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DNA Test: atDNA

Test Information

  • Taken by Teresa Ann GOATHAM 
    Test date Dec 2017 
    Vendor Ancestry 
    Test Type atDNA (Autosomal) 
    Ancestral surnames Adames, Adams, Ashley, Aston, Atwood, Aubineau, Audley, Awdeley, Bacon, Bailey, Bailie, Baker, Bampfield, BaquelÉ, Barbor, Barling, Barter, Bartlett, Bassill, Bastard, Bayton, Beann, Beaton, Beauchamp, Becon, Bellamy, Bellett, Blank, Blewett, Bluett, Board, Bodrigan, Boleigh, Bond, Bowey, Brawne, Brissenden, Britt, Brodrepp, Brown, Browning, Brugge, Brydges, Bully, Burging, Burgoin, Burley, Burr, Bussey, Butcher, Campbell, Carman, Carter, Cashpell, Catcheside, Caton, Catt Or Knight, Chaddick, Champernoun, Champernowne, Charrosin, Chubbe, Clement, Coale, Coirer, Cole, Collard, Collins, Combe, Compton, Constable, Cook, Cooker, Cookworthy, Coome, Coppleston, Cordger, Court, Courtenay, Cowlyn, Craven, Crobierd, Cudlip, Cutbush, Dash, Davy, De Courtenay, De Courtney, De Farvaques, De Moels, De Mountford, De Vere, Delyster, Denis, Denys Or Peny, Deynsell, Diggon, Dodd, Douglese, Drew, Dunkin, Durance, Dyer, Earle, Eaton, Ede, Egbeare, Ellesdon, Emmerson, Ewen, Fallapit, Falwell, Field, Ford, Forster, Fortescue, Fowell, Fox, Fred, Freeman, Friend, Fuller, Gale, Gambon, Garland, Gay, Gaynsford, Giffard, Gilbert, Gilchrist, Glanville, Glubb, Goatham, Godfrey, Goody, Goord Or Foord, Grannt, Griggs, Grigsby, Gumbril, Hackwell, Hacom, Halke, Halloue, Hambling, Hammond, Hannaford, Harcourt, Harvey, Harvye, Hatch, Hawkins, Heath, Heather, Hedger, Hele, Henning, Heron, Hext, Heywood, Hill, Hingeston, Hitchen, Holcomb, Hollock, Hook, Horner, Horton, Huit, Hull, Hungerford, Hunt, Hunter, Husbande, Hussey, Hutchinson, Hyde, Hyne, Inkpen, Inman, Issell, Jamys, Jury, Justham, Kellond, Kemp, Kendall, Kettle, Killigarth, Killyow, King, Kinge, Kinsman, Knowles, Knowling, Landere, Lavers, Laye, Le Despencer, Leigh, Leuri, Ley, Light, Looe, Loucock, Lucas, Ludkin, Lyster, Mabank, Malston, Mant, Martyn, Mathew, Mattacott, Mauer, Merland, Milliton, Moore, Morgan, Mortimore, Muckleston, Muschamp, Narramore, Neale, Nenne, Newnam, Nichoals, Niele, Norries, Northmore, Nott, Nute, Ogan, Oliver, Packingham, Paddon, Pannett, Papy, Pauncefoote, Payne, Peacocke, Pearce, Pearse, Pederton, Peeke, Pennalls, Penny, Pentier, Pepperell, Perring, Peverell, Philips, Phillips, Philpott, Pike, Pollexfen, Pope, Portet, Praul, Preston, Prior, Pritchard, Pritijohn, Prout, Putt, Reed, Reynell, Reynolds, Rickson, Rider, Roberts, Robinson, Rofe, Rogers, Rose, Roy, Roze, Ryder, Rysby, Sands, Sawkins, Semmons, Sennoke, Senos?, Servant, Shelley, Shepherd, Shilston, Shinner, Shutler, Sidenham, Silveyne, Skirrett, Smith, Sone, Soullet, Springfield, Spurrell, Squire, St. Maur, Stacey, Steel, Steven, Stevens, Stighull, Stofford, Stone, Stourton, Strode, Stubberfield, Sullock, Sumpter, Swan, Sweetland, Sydenham, Symons, Tapner, Taylor, Terry, Terry ?, Thorber, Tombe, Trant, Trevillian, Tuckerman, Turney, Valletort, Verney, Vogwell, Wackom, Wadham, Wakeham, Walrond, Ward, Welbeck, White, Whitehead, Whitlooke, Whitton, Wickham, Wilcocks, Williams, Willson, Winch, Winchelsie, Winter, Wither, Withers, Wogan, Wood, Woodley, Wotton, Wyer, Wynch, [pos] Wrey 
    Although I took this test with Ancestry, I have uploaded the results to GEDMATCH, MyHeritage, LivingDNA (linked with FindMyPast) and Family Tree DNA.
    Linked to Teresa Ann GOATHAM,   b. 31 Jan 1963, Farnborough Hospital, Kent, England See the place on a map and other information about it - if available (many more will be in time); also all individuals with events at this location