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Lenham - on an October afternoon
Lenham - on an October afternoon
It wasn't the best weather / light for taking photos but it I was passing the area so it was a chance worth taking anyway.
  12 Sep 2019
Goatham Family Prayer Book (was linked to Caroline, Michael and Charles and Sybilla and their children)
Goatham Family Prayer Book (was linked to Caroline, Michael and Charles and Sybilla and their children)
A Prayer Book recording the births of the children of Charles and Sybilla Goatham (except Elisha - was this accidental or was there a reason?)
Given that Sybilla was descended from Thomas Becon who is believed to have written part of the prayer book (in particular, the catechism is thought to be his work) it seems appropriate they used a Prayer Book rather than a Bible - was this a deliberate choice for this reason or chance? - I suspect the latter.… 
  12 Sep 2019


 ID   Last Name, Given Name(s)   Born/Baptised   Location   Tree | Branch   Last Modified 
BASTARD, Bevill 
b. Abt 1646  Gerston, West Alvington, Devon, England  Teresa's tree 15 Oct 2019
FORTESCUE, Bartholomew 
   Teresa's tree 14 Oct 2019
BROWN, George 
c. 24 Jan 1750/51  St. Alban’s Church, Earsdon, Northumberland, England  Teresa's tree 14 Oct 2019
BIGG, Jean I. 
b. 4 Apr 1928  Gravesend Reg Dist, Kent, England  Teresa's tree 15 Sep 2019
b. 12 Dec 1839  Wormshill, Kent, England  Teresa's tree 12 Sep 2019
BAILEY, Mary Ann 
b. 18 Apr 1870  Clearbrook, Buckland Monachorum, Devon, England  Teresa's tree 12 Sep 2019

 ID   Father ID   Father's Name   Mother ID   Mother's Name   Married   Tree | Branch   Last Modified 
 I1113  George GOTHAM  I1119  Gertrude MITFORD  Jun Q 1917  Gothams 31 Aug 2019