 Jul 1892London, England I22591 Teresa's tree 
20 COOPER, William  1 Apr 1931London, England I446 Teresa's tree 
21 CUTTIFORD, George  8 Dec 1658London, England I22433 Teresa's tree 
22 ELLESDON, Anthony  15 May 1656London, England I21246 Teresa's tree 
23 FAGG, Ann  27 Aug 1903London, England I14800 Teresa's tree 
24 FLECK, Ruby Evelyn  3 May 2017London, England I6175 Teresa's tree 
25 GOATHAM, Albert George  24 Jan 1948London, England I534 Teresa's tree 
26 GOATHAM, Bessie  17 Jun 1965London, England I1900 Teresa's tree 
27 GOATHAM, Eliza  28 Dec 1907London, England I1781 Teresa's tree 
28 GOATHAM, Ethel Florence  4 Aug 1983London, England I330 Teresa's tree 
29 GOATHAM, Harry ("Henry") William  14 Jul 1931London, England I1875 Teresa's tree 
30 GOATHAM, Henrietta May  4 Jul 1986London, England I1885 Teresa's tree 
31 GOATHAM, Herbert Cecil ("Herbie or Bert")  3 Jul 2013London, England I405 Teresa's tree 
32 GOATHAM, Joseph  17 May 1921London, England I460 Teresa's tree 
33 GOATHAM, Reginald Rayfield BEM  4 Jul 1962London, England I2197 Teresa's tree 
34 GOATHAM, Walter  7 Nov 1921London, England I493 Teresa's tree 
35 GOATHAM, William  24 Jun 1892London, England I1445 Teresa's tree 
36 HADLOW, Sarah Edith  18 Jan 1947London, England I519 Teresa's tree 
37 HAMBLING, Charlotte  12 Jan 1906London, England I2297 Teresa's tree 
38 HAMBLING, James Bartlett  18 Feb 1931London, England I37 Teresa's tree 
39 HAMBLING, Sarah Elizabeth ("Sally")  3 Feb 1939London, England I913 Teresa's tree 
40 HANMAN, May Ethel  2 Oct 1974London, England I28309 Teresa's tree 
41 HARFORD, The Rev. Anthony  5 Mar 1655/56London, England I16860 Teresa's tree 
42 HARPER, Arthur Thomas  10 Jan 1953London, England I1920 Teresa's tree 
43 HARRIS, Mr. Phillip  28 Sep 1646London, England I22423 Teresa's tree 
44 HARRISON, Wallace Richard  20 Jul 1931London, England I9174 Teresa's tree 
45 HOLMANS, Charles Valentine  14 Jun 1933London, England I1950 Teresa's tree 
46 HUGHES, Edith Mabel Annie  20 Oct 1975London, England I17672 Teresa's tree 
47 HUNT, George Frederick  29 Oct 1952London, England I15238 Teresa's tree 
48 ISSELL, Thomas  12 Jun 1924London, England I732 Teresa's tree 
49 JOHNSON, Daisy Eliza Goatham [G-K]  23 Feb 1954London, England I25016 Teresa's tree 
50 JUSTHAM, Charles Hicks  21 Apr 1939London, England I1140 Teresa's tree 
51 JUSTHAM, Gilbert Morris  20 Dec 1960London, England I1146 Teresa's tree 
52 JUSTHAM, Wallace Eliot James  2 Mar 1948London, England I1148 Teresa's tree 
53 KELLOND, Horace William  12 Nov 1936London, England I3130 Teresa's tree 
54 KELLOND, Robert Henry  7 Apr 1934London, England I8386 Teresa's tree 
55 KITE, Sidney Harold  3 Feb 1967London, England I6163 Teresa's tree 
56 LAWES, Henry Lloyd  25 May 1936London, England I3855 Teresa's tree 
57 LONGE, Thomas  15 Jun 1657London, England I23834 Teresa's tree 
58 LOVETT, Richard Henry  2 Dec 1905London, England I25983 Teresa's tree 
59 LUSCOMBE, Mabel Evelyn  28 Apr 1966London, England I20768 Teresa's tree 
60 MARTIN, Alice Ann  7 May 1955London, England I24116 Teresa's tree 
61 MILLEN, Rose Hannah King Lade  16 Mar 1903London, England I471 Teresa's tree 
62 MILLINGTON, Minnie Caroline  21 Mar 1963London, England I28491 Teresa's tree 
63 NICOLL, Mary Johnstone  20 Jan 2003London, England I6226 Teresa's tree 
64 NORTHMORE, Mary Emma  6 May 1950London, England I11798 Teresa's tree 
65 NORTHMORE, Richard John  11 Feb 1960London, England I11796 Teresa's tree 
66 NORTHMORE, William John  22 Dec 1933London, England I18169 Teresa's tree 
67 PEDRICK, George Prettijohn  11 May 1900London, England I11949 Teresa's tree 
68 PENFOLD, John  11 Sep 1953London, England I5271 Teresa's tree 
69 PENFOLD, Lavinia  15 Dec 1972London, England I3833 Teresa's tree 
70 PERRATON, Richard Henry Abnor  10 Sep 1938London, England I914 Teresa's tree 
71 PHELIPPAULT, Arthur Leon  18 Feb 1955London, England I17919 Teresa's tree 
72 PITCHES, William  28 Nov 1929London, England I27678 Teresa's tree 
73 POPPLESTONE, Henry  13 Aug 1935London, England I5738 Teresa's tree 
74 ROSE, Richard  19 Feb 1657/58London, England I21204 Teresa's tree 
75 SWAN, William  15 Jan 1927London, England I28493 Teresa's tree 
76 TRANT, Frederick Brooking  17 Jan 1913London, England I17986 Teresa's tree 
77 TRANT, Henry Roberts Flewellen  4 Feb 1966London, England I5069 Teresa's tree 
78 TRANT, John  3 Nov 1936London, England I5025 Teresa's tree 
79 WARD, Rosetta  14 May 1917London, England I14839 Teresa's tree 
80 WILLIAMS, James Richard  28 Sep 1950London, England I11321 Teresa's tree 
81 WILLIAMS, William  23 Jul 1908London, England I11320 Teresa's tree 
82 WILLIS, Florence  10 Jan 1953London, England I1919 Teresa's tree 
83 WILLIS, Thomas Craddock  22 Jun 1926London, England I28540 Teresa's tree 
84 WOOD, Walter Stephen  23 Feb 1965London, England I21942 Teresa's tree 
85 WOOLLARD, Tryphena Maud  2 Jan 1952London, England I1945 Teresa's tree 
86 WOTTON, William Esqr.  10 Oct 1651London, England I18448 Teresa's tree 
87 WRIGHT, Amy Constance  4 Feb 1935London, England I8329 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Probate.    Person ID   Tree 
1 ALLINGTON, James  31 Aug 1888London, England I3163 Teresa's tree 
2 BARNABY, Robert  18 Apr 1904London, England I1118 Teresa's tree 
3 BISHOP, Thomas  16 Oct 1914London, England I3776 Teresa's tree 
4 BRETT, Ernest  1 Feb 1924London, England I28315 Teresa's tree 
5 BURCHALL, Robert John  9 Sep 1893London, England I9828 Teresa's tree 
6 CHALKLEN, Thomas  5 May 1920London, England I19682 Teresa's tree 
7 FISHER, Elizabeth Ann  13 May 1908London, England I2246 Teresa's tree 
8 FREEMAN, Thomas  15 Nov 1912London, England I5720 Teresa's tree 
9 GOODHEW, George  12 Jun 1906London, England I21934 Teresa's tree 
10 HADLOW, Edward John  3 Dec 1920London, England I24135 Teresa's tree 
11 INGE, Thomas  4 Jul 1919London, England I2172 Teresa's tree 
12 KEMSLEY, Nathaniel  29 Jan 1926London, England I20715 Teresa's tree 
13 LAPTHORNE, Elizabeth Dare  24 Jan 1921London, England I27067 Teresa's tree 
14 LONGFORD, Eliza  8 Jul 1920London, England I19683 Teresa's tree 
15 NEWING, William  27 Mar 1912London, England I4641 Teresa's tree 
16 ORGLES, Eliza  7 Jun 1910London, England I1663 Teresa's tree 
17 PIKE, Kezia  15 Feb 1918London, England I760 Teresa's tree 
18 REED, Sir Edward James K. C. B., F. R. S.  21 Feb 1907London, England I12710 Teresa's tree 
19 SPURRELL, Edwin  25 Jul 1931London, England I10725 Teresa's tree 
20 SPURRELL, Sarah Ann  14 May 1919London, England I10674 Teresa's tree 
21 TRANT, Henry Ford Mardon  25 May 1916London, England I5065 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Residence    Person ID   Tree 
1 LAVERS  1842London, England I12615 Teresa's tree 
2 LAVERS, William  1842London, England I12614 Teresa's tree 
3 TRANT, Myra  1844London, England I10155 Teresa's tree 


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   Last Name, Given Name(s)    Will    Person ID   Tree 
1 PEPPERELL, George  9 Jul 1840London, England I16230 Teresa's tree 
2 PEPPERELL, John  9 Mar 1838London, England I16228 Teresa's tree 


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   Family    Married    Family ID   Tree 
1 ADAMS / PEPPERELL  1860London, England F10446 Teresa's tree 
2 FOX / BROUNTON  10 Aug 1788London, England F7723 Teresa's tree 

Marriage License

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   Family    Marriage License    Family ID   Tree 
1 FANE / HALKE  25 Apr 1661London, England F7600 Teresa's tree 
2 GRIGSBY / WAKELIN  26 Oct 1761London, England F5988 Teresa's tree